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AGUS: Journey to the Eyes of God

I want to stay with her. I want to hold her. I want to keep feeling that warm in her hands and the voice that brings a pleasing sound. I want to feel the morning sun again just she always has promised me. I want to live. I am alive. I am

What are you doing? Why are you letting them do this? Why am I getting ripped apart?

Aaaaaaah! I have been shouting but no one seems to hear me. I summoned all of my strength to hold onto anything so I won't get dragged. But the power was too much.

My world is crumbling and a cold device has invaded my space. It decisively went after me the small world. I tried to move it away but that thing has the power to move everything to it. My world, my warm, my life, my body, my is being dragged.

Like a hole, everything is going into that small hole. I can see and feel everything as I am But why is it that nobody seems to care anymore? Where are the jolly sounds of laughter and praises? Where is everybody? why is it so painful and cold? Where am I?

My right foot has been pulled away from me. With my tissues scattering slowly and shredding apart. I am being grained into pieces. The pain is unbearable but I have no one to hold into.

I looked at her but she was I do not know what drove her to do this but I am still hoping. Hoping that even if she won't cry, she should just at least look at me. Look at me! look at me! Please! I'm begging you. Please touch me again.

Before I lose my ears, please tell me about the stories of the people that you said will be waiting for me. Please tell me about the sun! All of my foot is now gone. Please tell me about the trees and dogs and cats that you said I will be and chasing with!

Please look at me! I'm losing my arms. My eyes are gone. My parts tried to resist but they are plucked like petals of a dying flower. Touch me! For the last time, I raised my hands to at least hold you one more time. Please! Hold me!

I'm begging you! Hopelessness has embraced me, coldness has covered me. Pain has consumed me. What have I done to deserve this? I thought you loved me?

It was so cold but there is no more warmth for me to cling into. The water is gone and I am unfamiliar with this new feeling. It's new but its scary. I am losing

My blood and body tissues are everywhere. Everything is going in the same Into the abyss of the unknown, with pain and agony and hopelessness.

Everything is going to that painful hole. And As I am starting to fade into the dark cold empty , It is your name that I will call. It's your name and your voice I will never

"Goodbye Grace..." she muttered with her eyes closed as tears slowly streaked down her face and she finally sobbed in despair. Apparently, she was holding it all in.

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