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Chapter 5 : Breastfeeding for the win!

The Promised Gamer-King of Uruk

In deep thoughts I didn't notice a figure entering my room, this figure upon reaching my crib she said with velvety feminine voice something that I didn't understand.

"i? m? ????l? ???? ???g???" (Is my little king hungry?) the way that she said is probably a , trying to move my body to see what kind of person could enter the room of a king and have such beautiful voice, I guess I can't really be surprised seeing that is my mother, that had a blue box above her head.

[Nimsun, Goddess of the Wild Cows

Level: ????]

But a window interrupted my chance to burn the image of a naked goddess that probably will breastfed me, and I had a lot to think about her and it will be really embarrassing being breastfed at this moment, but since that in my birth she was clothed, she really will do that.

(A/N: I will use [ ] when referring The Gamer windows and such)

[ Ancient Sumerian Language (Passive) (LV1) (EXP:37%)- This is the language used in the land of Mesopotamia.]

Then any thoughts I had were in the Park of Back of My Little Head when I was taken out of my golden crib, and pressed against the bosom of my mother, suddenly I wasn't so against being breastfed now.

[You have been just fed the milk of the goddess of the wild cows, due to being in your infancy and the kind of milk you are being fed, you gained a special effect. For the next 2 years your demigod stats will be. boosted by a factor of 2. Can only be applied once.]

We're not gonna talk about what happened to cause this notice, not because I was ashamed of drinking milk of Nimsun as a baby and not because I was eager to do that. It was just that I was excited (A/N: Please teach me some words that can with thrilled and such, excited I to use because in my country that means aroused or something) of being a overpowered son of a goddess, yeah let's go with that.

'So this means that I will gain plus 20 to all my stats for the 2-doing-nothing years of my infancy? That's neat! Do I even gain 40% now?'

I do. I really do, I knew it would. That's the exc- reason that I was so excited to being fed by her. It's like in those stories. Heracles was fed by Hera's milk and she was the goddess of maternity and her power-symbol was a cow so that was the reason of his strength, the only reason and I have a with him seeing that my mother was the goddess of wild cows I do not wonder if Gilgamesh was as crazy as Heracles, but in a immoral way, Heracles suffered much like almost any greek heroes of legend.

Gilgamesh would probably that was the only such teat was worth of feed the one and only King of Heroes.

Breastfeeding for the win!

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