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Chapter 5 : Info Dump #1

100% Battle Maniac

Aran lived on a called It was a medium sized , about twice the size of the Earth. Originally, when it first , the had very little land mass, it seemed that the sea level had risen to the point where mountains had been completely engulfed. Along with the disappearance of the landmass, scanners soon picked up the traces of an alien which happened to have gone extinct, providing many technologies which over shadowed humanity's own technology by more than 600 years.

Humans, being humans, decided colonise the despite the difficulties entailed. First, the atmosphere had to be stabilised to suitable for humans to live in, this however, was both a lengthy and pricey task and a different was chosen instead.

This was creating floating cities, essentially oversized space craft with a top side that mimicked human cities, high rise buildings and all. The cities were protected by a large bubble, created through a of alien technology and a system called 'Magic',

In reality, magic was just a system which converted and a substance found everywhere called 'Mana'. This element was by a famous explorer who happened to absolutely love fantasy stories where wicked witches and sorcerers duked it out with powerful logic defying magic, thus he decided to name his after his hobby.

The explorer was widely referred to as the 'Forefather' since he kickstarted human advancements in technology, creating the magic system, technology that could harness the power of mana and use it to create physical matter. Originally, magic required lengthy to cast but that was quickly shortened and adapted by many other scientists who saw the potential of magic into a short comprehensible line, often being a single word or two. This was at the cost of 10%-5% loss in magic power, all in all, a tolerable decrease.

The rise of magic was with a rise in crime, rogues and petty thieves got their hands on leaked magic technology, using it to commit crime. Terrorists became more , the deaths caused by terrorists alone quadrupled only a few months after a solid for magic had been laid out, but the military also became more capable.

Alien technology was employed to hasten the advance of human technologies, whilst there were some groups who were against this, the vast majority of people knew the benefits of , analysing and harnessing the power of alien tech, quickly causing those who voice their to hide their deep inside.

Magic systems were then implemented into a user friendly (ish) AI format, where the AI would be implemented into a wrist chip. Soon enough, it became a requirement for every human citizen and soldier to have one as technology giants like Wuahei and invested all of their efforts into these chips, making mobile phones and such obsolete.

Soon, each of these chips possessed the capabilities of a quantum and more. , this also meant that magic would be in the hands in ordinary people, which the Inter spacial Explorer's League couldn't except, thus, only authorized chips were given to the magic system and it's helpful (ish) AI.

The alien technology was a boon to human society, but every prize comes with a risk. This risk was coming into contact with other alien races such as the friendly (ish) Faiuics and the not so friendly () , both of which surpassed the human race in both military power and wealth.

The only thing they didn't have was magic, and they really wanted it. Badly. Wars were waged, resulting in a crushing defeat for humanity, forcing them to retreat to the corners of their Humanity became increasingly more dependant on the magic system, they begun implementing magic into their war machines.

An ordinary infantry soldier would undergo enhancement, putting peak level athletes to shame. Their night goggles were with magic visors, which could cast optical spells to enhance Military weapons were also , assault rifles quickly became by the ever Eagle M16s and machetes were tossed into the dustbin.

Exposure to mana caused to small groups of humans, giving them affinity to certain spell An example of this are the , born with abnormal willpower and able to and influence material objects and living beings with a single thought. They quickly became oddities among the military, the chance of to randomly and naturally appear was under 2% of the total human , spread out among several

There was a variant of the that was extremely rare. They were Although they lacked the power of , their presence on the battlefield alone would send enemy soldiers instantly mad. The only downside was that someone had to experience terrible trauma at a young age, something that would make people with PTSD think that they had the good end of the stick, to one.

This meant that all were , the fact that most went on a rampage immediately upon 'awakening' meant that they died very quickly. Whilst the awakening rates for was a dismal 0.3% of , less than that managed to survive and contribute to the progress of the human race. This shared trait among led to them being highly discriminated against, many fanatics cursing them as hell spawn and starting crusades, weakening the already pathetic grip that humanity had over their footholds into the space age.

Luckily, the alien races decided that the humans did not constitute a threat and thought that they could sweep up magic whenever they wanted, which they could. Eventually, this of the determined human race led to the birth of a new superpower known as the 'United States of Humanity'.

Magic had humanity's trump card, allowing soldiers to twist sticky into favourable ones with a single word. It levelled the field, making the alien war machines a mere irritant. A single man could bring down a fleet of corvette ships with a single spell.

Magic was quickly evaluated into ranks, since humans were so competitive. It ranged from SSS to SS, S, A+, A, A- and so on all the way to F-. Soon magical weapons and technology gained a rating system as well.

Now that humanity gained weapons, they began to prepare to fight back at their oppressors.


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