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Chapter 19 : Meeting the Divine One

The Witch Bone

He lazily reclined on the divan and thought about everything that had happened to him. The of his soul was beyond his It was so overwhelming that he could not even make a head or tail out of it. Without his memories he really was powerless. He really needed to get back his memories. If not the full potential of his soul would remain untapped. That's what he felt. He'll just have to work with whatever he had learned from his current knowledge. It was not too shabby for a 14-year-old.

"I guess I'll just have to put more efforts on my until I am 'godly' once again," he sighed helplessly.

And finally drifted off to sleep. He may have been an awe-inspiring figure thousands of years ago. But right now, he was just a lonely kid who had too much power that he had no complete to and too many hidden enemies that he was not even aware of. He was indeed pitiful.


While the day passed without any events in the outside world. Wana and Bai Yur had fought till evening until both decided to stop as it was a stalemate but they had achieved their goals. They had released their pent-up in their fight and had happily left together to drink Bai Yur's wine even though she did not win. The sun was setting over the kingdom of Soaring Dragon and the Lord of the kingdom had returned to make merry unaware that the real king had returned, unaware that it was his own son.

Somewhere in a timeless space, a white tree like the Holy Tree of Soaring Dragon was in full bloom. But it was much bigger than the Holy Tree. There was a divine scent in the air that made one feel and calm. And on the ground beneath the tree was an endless sea of sparkling

Two divine looking women were sitting under a white that was like an of the giant tree. Anyone looking at them would feel like they were looking at two heaven-defying beauties.

Then the older of the two spoke.

"So, he has returned? And without his memories? Interesting. And you're still helping him. You're too loyal for your own good, do you know that, Imsong?"

Imsong admitted honestly, "Yes, Divine One, I know. But he has saved my life countless times. And even then I had been able to achieve this status due to him."

Then she cheekily added, "You're somewhat reaping the harvest as well. If it were not for him I won't be here, and if I were not here where would you dump Wana on?"

The Divine one lifted her eyebrows at this comment and said sarcastically, "You've learnt to be cheeky like him as well. Centuries of friendship and you excelled at his art of cheekiness"

Imsong smiled like a fawning toddler and said, " O Divine One, please help this shameless young immortal one more time. Help me find his memories. I'm willing to babysit Wana one more century for you in exchange."

Her eyes were shining with

The DIvine One reluctantly said, "Okay, fine. I am willing to make a deal with you. I help you this time with his problem and you promise to take care of my Wana. Fine?"

"Fine. Deal!" Imsong, relieved.

"Okay, then, I have your word. I trust you will keep your end of the bargain. It is simple actually. His memories will return by itself gradually. It was scattered when he left this world. It was the price he had to pay for bending the rules of heaven and living multiple mortal lives. Let him continue to live here like a normal mortal and his memories will eventually find its way to him. He only needs to be patient."

"What?! Just this?!" Imsong felt cheated.

"Yes, only this." The Divine One smirked at outwitting Imsong.

The Divine One had made it sound so and difficult. She actually got swindled by a god. Imsong was ! Another of her century was going to be spent taking care of that unruly girl Wana. Ah.


The reason for all her misery was this person who was now casually reading the scrolls left by her. Unknown to Bai Hua, Imsong was cursing his name somewhere...

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