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AGUS: Journey to the Eyes of God

There are literally of names the man can say, why Grace? She thought to try to calm herself. maybe it's just a coincidence. It should be!

Her body looked calm but her eyes had betrayed her. The baby noticed the changes in her mother that it made it so she started crying. But the crying brought no back as Lindy looked at the man in complex

"It should be Grace because I am a gift from God..." And with a long pause. "... even though I am a sinner,"

David added as he looked at the blue clouds. his face shone as it reflected the light from the sun. He might not look so stunning but he was just so full of mystery.

On the other side, Lindy started to sweat profusely after hearing those words. It was this name that brought her pain. A pain that had destroyed her once very beautiful and peaceful life.

A reappeared in her mind as she remembered sitting on a couch in the office as her friends came to her happily bringing gifts and food for her.

Suddenly, Micah, her best friend asked her what would be the baby's name and Lindy replied:

"Her name will be Grace." She said calmly and happily.

"Why Grace? Isn't that name too ; Micah while the other people did not mind.

"Its Grace because she is a gift from God." Then she looked at Micah and added.

"Even though I am a sinner." A guilty smile appeared in her face.

It was exactly the same words she said to her friends when they asked her what should be her baby's name. No other person should know the name of Grace as her supposed to be baby's name; except her long lost friend Chiko and Micah.

It was due to unforeseen circumstances that she had to abort the child who was around four months old that time. For what exact reasons? Only she knows.

Lindy looked at the man's eyes and suddenly everything went dark. A power pulled her out and her body went numb.

The man's eyes were like the vast universe. Full of light and mystery. As her mind was absorbed in an unknown realm, she suddenly found her self as a baby inside a person's tummy. She was so small and fragile but

She can hear, move and even hear every nearby sound. She was about four months old, with her body barely formed yet. However, after listening from the sounds around her, she was surprised to realize that the person carrying her was also herself.

Simply speaking, she is being carried by the younger of herself a long time ago.

"Do not be afraid." The voice of the man can be heard thru her

"What you are seeing and feeling right now are just my memories in my past life."

Lindy was confused.

Who is this person? And how did she transformed back into a baby? She has literally thousands of in her mind but not even a single word can be uttered in her current form.

"What you are about to experience is my past life. You will feel everything I felt. Every sound I heard and every thought I had. This is my very short past life as your unborn child. Right before you aborted me." The man's voice echoed.

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