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AGUS: Journey to the Eyes of God

"Where are you going?" Lindy hurriedly stood up. Not wanting to part to Siga too soon. However, the moment she stood up, Siga eyes suddenly emitted a powerful aura that made Lindy sit back. Suddenly, a strong force of gravity pulled her down stopping her from standing up.

"Please stay mother. I have finished my business here and as much as I wanted to stay, I'm afraid I do not have much time left."

"But why do you have to go? What's the hurry about!?"

"It's a long story mom. I really have to go. I love you and take care."

"But-" Unwillingness appeared in her eyes as Siga slowly turned his back.

"Mom please stay." He said as he totally walked towards the passing crowd. Her eyes remained stuck to his back as a passing woman covered the view and revealing the man gone in an instant. As if he was never there in the first

Suddenly a distant roar of thunder can be heard. The sky had gray and the air felt cold. It appears like its going to rain any minute now.

And then a sudden of lighting illuminated everything that Lindy sees. The people around her have already started running towards home since it was about to rain. Couples, children and tourists alike scurrying to their respective Raindrops started to fall.

"Maam are you alright? It is about to rain. You need to go or you and your baby will get soaked in rain." A security guard came to help her get to a nearby shelter. Lindy was still dazed with the left behind by Siga.

"Maam? Maam!" The security guard repeated. It took quite a few raindrops to her face and a sudden cry of her sleeping baby which brought Lindy back to her awareness.

"It's raining..." She finally realized. Lindy finally left the park and went home.

faraway above the clouds, two men can be seen floating in the air.

It was Siga and his company - the man in the white suit. They both have grave in their face as they stare far away on a very dark cloud as if seeing a monster. It was fast approaching their

"Master you need to go. I will buy you some time to escape. Just go."

"What are you talking about Jim? I can't just abandon my most trusted friend."

"Master they are getting closer! We don't have much time! I beg you to go!"

"Even if I leave, they have already seen my weakness. I will end this here once and for all."

"I already warned you it was not a good idea to come here...." Jim took a deep sigh and added:

"I guess this is where it will all end. Those thousands of years of the journey just for this day. I guess I can say it as worth it. You have finally met your mom."

"Jim... thank you for all those times, I am grateful for your never-ending loyalty to me. Let me take care of this. I can face them alone. You go escape and let me take care of this." Siga said.

The man in his white suit just smiled and pulled something from the air behind him. Slowly a sparkling golden sword appeared in his hands.

"You know I will never abandon the man who has saved my life. Our time as a mortal has passed. It's either us or them." Siga nodded in response.

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