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Chapter 6 : Chapter 06 : Feng Yin's Feeling

My Grandfather or My Boyfriend

When the game is about to start again after Feng Xuan another goal, someone is blowing the whistle repeatedly to drawing all people attending.

All the looked at the people who blew the whistle and found that the one who blew it was the club coach. The club coach run toward Feng Xuan.

"MIIISSTTERR... NO... GOD FENG XUAN... Please! End this game now! You already win! If this match continued our school team's confidence will be plumed to the bottom moreover our official match is next month. So please them all!" the coach bowed sincerely to Feng Xuan while saying it.

"It is depending on what my opponent's !" Feng Xuan at Xuan Ming and his teammates.

"We surrendered!" all opposite team shouted. How could they still want this kind of match to continue when the is already like this? Moreover, there are 15 minutes left. With Feng Xuan inexhaustible stamina, he could easily another 10-20 goals again.

Feng Yin sighing in relief after saw that Feng Xuan has won. Even she did not know why she is so afraid that her grandfather lost rather than Xuan Ming lost. Feng Yin quietly going home before anyone noticed her.

Xuan Ming walked to Feng Xuan and kowtowed three times then he promised to never get close to Feng Yin ever again making Feng Xuan evaluate him better. At least he is honest and strong-willed. Even Feng Xuan already defeated Xuan Ming utterly but Xuan Ming eyes did not contain any sorrow instead it is sparkling with spirit.

Who knows after Feng Xuan secretly praise Xuan Ming in his heart, Xuan Ming started crawled on the ground and latching onto Feng Xuan's leg.

"MASTER PLEASE TEACH ME HOW TO BETTER!!!" Xuan Ming said to Feng Xuan firmly.

"Ehhh... What??? EHHHHH" Feng Xuan startled and nearly fainted when he hears that, so Xuan Ming eyes are not sparkling with spirit but with toward Feng Xuan.

"NOOO... I don't want to be your Master let go of my leg right now!" Feng Xuan said coldly while kicking Xuan Ming flying few meters backward.

"COOAACH!!!" who knows Xuan Ming running toward Feng Xuan and latching to him again.

Feng Xuan really wants to splurting a mouthful of blood. This Xuan Ming is really a young talented ace even his body is much sturdier than other the people and his will is really inextinguishable.


After reaching home, Feng Yin going straight entered her room and lie down on her bed.

Feng Yin slowly started to think what happened today.

Why her grandfather doing something like that? Is he jealous? Impossible, he probably only pissed off because she did not tell him before Xuan Ming as her boyfriend.

Actually, Feng Yin did not really like Xuan Ming. The first reason Feng Yin Xuan Ming as her boyfriend is because when he proposed to her, she heard Xuan name from Xuan Ming to her grandfather Feng Xuan.

It is really ridiculous since the reason she wants to find a boyfriend is to her feeling to her grandfather since it is impossible for anything to happen between them but she eventually Xuan Ming because of some in their name.

What should she do now? Her grandfather is her right now and he said that she is his girlfriend. Should she reject him and search another boyfriend to him or enjoy her youth happily with her grandfather as her boyfriend?

Feng Yin starting to blush when thinking about it and her face turned red like apples then she quickly covered them with her while cuddling her plushie.

Well, she will decide what to do after she asked her grandfather's true tomorrow after since it rather awkward to ask about it at home.


Tomorrow morning, all Feng Yin family including her grandfather are eating together in the dining room.

Feng Yin stared at her father 'Feng Lin' swollen face.

"Why dad's face is swollen like that? Did you fight with someone yesterday?" Feng Yin asked Feng Lin with full of concern.

Feng Lin at Feng Xuan while Feng Xuan smiled coldly at him made Feng Lin shuddered in fear.

"No... No... Nothing... How about your school? Is everything good?" Feng Lin answered Feng Yin weakly.

"Uhhh... Nothing... Everything is good. Grandfather is also very good and helping me a lot." Feng Yin answered her father but not what happened yesterday so not making him worried about her.

"Cough... Cough... Cough... Chough..." Feng Lin almost choked his food when Feng Yin said that her grandfather is good.

How could it be good? This spartan is basically a walking monster, there is nothing good at all in him.

Well, maybe it was because Feng Yin is Feng Xuan's favorite granddaughter. So Feng Xuan is nicer to her than to him.

Feng Lin remembers when he is still a kid, this father of his 'Feng Xuan' always tied him upside down on the tree for one day if he did not get all perfect in the test.

There was one day that Feng Lin gets all perfect at all subject except for one subject that he got 99 but Feng Xuan still punished him tied him upside down on the tree.

"Father...Why did you still punish me? I only get 99 in one subject and all of my friend and my teacher praised me." Feng Lin asked Feng Xuan pitifully.

"It is because you are already studied hard but still cannot get the perfect that I punish you!" Feng Xuan answered

"Then what is the difference if I still get punished when I don't study and get zero ; Feng Lin asked Feng Xuan again irritatingly.

"That is I punished you for your laziness and ! Listen kid, what you should be aiming is being lazy but still get all the perfect rather than studied hard and still cannot get all perfect even a monkey could do that you know!" Feng Xuan answered firmly this time.

"Who could get all the perfect while being lazy? I did like to get acquainted with them!" Feng Lin tried to mock Feng Xuan.

"ME!" Feng Xuan pointing to himself.

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