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Chapter 4 : Nimsun

The Promised Gamer-King of Uruk

When I woke up I was presented to a golden ceiling and saw the extremities of possibly a golden rib, encrusted with rubies that I suspect that were gifted by my mother since I inherited her eyes...but I digress, I received the normal upon my wake and willed to it disappears.

I begun to think about my new life since I'm sure I can't go back and I'm not really that grumpy and moody to just hate this life since I'm god damn fucking Gilgamesh so I could do virtually anything in due time, I just fear for the changes that I will do in this since I will not be the raping-wed-women-in-my-birthday-Gilgamesh... but I think I could do good more that I ever could in my new life, my wife would beat me to death if I fall in a ill- and the cause being her.

My thoughts drifted to my new mother and damn even with my 0.1 INT, I remember every detail of hers, could it be a baby instinct? as I was thinking about my beauty of a mother, I created a internal picture of her in my mind... those disheveled jet hair that falls in front of her shoulders and back, adorned with braids locked in with gold pins, the pale jade skin perfectly upon a heart-shaped delicate face, the crimson blood eyes that are squinted perfectly in a picture of a loving mother, the supple pink lips (A/N: Picture here mikasa lips from snk) and a delicate nose, the bosom of a mother which I know for sure that will grow more from the D-Cups of now by experience when milked by me, in a simple white dress shirt but with some golden lining, no doubts gold thread, anyone seeing that would be prostrating vehemently because she is a goddess, literally.

Am I fallen with my new mother? but, I promised to not think about my old life and fully appreciate my chance in living, Hana would not like to see me single for the life because of her (A/N: Kinda like anyone would not like seeing a spouse or a husband single if someone in the said dies, y'know...I'm going with that logic if anyone is asking) and this is the Ancient Mesopotamy, I don't think that it has laws and such against a goddess that could stampede a city and be fine with it and a demigod king...I better sort out my after not being a baby and know this woman better.

After thinking of the object of my , my thoughts drifted again until I remember of my Gamer powers (A/N: I just would like to state that The Gamer powers will not be a major thing in this fic, because I'm not really good with its system and such I will be using Fate's Newest Gamer and anything really in regard of The Gamer, just so you know.) I think being with a certain uchiha look-alike would not cause to my children have any , would it?

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