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AGUS: Journey to the Eyes of God

Suddenly lightning out from the very clouds hundreds of kilometer away from them. The powerful lightning crawled the raining sky in a and went straight to Siga. This lighting is filled with divine power that can cut through heaven followed by an earth-shaking sound that brought a dominating aura.

WHOOOMM!!~ Jim's body suddenly glowed red and with it came his aura changing to a heavenly being. His eyes are with red lights and his size grew almost triple his original size. Facing the lighting attack he forcefully waved his sword as if it was incredibly heavy. The sword released red waves that with the divine lighting. Heaven and earth shook with the and the shock sent Jim dropping from the sky. Siga, on the other hand, used the opportunity to fly close towards the clouds and cast a spell with his right hand facing the dark clouds.

"Kamot sa Hangin!", a giant semi-transparent hand out from his hand hitting the dark sparkling clouds. The shock instantly dissolved the clouds revealing a six-winged humanoid creature.

Its deep blue eyes glittered with blue lightning and its body was yellowish. It was in golden armor and looked incredibly magnificent together with its holy presence. With a wave of its hands, hundreds of lightning are summoned out of nowhere and went straight to Siga.

Siga's eyes were as determined as ever. He dodged the lighting as if he was dancing. It barely scraped his body. He clenched his fist and in a sudden~


Despite the hundreds of huge distance between the two, Siga's overwhelming punch reached the giant angel with an invisible force and pushed it back a dozen meters. Cracks can be seen in its golden armor. A powerful punch from Siga has the power to shake the heavens, the lighting lost its power and suddenly disappeared due to the powerful wave that seems to counter even lighting.

"I have enough of running." Siga suddenly said. His eyes were full of power and His body emitted an overwhelming aura that can take the breath of any ordinary mortal. He smiled towards the angel who just got back to its normal composure.

"Pathetic ! I will send you to back to where you belong!" The six-winged giant angel communicated mentally.

"We may be before, but not anymore." Instantly Siga disappeared from his and appeared in front of the Giant Angel's face followed by an extremely fast and powerful punch that sent the giant angel down. It fell straight into the deep sea causing a huge of water to sprout. The next instant, the angel came back. However this time, it has 9 wings and its armor completely covered it even its wings! It was holding a golden bow and went shoot one arrow that like lighting. midway before reaching Siga, the arrow suddenly split into thousands of lighting that covered his view completely.

"Today, I shall die. Tomorrow I will live!" Siga said he prepared to receive the arrow.

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