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Chapter -1 : Information Sheet

100% Battle Maniac

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Spell Master











[ detail]

Spell Master - Cast spells to enhance attack, defence, speed etc. Able to learn spells by absorbing data scrolls.

Superhuman - upgraded humans.

- Technologically modified humans.

Juggernaut - A Spell Master who is unable to learn anything other than defensive spells. The spells they use are increased in effectiveness by 100%.

- Born with an affinity for spells. Can cast basic without training. Power varies depending on individual.

Mordecai - Possess the ability to tame Demonic beasts and use them in combat. Can also grant skills to tamed beasts.

Alchemist - A requiring extreme skill and talent, with a rate of appearance to , Alchemists are able to create a variety of and specialise in magic unique to the

[ variants detail]

Dreadnought - in attack and defense, possess powerful wide range attack spells.

Bard - Well versed in Buffing spells. These vary from single target attack/defense boosts to wide range ones.

Sentinel - More robot than human, these vary from individual to individual but only the rich can afford to specialise in such a due to the costs of maintenance and upgrades. They are unable to cast spells and rely on physical upgrades to battle.

- Having experienced heavy trauma since young, they have twisted variants of Not much known about except for the fact that they have a passive spell which is always active, causing constant fear and panic upon targets.

Chimera - A variant. This is a forbidden practice, foreign organs and appendages or integrating alien , Chimeras aren't human any more.

Golemancer - A variant of the Alchemist. They channel magic into sigil imbued materials to create magic giants known as golems.


Will constantly be updated.


V1 Thursday 24th of January, 2019 - Started.

V2 Thursday 24th of January, 2019 - Added more and variants.

V3 Saturday 26th of January, 2019 - Fixed the info stuff.

V4 Monday 29th of January, 2019 - Added Chimera.

V5 Thursday 31st of January, 2019 - Added Alchemist.

V6 Tuesday 12th of February, 2019 - Added Golemancer.

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