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While I was busy wondering how my new life would be living as a alternate of the Golden King, I finally really conceived the idea that I died and was born as an individual who would be one of the most important legends and would grow in the said king's body. And a King that will be the King of Kings... what the hell am I doing?! I completely that before me is a Goddess who is now my new mother...mother! Ughh, me being the that I am getting silly excited that my life of about 10 minutes and counting, turned into a video game when I almost left crumble apart my important memories of my old life in my 'busy' thoughts. I'm such an fool, I'm sorry Hana... your husband does not come home were really thrilled to go to our daughter's high school will now mourn me...

My new body was wailing and crying by now, startling Ninsun, because ... it was not a cry that a child would have, it was a cry of a soul wounded by events of an unjust life.

Arthur ... my son ... sorry for not being able to go to your wedding... I was every time boasting that I would be a great grandfather spoiling them rotten...

Victoria...ah my baby daughter...your father is really the way I am I can't go see you being able to walk with your own legs...even if I could I would see a sullen face trying to deal with her father's loss...

I hate myself, ! Here I am being giddy and thrillingly recalling the grandeur of a rapist* and video game windows when I do not even know if I can see my family again ... only in dream-

"Shhh it's okay. Your mom is here, see?" Ninsun said cuddling and kissing her child's forehead even though he could not understand the despair of her son, but matters not, it was her duty as a mother to protect her son, even being a divine being such as herself.

This woman wh- It was then that I heard, this -but tugging me to it as if it was a part of my very soul, fated Song, the Hope of the Gods in Gilgamesh, his Epic being able to be sang on this silky and smooth of a voice spoke of his Fate, that voice unparalleled under the son of Sin and Ishtar, Shamash*, sang...!!!

"In those days..."

"In those distant days..."

"In those nights..."

"In those ancient nights..."

Her little baby boy under her caresses calmed and from his wrath and despair and finally slipped in on Dream-cycle, without finishing his Song, safe from the colletive wills from the -that damned Gaia she must trying to get to my boy! This is his Fate but in this world the ones that can defy the Fate are the ones that are truly powerful, someone like Gaia, is laughable not even try end my boy!

Not known for her, as she is a vessel for those fated words, that song if it can be even called that, spoke of something that shouldn't exist in the natural order of this world...

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