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Chapter 4 : I am a rich "Young Lord"

The Witch Bone

"Little Lok, leave us." He waited till Lok was out of the room.

"Why are you acting so odd today, Bai Hua? Then again, I will never understand kids. It's not like you are afraid of the ritual, in fact, you were looking forward to it. I quite enjoyed mine." he said as he started reminiscing about his past. He missed the incredulous look on "Bai Hua's" face.

"He enjoyed the ritual? And 'I' looked forward to it? What nonsensical world have I arrived in? All I have been hearing about is how my powers will be nullified and how I have to feed my blood to an ancient divine tree and defeat a shaman" he thought to himself as "Bai Hua's" memories start to blend with his own.

"Heck, this world is the epitome of insane. I may have been poor in my life but at least I was safe! I do not deserve this. I lived like a hermit in my life. And now I'm going to some stupid ritual and I am supposed to be only 14!" he inwardly cried at this piece of injustice that Karma had installed for him.

"We'll about the strange looking string of bones around your ankle for now. You have never rebelled against me nor disappointed me, in fact, you were too obedient that sometimes I wish you were a little more hot-blooded... We will treat this recent incident as an escapade to practice your combat skills with some beasts. Alright? I will have Lok come and take you to the ritual ground, it is almost time. Meditate in the meantime. I will see you after you officially an adult." saying this his father sighed and left the room.

This lazy old man assumed that Bai Hua was out to practice? The Bai Hua had been in a solitary fast, drinking only the water provided by the shamans. He left for the forest because someone had asked him to wait at the forest through a crow and since only shamans used the crows as their messengers he trusted the message and waited at the forest. But when he reached there he to a strong desire to sleep and fell asleep under a huge tree. That was the last thing he remembered before Cheng Yan woke up in Bai Hua's body. The Bai Hua did not meet anyone and did not remember being killed because clearly, he died while he was sleeping.

Now, Cheng Yan decided to live this chance at life realising that he was now a "Young Lord" and would not have to for money like he did in his life. He was not just some "Young Lord" of some family but he was "The Young Lord" of a powerful kingdom. And he decided to live a lavish life of this "Young Lord."

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