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Chapter 37 : An average 14-year-old's problems

The Witch Bone

Prince Ayush had come to greet Bai Hua, followed by his page, the next morning to say his farewell. He had even elicited a promise out of Bai Hua to visit his kingdom.

"Promise me you'll make a trip to my kingdom one day, Bai Hua," he demanded.

"I will, I will."

"Good. Take this," he pushed something into his hand, it was a jewellery box, "This is a sign of our friendship. It also shows that you are my ally."

Bai Hua opened to see that it was an amulet with a ruby shaped like a sun hanging in the centre of a golden disc. The ruby spun when he moved the amulet. It was a robe amulet to be hung around the belt of his robe.

"Thank you. But you're treating me like a girl giving me this piece of jewellery."

Ayush blushed and smiled awkwardly, but he haughtily managed to say, "It's nothing. Ordinary gifts like this are in plenty in our treasury. You don't have to feel that way."

His page behind him was inwardly crying, "Your Highness, this amulet has our kingdom's sun ruby on it and you say it is ordinary. Only the royal family possess this and none of the people of our Surya Kingdom has this!"

"Okay, I'll take my leave now. The nobles will follow me after some days. But I have to leave today. My royal father has asked for my presence. I shall see you soon."

He put his right hand on his chest, gave a slight bow and left without another word.

Bai Hua didn't know what to make of this weird Prince. One time he was arrogant and haughty and the next he had treated Bai Hua as his friend. And now, he had left haughtily again. He was beginning to think that people from the Surya Kingdom were like that.

Bai Hua had gone back wandering around the library after he had sent off Ayush. Yesterday, he remembered that he was reading something on the kingdom of Wimbledex which lied on the north-western part of his world. He didn't have time to do a thorough research as his father had interrupted him with the challenge from Ayush for a duel.

But today he had another added matter to deal with as well. His lack of memories was starting to create a series of headaches for him. He had never been concerned about gods but now he had to research his own identity and also learn about other gods.

He counted his problems in his head.

Number 1: His vast soul is useless without his memories. And it will take forever to regain his original strength of a god without them. So, he had to patiently wait for the return of his memories.

Number 2: There is a witch out there with the name Anna who has something to do with him in his past life.

Number 3: The witch has a brother whose name was and he has to settle with him.

Number 4: He needs to find out the identity of the other woman that seems to be the cause of this "existing" enmity with

Number 5: Wana is his cousin and she seems to hate him. He needed to know why.

Number 6: He has an aunt that can make him cry and he does not know why.

Number 7: He has a father besides Bai Yur, and "that" father has been angry at him for thousands of years.

Number 8: He has to go to a school in Azure Dragon with Wana to speed up his and "adapt to this world while he waited for his memories" as ordered by her Excellency Head Shaman Imsong.

He counted everything and realised that he did not have an average 14-year old's problem. In the world, when he was 14, all he worried about was if he was going to get a good lunchbox; if he was ever going to have a ripped body like The Rock; if his secret crush was going to talk to him or not; if he was going to get a new shoe in the Chinese New Year's and so on. Innocent teenage problems of an average kid.

But now, he felt like he was carrying the weight on his shoulders like that Greek Titan ! Life was unfair to him and he had no one else to but himself, that's what people say anyway.

He gave a sigh that was not expected to come out from a 14-year-old and he went back to pull out huge books and scrolls from the library. He needed to get all the facts right before he had to leave for that school. And he had only himself to rely on.

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