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AGUS: Journey to the Eyes of God

It was sunny around eight in the morning and people are enjoying the lively atmosphere at the park. It was full of energy as people ranging from different ages minded their own business.

Children are seen chasing each other while the rest were busy with their phones. Elderly people were walking slowly while talking with hunched backs. Some tourist would come and take photos with each other and seldom talk with the locals.

Some sweet looking couple is sitting intimately while holding hands while others are arguing. All these with a serenade of the sound of sprinkling water from the big fountain in the middle of the park and the noise of the jeepneys can be heard in the surroundings.

it was a lively atmosphere to see.

Lindy was immersed in thought and happiness as she caressed her baby's smooth little face. Despite the pale and skinny , she still looks elegant and beautiful.

She was sitting on a white bench holding her baby and enjoying the morning heat. Suddenly a man stood before her casting a shadow while looking at her baby.

"What a beautiful baby!" A warm voice of a gentleman interrupted Lindy's thought. David spoke with incredible fluentness in a local dialect known in Cebu as Bisayan.

She instinctively looked at the man before her. She was surprised to see a six-footed white man. It was a simple looking American man around 26 years old.

He was blocking the sunlight that made Lindy see his silhouette. For an instant, she thought she saw a angel who has landed back from heaven as the man brought with him a powerful and presence.

She then shook her hear dispersing the she has just seen.

"May I sit beside you?" The man asked.

"Yes, you may." Lindy moved a little bit to the left to give space for David and the man willingly sat beside her while still looking appreciatively at her child.

"Thank you." He said. "How old is she?"

"3 weeks and 4 days" She replied with a smile and looked at the Fountain in the middle.

Lindy would look at the man from time to time to check him out. Nothing seems to be amazing about him since he just looked like a simple looking man.

His dress was very casual. He is a little bit untidy to look but its perfectly normal. The only thing that makes Lindy is the mere presence of the man itself.

Something is so and yet familiar with him. She feels her blood boil with the man beside her. Her body is screaming but she stayed calm and comforted herself that she must be just over thinking.

It took some time and of the view as David decided to break the silence between the two.

"You know, If I was born a girl. I would probably be named Grace." David said calmly with a smile. But those words shook the very soul and of Lindy. She looked at the man.

Her eyes are full of anxiety, fear, sadness, , and pain. The very presence of the man that ignites her blood with and familiarity as that very "name" of a person that she will never ever was uttered in front of her.

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