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Chapter 9 : A Helping Hand

100% Battle Maniac


The floating swords shot downwards, the dummy.


A gust of wind swept the weapons up, spinning them around in a hurricane of wind. They span like the of a chainsaw, slicing away at the battered dummy. Every time it got destroyed, the magic would activate a repairing spell, bringing the dummy back to peak

Felicity stared off against it, like it was her biggest foe.

"Form 2" She shouted.

[Acknowledged, Form 2 initiated] The AI informed her.

The hundred or so swords flew towards each other, splitting apart and combining into a single massive katana. She quickly directed more mana into keeping the large, hefty weapon afloat.


It swung down rapidly, cleaving the dummy in half, emitting an unpleasant tearing sound. Straw shot everywhere like intestines as the hacked away at the defenceless straw doll.


The katana vanished in a puff of blue

Felicity stepped back, covered in sweat. She grabbed a towel and started to wipe herself down, telekinesis was actually very tiring. She had to constantly concentrate to move something, directing mana to where she wanted it to move.

She began her daily fantasising She imagined what it would be like to be Emilia.

'What are you thinking?'

She just loved Emilia's cold , every time she thought of it chills ran down her back, hairs standing on end. She remembered the twisted smile that emerged when Emilia attacked their new teacher. It looked unnatural yet it was completely natural at the same time.

'Is that who she really is?'

She imagined that Emilia was a sadistic woman. This new side that she got to witness earlier excited her, the prospect of more about her idol was truly exciting.

'What secrets do you hide? I want to know all of them.'

Felicity grinned before grabbing a bottle of juice and squeezing it into her mouth. She started giggling. Suddenly, she choked on the sweet current, coughing and spluttering.


The feeling of choking of juice was painful, it woke her up from her dreaming.


"You didn't."

"I did."

"You really didn't."

"I really did."

David Dawswell said to his boss.

"I mean, we basically get to have living hostages for a month."

"Yes, but think of the young ! They are basically children, what if he influences them?" His boss shouted, his fist against the table.

Despite being behind a , David jumped in fright.

"Well, they will probably win the right?"

His boss at him.

"If they don't, I'll fire you."

The V-Chat closed abruptly.

"Shit." David cursed aloud.

He thought for a

"Maybe I should lend Aran a hand. On thoughts... I probably shouldn't. But..."

He started typing an email to Aran.


Aran sat back in his room. It was very clean, no dust could be found anywhere, even if you looked with a A blue screen was projected in front of him. He idly scrolled through his email, using his index and middle finger.

He stopped scrolling for a , a small grin crept up on his face.

"Enable voice ;

[Voice activated]

"In that case, please purchase 10 heavy frontline robots, varied levels of armour and fire power. Also, 6 T-Catalysts, Rank B." He said, the words appeared on the blue in front of him.

He pressed the (send) button. A quick popped up, signalling a reply.


To: Aran

From: David Dawswell

You must be kidding! Only 5 robots and 3 T-Catalysts! Ten is pushing it! You all ready get a reward based on your ; performance, what more could you want?!


David Dawswell


To: David Dawswell

From: Aran

Well, my job's safe... Dunno about yours though. Besides, what's a few credits to you?



David Dawswell shook his head.

"Darn you Aran."


The reason why Aran wanted to get his hands on the robots was because they could be used as more 'exciting' dummies. The B rank T-Catalysts were small syringes filled with Telekinesis boosters. These were only effective on that were rank B or below.

Catalysts increased the strength of the consumer permanently, both physically and ability-wise. Aran had 3 in his This meant that each could have 2 T-Catalysts, enhancing their ability for the

"Well, at least I get paid decently." He grumbled.

Aran would have much preferred to do more with his Death Squad. For him, killing was like taking drugs, it fuelled an insatiable hunger. It was his

He looked at the news. His chip continued to project a dark blue screen.

"Oh?" Aran was surprised.

It turns out that the USH had managed to form a peace treaty with an alien empire. There was some rubbish propaganda about prosperity for both races or something.

"There's even some stuff about exchanging personnel. That's quite interesting."

Aran wanted to go. Despite being a little unstable, he truly enjoyed experiencing different cultures. The prospect of visiting an alien environment made him regret his as an unhinged sadist. There would be no way for him to go unless...

A began to form in his mind. He stood up and walked over to his bed. A sense of pride always welled up in him when he saw his spotless room.

"I need to get a pet too."

He had few friends because of his , maybe a loyal dog would cure his loneliness? That or he could just get his teaching contract over with, resign from the military and go on a mass killing spree.

"The latter seems a lot more attractive." He mused aloud.

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