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Chapter 11 : Chimera

100% Battle Maniac

A blue haired man (definitely artificial coloured hair) stood in the stadium, supervising his students. He was none other than the legendary A+ rank 'Blue Thunder', both a Spell Master and a Superhuman with upgraded

The students sparred with one another, exchanging blows with wooden weapons, gusts of wind whisked around, sending people flying. The ' ; of the weapons colliding filled the stadium, ringing out at high speeds.

"Hiyah!" Rennald yelled, swinging his sword out, with his opponent's weapon.

"Weak!" Yan shouted mockingly before pushing forward with all his strength, overpowering Rennald and pushing him back.

He stumbled, allowing Yan to charge up close and sweep out with his leg, causing Rennald to fall.


Yan stood over him, just above his neck. Rennald sighed in defeat.

"I yield."

The dull was quickly withdrawn. Rennald quickly stood up and patted himself down.

"Well, you're only rank D+ after all, you couldn't hope to beat me, a C rank." Yan chuckled before walking over to a group of his friends.

Yan was their ; most student. Although he was only a rank C with others being rank Bs he was funny and kind to most people, save Rennald. Yan said something to his friends, at the dust covered Rennald before laughing.

"Damn you. If I was at full power I could wipe your filthy asses anytime I want." He consoled himself.

Blue Thunder looked at him before shaking his head slightly in disappointment.

'First thing I'll do when I get the signal is kill all of these jackasses.'

The other groups quickly returned to sparring. He walked up to his teacher.

"I need to go to the bathroom."

Blue Thunder sighed.

"You won't get anywhere if you skip training. We have the big at the end of the month too."

"I'm only rank D, I doubt I'll be of any use to them." Rennald said, in mock shame.

He walked past the disappointed teacher and made his way back to the dorms. The dorms were separated in ranks, the higher ranks being closer to the main facilities whilst the lower ranks were further away. This meant that a walk from the stadium to his dorm would take almost half an hour.

Beep beep

[ V-Chat]

A sound rang out from his chip. A screen was projected in front of him. Lucy appeared, slightly transparent, blond hair flowing in the non existent wind.


"Huh. They totally think I'm a weakling, how long do I have to do this?" He

"I already told you, just hold up until the is over, then we can make our move." She said patiently.

"Argh, why didn't you send Lucifer instead?"

She stared at him like he was an

"That guy is rank S, he's been literally everywhere, are you stupid?"

"Maybe. This 'acting like I'm rank D' is getting to my brain."

"Whatever. Anyway, any updates?"

He thought for a before replying.

"Well, the other ; teacher was buried in a mountain of coffee beans, they got a ;

"I meant important updates."

"The new guy's apparently rank S too."

She looked slightly

"That's a problem."

"Well, you're going to attack a military base, you already came prepared for 1 rank S, whats a to you?"

She rolled her eyes.

"Those guys are unpredictable, a single rank S is the difference between heaven and hell."

"Well, that's all."

"Alright, signing off."

The screen abruptly

[V-Chat ended]

"What a bitch." He muttered.

He quickly entered his room, looking around before urgently running to the middle of his room. He put his right hand over the seemingly normal floor.

"I want to kill Hark Mindley." He said quietly.

A metal probe poked out of the floor, it shot out a red beam which caused Rennald to flinch. The red beam located his eye, scanning his retina.

[User confirmed, unlocking]

A grating metallic voice sounded out, sending shivers down his spine. The floor parted with a white glow, revealing a makeshift bunker. He jumped down, the hatch closing behind him. There were several that lined the walls, the white shelves filled with gene samples.

He grabbed a blue one off one of the shelves randomly. The transparent showed blue liquid within. Rennald fitted it into a syringe before stabbing it into his neck. (Don't do this at home.)

"Aaahh." He sighed, leaning back against a wall.

A blue colour quickly spread throughout his neck, like a ;s roots. His eyes glowed blue for a before returning to normal. He took a look at the gene sample.

"Murkray gene sample, huh."

Gills sprouted on his neck, fins webbed between his fingers and toes. He grinned, flexing the new before commanding them to dormant. The gills and fins shrank back with a fleshy squelch, sinking into his body.

He was a rank A- Chimera, due to the nature of the Chimera skillset, it was easy to disguise. Everyone thought that he was a rank D Spell Master, but that was because he just didn't absorb any data scrolls, focusing more on his Chimera

The he worked for was called the 'Void Reavers'. The ;s goal was something like to return the universe to it's original state, a state of eternal nothingness. He didn't actually follow this ideal but the pay was good and they supplied him with free gene samples.

No amount of money could buy a large number of gene samples, the Chimera was illegal due to several circumstances and so were the things that create them, the samples. This meant that the , transfer and of them wasn't allowed, making them extremely hard to obtain.

The that he worked for had a few scientists who could create them, so as long as he worked for them he could continually get stronger.

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