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Chapter 12 : ShadowGlobe, The Assassin

100% Battle Maniac

It fled through the forest, leaving light feline foot prints on the short grass. The Jadestone Jaguar didn't know what was chasing it, all it felt was intense bloodlust and an instinct that screamed 'Get the fuck outta there!'

It charged through the undergrowth, forsaking stealth or any of hiding for a reckless speedy escape. Even with it's natural coat of green, jade like fur, it knew that the hunter would find and kill it. Every , no matter how fast it ran the source of the bloodlust closed in.

It dodged through the twisting roots of the colossal Pengara trees, at least trying to shake the pursuer off. It was useless, the hunter stayed steady, following at a steadily increasing pace. The Jadestone Jaguar wasn't a stupid creature. After the Luminians arrived on the , they had released a strange gas into the environment, changing the Earth's creatures into what the humans called Demon beasts.

The Luminians gave them a different name however, K'lakar. The Jaguar, upon evolving into one of these K'lakar had gained sentience on par or above that of humans. It knew how to speak, it understood the concepts of human tools and even knew how to create traps, prefect for hunting. It was just angered at it's useless paws, unsuited to any of these

A single snare trap took days to complete, not because of the jaguar's but because of the fact that it's oversized paws would break the easily. The twine and vines used to hold it together were shredded into pieces upon touching the creature's This was not the first time it cursed it's well adapted features.

Well, none of that mattered now. Seeing as the hunter was actually toying with it, following close but not too close. The jaguar knew that it could be killed whenever the hunter got bored, or even felt like it. Realising that running would waste valuable energy, the jaguar made for a clearing and spun around, not even attempting an ambush.

The fact that the hunter could follow the jaguar easily through the dense undergrowth showed the immense level of skill that they had, an ambush would be seen through immediately. The jaguar stood there, hackles raised, prepared for a bloody battle. It knew that the only chance for survival would be to fight with all it's might, even if the opponent was overwhelmingly strong.

Suddenly, a cloaked figure appeared. The figure stepped out of the shadow of a tree, their form separated from the shadow like tearing paper, yet, it was somewhat graceful.

"Before we fight, I would be honoured to know your name." The jaguar said in it's graceful female feline voice, a slight purr could be heard.

In actuality, the jaguar was just stalling, regaining it's breath and studying it's opponent. The cloaked person just chuckled, a genderless voice echoed around the clearing, the fur on the jaguar's back bristled. It sensed a powerful foe.

"A name is a form of , useless when one has no identity." The genderless voice said, directly into the jaguar's mind.

"A deeply insightful statement, this one has no form of either. You may call me Jaguar." It bowed slightly, a hint of respect in it's graceful movements.

The person nodded.


The spell chant reverberated deep into Jaguar's mind, causing it to fall to the ground instantly. A dark, miasma wafted out of the cloak, nature withering upon contact.

'Oh no! It's a Fallen!' Jaguar panicked, scrambling weakly away from the approaching foreboding fog.

"Oh? Well at least you can still move." There was no amusement of mockery, just a voice devoid of

Jaguar dipped in and out of , an unwanted feeling of panic swelled within it's chest. It wanted to move yet an invisible force prevented it from doing so. It wanted to growl but it was unable to control it's muscles. It wanted to scream but it was unable to utter a single sound.

"The effects of Nightmare are scary aren't they? You want to run, scream, tear your own head off but you're unable to move. This is a perfect form of clean torture, it is you who is torturing yourself. Your flood your mind, a barrier to ultimate strength. In order for you to evolve and reach the pinnacle, you must rid yourself of mortal traits."


'I don't understand!'

"There is no need to understand." The person said, reading Jaguar's thoughts.

'What are you going to do to me? If you wish to kill me then do it quickly!' Jaguar was unable to communicate verbally, it quickly asked the person by thinking instead.

"I am going to remake you. Stronger. Faster. Tougher. Better. You will be my servant, yet also my eternal You will strike down my foes and shield me from my enemies. You will die for me and in turn, I will recreate you. You will lose your mortal weaknesses and ascend to a level of power above that of God himself."

Jaguar stared,

"Now, sleep child, when you wake up, you shall mine."

With that, the Jaguar lost Body slumped onto the floor, muscles

"K'lakar, you will more than an animal. The first step to gaining true immortal strength will be to rid yourself of these disgusting primal instincts. Thus, you will undergo Sleep tight and say goodbye to what makes you an animal, both physically and mentally."

The miasma flickered before disappearing instantly. The dead, withered fauna returned to their healthy state and the robed person had vanished, along with the form of the sleeping Jaguar.


"You may choose between three rooms, a room that leads to the void, a room that is filled with active eaters or a room that holds a hundred rank S humans."

A genderless voice said.

"The void is of eternal life, yet death, somewhere the living are not A eater eats Luminian as it eats earth. I choose the third room, the one where mortals have died because of their earthly constraints."

A female voice replied on the other side of the door. It swung open, revealing a levitating girl, blond hair flowing randomly in the air and eyes that glowed brighter and richer than azure crystals. The robed person nodded before disappearing into the shadows, only to emerge again sitting on a wooden rocking chair.

The girl didn't sit, instead she continued to hover.

"What business have you human?" The genderless voice asked.

"You are Master ShadowGlobe are you not?" She asked, ignoring the

The person nodded.

"I heard along the grapevine that you are a master of , am I correct?"

The nod repeated itself, patiently, slowly.

"I have a target. I will pay anything you require in order to see this man dead." She tossed a photograph into the air, it flew over on it's own.

"There is no need for such a thing." The robed person waved his hand in disdain, the picture disintegrating into nothingness.

"I already know why you are here." The person said,

"Why then did you start our business with small talk? An important person such as yourself must have little time to spare for one such as I, no?" She asked

"Time is infinite for those freed of mortal bonds." The person said casually.

" It be best you save time here as I have some business among mortals who do not have time to wait." They continued.

"In that case, since you already know why I am here you must know all of the other details?"

"Correct. I will not see you out."

Suddenly, the surroundings vanished. Lucy found herself back on , far from the that she was on before. Normally, it would have taken 5 months to reach from Earth yet the Luminian that she had spoke to had whisked her away in a

" are nothing compared to those who have reached eternal greatness." She sighed.

Although she was rank S, eve she would cower in fear if Master ShadowGlobe revealed even an inkling of his strength. She shuddered, involuntarily.

[ ] The AI said.


[ ]

A crackling sound almost rendered her deaf for a quick moment.

"Boss, did it go as ;

"Yes, Lucifer. The death of Hark Mindley is assured now that we have the respected master on our side."

"Awesome! Maybe I could get him to teach me a thing or two..."

" it! Don't put the at risk just because of your greed. Remember, this is for the good of the people, several lives are at stake here." She reprimanded him.

"Aghh, fine. Alrighty boss, Lucifer out."

"Lucy out."

[ ended]

Lucy sighed, a plume of misty breath escaping from her mouth. She walked out of the dark alleyway, into the winter of winter-time

A storm was going to hit the inhabitants of , their lives would change drastically. As for whether the change is for good or worse, only time will tell.

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