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Chapter 4 : The Real Story Starts Here

100% Battle Maniac

Aran jumped off the and nodded to the nearby guards casually. The guards saluted back, their postures being ramrod straight and their arms exactly at 90 degrees.

"Loosen up a little." He punched the guard's shoulder, sending him flying.

"Ah, whoops." He grinned before walking through the massive automatic doors.

Ellen sighed before helping the hostage walk. Troy and Azzeel looked at each other before following after Aran. Since they were the strongest Death Squad that worked for the government of Sejinshelm, most of the people they past couldn't help but stare with awe.

about the Death Squads was , but they could tell that Aran and the others were Death Squad members from the emblems they wore on their chest (over the heart) and the shoulders. It was a single skull with a number on it.

Azzeel, as the team leader had the number one on his patch, Ellen had the number 2, Troy had number 3 and Aran had number 4. Coincidentally, Aran was also the youngest of the group at 18 years old whilst the others were all 20.

Aran was the youngest rank S Spell Master to exist, making his existence extremely valuable to Sejinshelm. Not only was he a prodigy, the other three in his group were considered good as well since they were 20 years old yet managed to reach rank S. The average age for people who managed to reach rank S was 40.

"Sir, please follow me!" A guard said, saluting.

Azzeel took the lead, he still wore his M.A.R.A.U.D.E.R armour but he had taken the helmet off, revealing his handsome features. He stood 2 meters tall and had long flowing blonde hair, sharp features and radiated an aura of pride.

Ellen followed closely behind, having handed Irina over to the medical staff. It seemed that the hostage needed to get checked for PTSD, whether it was from that fact that she almost got raped or the sight of Aran her captives, nobody knew. Ellen was 1.7 meters tall with brown hair and blue eyes that were as clear as the ocean. He chest was semi-full and she had long slender legs.

Troy was the opposite of Azzeel, standing the same height but radiating an aura of destructiveness. He had red (Strawberry blonde) hair and bulging muscles which were the size of boulders.

They filed into the office, where David Dawswell sat. He was a tiny man, only 1.3 meters tall, he had to crank his chair to maximum height in order to see face to face with Azzeel. He wore an eyepatch over his left eye (cosmetic purposes) and had an extendable walking stick which could extend for twice his own height.

They (except from Aran) Saluted respectfully. Aran went over and poured coffee instead, causing the organiser to at him in annoyance. David Dawswell returned his gaze to the other three.

"The hostage has been handed over to the medical staff, correct?"

"Sir yes sir!" They (once again, except Aran) cried out in unison.

Aran just nodded whilst sipping from his cup.

"That's good, well, you are all dismissed, collect your rewards from desk #3. Maniac, please stay behind."

Azzeel, Ellen and Troy nodded before exiting the room. David Dawswell turned to look at Aran who had just reheated his cup of coffee upon finding that it wasn't hot enough.

"Look, Maniac, there's something I need to-"

"Shit!" He was interrupted by Aran, who had burnt his tongue.

"Shitshitshitshitshitshitshit!" He ran over to the tap and ran his tongue under the cold water.

"Maniac, I want you to-"

"Fuck!" Aran had tried drinking the hot coffee and burnt his tongue once again, running to run it under the water.

David Dawswell was , not only did Aran ignore him, he even swore in his presence! He hit the cup out of Aran's hand with his excessively long walking stick.

"Listen to me!" He roared.

Aran just stared forlornly at the spilled coffee. David noticed his gaze and sighed.

"You can have another one after we talk. I have a contract to offer you."

Aran's eyes lit up at the thought of making money.

"What is it? Does it pay well? I !" He blurted out quicker than he could run when using Blitz.

David rolled his eyes.

"Teaching contract, 1 a day, automatically transferred from the government's to yours. The contract is only a single month long, that said, you are expected to teach 5 days a week..."

Aran did not even hear the rest of what the organiser had said, he had just been fantasising about the '1 a day' pay, nodding drunkenly to everything else that David had told him.

"Okay, will you ; David stuck out his right hand, which Aran received in a handshake.

"AI, the contract."

[Initiating contract, Terms... Saved, Length... 1 Month, Punishment upon breaking of the contract... A month without allowance]

"Bastard! You didn't tell me about that part of the contract!"

"Which part?" David was confused.

"The punishment!"

"I did."

There was a short silence.

"Shit." Aran realised that he had ignored all of the important details of the contract.

"Sigh, I'll send you the details. Go, dismissed."

Aran waltzed out without responding to the organiser. He quickly made his way over to the vending machines.

[Coffee ]

Caffè Americano

Café Latte




Sejinshelm Coffee


{10 Credits Each}


He looked at the for a moment before buying every single coffee in stock, wasting half a in a single Nodding in , he made his way to his apartment.

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