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Chapter 13 : Cherished by all the Gods

The Witch Bone

"Yes, there was a stir in the spirits which we all felt. I thought something happened with the ancient Holy Tree but I can see no signs of change," asserted the Head Shaman, and continued, "and regarding Bai Hua's robes?"

Wana sighed and lifted her hands and a set of new men robes appeared in her hands. It was turquoise in color. The color of the Soaring Dragon's royal family.

She handed the robes to Bai Hua and he took it begrudgingly. He had been itching literally to get some robes ever since he arrived in this world. He felt too exposed. And he did not like his new found rival to see him like this. That's right, in his eyes now Wana was a rival that he needed to surpass at all cost!

Bai Yur, the Lord of Soaring Dragon, then spoke in a manner that was full of doubts, "Why do I feel that his aura has changed? Something is off about him but I can't put a finger on it. Head Shaman, do you have any knowledge regarding this matter? "

"Ah, so you noticed as well. But you couldn't understand it because you're still young."

Nobody would have dared to say such words like "young" to his face. But the Head shaman could because her existence itself was a mystery. Her age by anyone. She was there as Head shaman even when Bai Yur took his ritual as well.

She still looked the same. While the Lord of Soaring Dragons had grown up to even have a son like Bai Hua. He was a handsome evil looking lord. After his wife disappeared many women had tried to get into his bed only to be thwarted and had learned lessons they will remember for the rest of their lives. But still, women pined away thinking of the Lord of Soaring Dragons. Women lusted after him but Cheng Yan had screamed when he first saw him thinking him to be some devil incarnate as Bai Hua's memories had not fused with his soul back then.

But this Head shaman dared to say it. Dared to treat him like a kid and he didn't mind but rather seemed to enjoy it.

"Wana and I both know," she continued to say, "he has restored all his spiritual powers."

"Or more like, he has absorbed more than his spiritual powers. His spiritual power has as wide and deep as the ocean." She added, shocking this time not only Bai Yur but also Wana.

All this time Bai Hua had been listening intently to their while donning on the robe. And he also became shocked!

As deep and wide as the ocean? Ah, what was that? It was the cherished soul of all the gods. One of the chosen ones of Heaven. Even the Head Shaman did not have such a powerful soul. But now this kid had it.

And all the three people there were shocked. Both Bai Yur and Wana could not believe it!

"If Bai Hua had that much potential why did he never show before?", thought Bai Yur. He knew his son was a prodigy among kids of his own age. Someone who could exchange fists with him. That was why he was confident to let his son fight with Wana for the ritual. He was not overestimating him. He actually had total confidence in his son even without his spiritual powers. But this now shocked him!

Wana was even more surprised to find that this kid had a soul which was better than hers. She could not believe that this kid who had just fainted from a flick of her hands was cherished by the heavens!!

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