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Chapter 8 : Savvy

100% Battle Maniac

Savvy left the room. Instead of following the crowd, he liked to walk alone, clearing his mind and giving him time to think. Being a and also a mechanics , the military had given him a personalised garage, where he could tinker with his upgrades or work on other projects.

This gave him an advantage against other since they would have to purchase their own spaces away from their dorms, on one of the floating cities. The only problem was that Savvy was pretty much broke.

Each of his footsteps made a metallic banging sound against the hard floor, echoing off, down the corridor. Savvy was quite eager to return to his room, garage was definitely a better way to describe it though. This was because he was working on a little project for the at the end of the month.

He pinned in the door code before entering through the blue metal door.

"Home sweet home." The echo rang about the spacey garage.

Lights began to flicker on, making the room seem like the old rundown junkyards of his youth. Savvy disliked it a little, but it was necessary to remind him why he was here, it reminded him why he had struggled so hard to earn a as a

He quickly hurried over to the large metal frame in front of him. There was a large drape covered over it, hiding his secret. Savvy pulled a lever by the side, filling the silence with the quiet hum of an engine. Mechanical arms moved around as he moved different levers and pressed different buttons, removing the drape.

Underneath stood a hulking mech. It was alien tech. The only thing stopping the higher ups from taking this toy away from him was probably the fact that he was a , they wanted to see how far he could go with it, see what he could create. If he made something disappointing, Savvy might end up back on the streets or as an ordinary , no , no garage, no alien mech.

Every bit of spare time was spent on repairing it, fixing it up. He quickly hopped over the metal and activated his left arm's tools. He watched it as his hand split apart, each finger folding on itself and a screwdriver, a wrench, a welder and so on. A tray full of nuts and bolts slid out of his chest, allowing his tools to resupply whenever they needed to.

Savvy absolutely loved alien tech. It was very different to the human's stuff anyway. The main material was a strange metal that became malleable in certain , allowing him to reshape the mech's frame completely.

It was a medium sized mech, only 8 meters tall. It almost exactly the same as an exosuit, just bigger and stronger. Each limb was full of parts, artificial muscle fibres, pistons and veins. Savvy had already adapted the mech to use a magic engine, fuelled off of mana.

The mech was like a piece of art, giving off an intimidating aura, like a commander on a battlefield just more aggressive. The obsidian and horns made it seem like a knight from the past yet each piece of armour hid a weapon compartment, ranging from throwers to rail guns. Even some alien weapons were included. There was a pulse gun equipped, each pulse could melt standard mech armour in a single shot whilst hitting with the force of a bullet train.

The aliens didn't have magic, but they possessed insane technology. were rare and had to be nurtured to a certain point before they could wreak havoc upon the aliens, yet the enemy of humanity could just mass produce thousands of destroying weapons with the press of a single button. The only reason why humans were still alive was probably because aliens, like humans, were busy killing themselves with civil war to bother to deal with each other.

Right now, Savvy just had to do some external repairs, fully link up the entire arsenal of the mech with the mana veins and repair some of the internals before it became battle ready. When that was done, he'd just need to buy an armament spell and turn the mech into his own personal set of self repairing armour.

This was a common thing to do, almost everyone had an armament spell of some sorts. It allowed the user to procure armour or weapons from thin air, bringing convenience to the next level. Whirring sounds and metal scraping metal sounded out as he relentlessly fixed the damaged machine.

Most of the externals were fixed, Savvy was currently focusing on mana veins. These were special channels that allowed mana to flow through them, like electrical cables but these didn't supply electricity. This was probably the biggest change to humanity over the past several centuries, electricity and other fuels had been dumped for mana, it was cheap, free and everywhere.

The only reason why humans couldn't cast unlimited spells was because the human body acted like a medium, transferring mana through their bodies (with the help of the AI and magic system) into their spells. This meant that , who possessed few organics, found it hard to cast spells and sentinels couldn't cast any at all.

This meant that most of the non-mana fuels on the market were directly supplied for those who had mechanised parts, and the likes. Savvy's right arm was laying down the blue channel whilst his left was quickly utilising several mini arms to adjust and fix them into Once he had laid and secured all of the , he applied some other chemical coatings before sealing the veins up and covering the mech's armour up.

It sounded like a quick process but he had already spent 3 hours on laying mana veins and repairing , it was 9 pm. Being a , he had already forsaken food for mana fuel. This meant that although he could still taste, there was no point in eating as he could directly hook himself to the the mains and suck up mana. If he was in a tight spot, he could just eat food, his body would burn it and convert it into fuel but that was a slow and inefficient process that he avoided.

"All done for today."

He didn't need to sleep either, but Savvy liked having some quiet time. He hooked himself up against the wall, into the bed of messy cables and turned off the lights.

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