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Chapter 5 : Chapter 05 : Genius Versus Talent!

My Grandfather or My Boyfriend

"Are you sure? You want to compete with me in ; Xuan Ming asked Feng Xuan once again. Since everyone knows that he is an expert in , so he didn't want anyone said that he bullying a newbie.

"You only need to answer… Are you dare or not? Or are the title of a young talented ace is for showing off only?" Feng Xuan sneered coldly at Xuan Ming.

"Okay, I your challenge! Just don't cry and said that I am bullying you later!" Xuan Ming laughed out loud at Feng Xuan while getting back to the field and discussing the matter with his teammates.

After discussing for a while, club team decided to draw a stick for the team Xuan Ming is in the blue team while Feng Xuan is in red team.

The Feng Xuan challenge and wager news quickly disperse to the entire Nan Ming high school. Almost all the students and some teachers came to watch it. A match between a genius that gets the perfect in every subject and a talented ace that's already famous across the country, who would miss this kind of exciting match.


"Okay friends, which that you usually ; one of Feng Xuan teammates ask him.

"I want to at the same as that Xuan Ming! That whatever striker or ace…" Feng Xuan answered

"Uhhh… Are you sure??? Okay then…" Feng Xuan's teammates want to but decided not to. Because this is basically Feng Xuan and Xuan Ming showdown so it is normal that he wants to compete in the same

"Oh yeah… before that could anyone brief me about how to and the rules of this game first!" Feng Xuan talked with a but his teammates almost spurting a litter of blood and fainted on the spot when they hear that.

This guy just challenged the best young in our country without even know the rules and how to All of Feng Xuan's teammates really want to cry and retire from the match but looks like it's already too late now. Moreover, almost all people in the entire school is watching their match, if they lose too badly then they can't even find a hole to hiding their face anymore.


After simplified of how to and the rules to Feng Xuan all the started to take their and then the referee blows his whistle signaling the is started.

All the started to run around chasing the ball but Feng Xuan only standing quietly while watching intensely at all of them.

Xuan Ming is really worthy called the young country ace, only a few minutes started and he already a goal. Then Xuan Ming gazing at Feng Xuan while sneering and gave him the thumbs down. Feng Xuan only smiled coldly at Xuan Ming.

The match started again but Feng Xuan is still standing quietly while watching intensely at all making all his teammates fuming with rage.


15 minutes after the match begin and the now the blue team is 4 and the red team is still 0.

Feng Xuan waves his hand to call all his teammates. His teammates already on the verge of rage and want to Feng Xuan so they get close to him.

"Okay… This is enough! I already understand everything. All of you only need to give me the ball next time and go defend our goal!" Feng Xuan ordered his teammates with sharp cold look and stern tone. The pressure of his presence is making all of his teammate's anger quickly disperse and with a trace of fear.

As the match started again Feng Xuan quickly gain the ball and begin dribbled with incredible speed toward enemy's goal. All enemy seem like moving so slowly before they knew Feng Xuan already kicked the ball toward their goal and

When the game began again the enemy want to pass to his teammates but the ball is seized by Feng Xuan once again and he quickly running again toward enemy's goal then once again.

Then later there are three guarding Feng Xuan but somehow he still manages to slip out and take the ball once again and


"This… Is this really a match? This is like basketball !" one of spectator said to his friends.

"KYAAAAA….. Feng Xuan is so coooolllll… I will quit Xuan Ming Fans Club starting today and join Feng Xuan Fans Club!" many female spectators screamed hysterically.

All spectator began cheering for Feng Xuan and the around field became a little chaotic.

While in the field, the game is already in the 2nd half and the time already running about 30 minutes leaving only about 15 minutes to finished. But everyone watching already knew who is going to win.

The right now the blue team is 4 and the red team is still 36.

Yes, it is thirty-six you do not see it wrong and all of them are by Feng Xuan.

Despair is reflected in Xuan Ming's eyes and his teammates, no matter how they defended Feng Xuan could the goal and no matter how they do Feng Xuan could take the ball from any of them. Moreover, this monster's stamina seems limitless, he ran all over the field and 36 goals by himself but still not even breaking any sweat.

"Sh*t… Who is he? Is he Cristiano Ronaldo in disguise?" One of Xuan Ming teammates in rage.

"Pffft… No No No… He must be Archie Thompson in disguise!!!" One of Feng Xuan teammates laughed at them.

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