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Chapter 2 : Professional Dismantler

100% Battle Maniac

A hulking robot emerged from the ground, it emitted a robotic shrieking sound as the ground trembled. It was grey, with a vertical visor which emitted a blue light, darker grey armour pads and several hidden weapons and were tucked into it's body.

Troy, codenamed 'Havoc', Ran forward in his S rank Juggernaught armour. It was dark red, armoured covered it like scales. He carried his weapon, the 'Dismantler'. It looked like an oversized wrench, with several buttons and levers covering it's base. A tube connected it and the tank on his back together.

The pincer like end of the weapon was full of razor sharp , each able cut through flesh like a hot knife through butter. They span at 1000 per , even more so when buffed by spells.

He stamped downward, the rockets in his boots propelling him upwards towards the 20 meter tall robot. It clumsily swung out wards with it's arm in an attempt to catch him, only failing and leaving an opening.

Troy extended his Dismantler and grabbed the robot's right leg at the knee joint, pressing a few buttons and pulling the lever. A grinding noise by the high pitched shrieks of the robot caused him to cringe. It wasn't a pleasant sound, even the ear muffs he wore inside his helmet couldn't completely block the noise out.

"AI, mute ; He instructed.

[Acknowledged, Muting ] The synthetic voice said calmly.

Soon, the grinding noise vanished along with his sense of hearing. He could only hear his own breathes and see what was happening. The robot constantly tried to swipe at him but due to it's badly designed physique it couldn't reach him. The leg was quickly removed with a 'clunk' which Troy couldn't hear.

"AI, raise volume to max please."

[Acknowledged, volume maximised]

"Good job Havoc, I'm going in!" Ellen shouted.

She was a , able to control and living things and objects alike with just a simple thought of her mind. She wore light armour like Maniac but it was geared toward enhancing her powers rather than her speed.


A tremor shot out of her outstretched right hand, causing visible ripples in the air before colliding into the robot's chest. The metal was bent out of shape with a magnified tearing sound. Luckily, Troy had already foreseen this and muted his again.

Ellen, or rather, Witch raised both her hands, robe billowing in the wind.


Metal rods, debris and even parts of the robot began to fly upwards, each object hovered in the air like several swords (plus a robot leg) at the semi-destroyed hunk of metal.


Each object shot towards the robot, smashing into it. The rods came out the other end whilst the gigantic robotic leg hammered down with the force of a mountain. Although each attack (minus the robot leg) was like an ant, an army of ants could bring down an elephant easily.

Smoke rose upwards as the robot and caught fire.

"Havoc, let's move."


Their voices crackled through the comms. Witch Havoc's armour and flew away with him in tow.

", what's the status?" Troy asked Azzeel.

"Sigh, not good." The reply was close to a whisper.

"What? What went wrong?" Witch shouted.

"I gave Maniac total unrestricted control."

The two were dumfounded. , this was not a good choice of


"Die! Die! Die! Die!" Aran screamed, firing rapidly at the tenth wave of enemy soldiers.

Like usual, their heads burst as they fell down, the rest of their bodies shriveling up, skin turning , devoid of colour. None of the corpses looked human. The floor was red with blood, the air filled with the metallic smell of rust.

He lashed out with a spinning kick, sending 3 soldiers flying into the wall. Despite the gory battle, Aran was having the time of his life.

"Unrestricted control is the best!" He yelled, grinning with glee.

"Blitz!" He recast the spell since it had just run out before continuing his

The familiar yellow magic circle engulfed his body, his speed to that of a spaceship in flight.



"Help me!"

The soldiers began a full retreat, running back in the they came from. the was too much for them. Aran continued to laugh, chasing after them, shooting and killing the men one by one.

They had tossed their weapons aside upon realising their shots were useless against this monster. Contrary to how it looked, Aran was actually quite the schemer. He was killing them slowly yet allowing them to run off. He was sure that they'd go straight to where the hostage was, probably to try and threaten him or to get more from their leader.

Each soldier wore a tactical helmet with aiming systems, comms etc. They covered the soldier's face fully, preventing him from seeing their features. The soldiers were actually from one of Sejinshelm's neighbouring countries, but the higher ups weren't sure which one they were from exactly.

They predicted that it was probably or Factory 5 based on the equipment and mechanics which the enemy used, but then again, the opponent could be using the equipment in order to frame the two and start a war. The reason why the brass thought it was a nearby country was because of the fact that it would be tremendously difficult to bring troop transports through the borders of other , namely and Factory 5.




The numbers dropped. He knew they were getting closer since he could feel the eagerness of the fleeing soldiers. It grew as they got closer. Aran made sure to stay at least 10 meters away, if he got too close it would be but the same could be said if he was too far away, since he managed to kill many soldiers with ease, how couldn't he catch up to them?

They eventually made it to a large steel door. One of the soldiers ran to the hand scanner and his hand on it, unlocking it.


"; He activated a spell.

The three soldiers's skin glistened briefly before their bodies , flesh and bone twisted in on itself a light red mush. Aran kicked the door open. 'Wonder if I could get some extra cash from the hostage. Well, I guess that depends on who it is. If they can't afford to pay I'll just kill them too.'

"Shit! That's hard!" He had mistaken it for the same kind of doors as the flimsy ones at the building's entrance.

The doors creaked open and he walked inside carelessly.

"Eww, that's gross." He chuckled mockingly.

There, stood 6 men, four whom were salivating at their half naked female captive whilst the other two had their 'magic wands' out ready to do the deed. They quickly noticed the haired intruder, pointing their weapons at him (except for the other two).


Aran grinned at the soldiers before looking in the lady's She seemed to be around his age, 18, and was quite pretty too. hair like him as well.

"Put your weapons on the floor!" A big fat man with a bullet proof vest which read 'C.H.U.N.K.Y' on it shouted at Aran.

"Oy, lady, let's make a deal!" He said, ignoring 'Chunky'.

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