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Chapter 6 : CHAPTER 6: PROOF

AGUS: Journey to the Eyes of God

"How did you know that song?" She asked with surprise in her face.

"That song is the song you would always sing to me during bedtime. Even though I was still in your tummy, you would sing for me every night. Because you believe that it would help me grow to a musician. Your greatest dream. And it was a song only you and Chiko knew. Because Chiko composed that song especially for you and me alone."

The song is the most solid evidence that the man indeed was her reincarnated child from the past. Because it was a song dedicated for her and the baby by Chiko.

Lindy did not know what to say and to think anymore. Everything that happened so far was already out of her normal understanding.

"You... you're really my..." Lindy was unable to finish her words. It was too heavy for her.

"I only came to tell you... that I do not hate you and I have you.."

The man said slowly in a reassuring voice. This brought more tears in her eyes.

With these words, the man kissed Lindy's hands. Although it was shaking, her hand was as smooth as and was full of motherly warmth.

The words and the kiss from this man who has proven to be her unborn child brought her a mixed feeling of sadness and happiness. Tears had fallen continuously from her eyes as the guilt that had been pierced deep in her heart had finally been removed.

Unable to suppress her anymore, she finally cried really hard. She held the man's hand tight as she started to feel it with her face.

The people around had looked at them but not a single one dared to come close as the Lindy and the man looked like a couple.

Despite the wet tears soaking the man's hand, she was crying all her heart out as she kept on holding it. As if it was a small baby's hand

"I'm sorry...huh huh... I am so sorry. huhu... I am not a good mother." She looked at the man sadly.

"I... huhu... failed to protect you, my baby..." She said as she held the man's hand never letting it go. She wished the time would stop.

"I tried to protect you...but my father....but Chiko... he's.. he's... " She was unable to finish her words as she keeps on stuttering.

"It's okay mom. You don't have to anything. I know everything because I was close to your heart all those times..." He added with a bright smile.

After a long time of bawling, she finally raised her face to look at the man. Her face was full of tears but was now clearer and full of

She seems to look ten years younger. The baby was only slightly awakened from her cry and resumed sleeping

"I have a lot of stories to tell you...Grace."

"I am Siga now mom." He corrected.

"Oh yes... Sorry, I ; And then she smiled. "Siga... what an interesting name.."

Suddenly a man in all-white suite appeared out of nowhere and went close to Siga. He first bowed to Lindy and started whispering something to Siga.

Lindy had a lot of in her mind she wanted to ask at the man who whispered to Siga. The two seems to know each other very well.

A minute later, the man left hurriedly and Siga has an unwillingness look on his face as he suddenly stood. He looked left and right and then up at the clouds.

He abruptly snapped his fingers and his suddenly changed to What he was doing made Lindy really confused.

"Mother I wished we have more time to talk but it seems my time has come and I have to go.."

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