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Chapter 2 : Tutorial?

The Promised Gamer-King of Uruk

I didn't know if I should laugh or cry when I realized who I am, Gilgamesh, if I am in Nasuverse, that is. Gil is really overpowered in the Fate series no matter what world, I know that he lost pretty badly to Shirou in his UBW (Unlimited Works) but I guess the example of rock paper and scissors, is really useful right here, rock win against scissors but lose against paper and paper lose against scissors, just because he is pretty OP, he wasn't (would not be?) invincible, Shirou copied every single NP threw at him, so Gate of Babylon became pretty much useless, and when he pulled Ea he was losing the arm holding it by then. In the other side, if I am careful as any Heroic Spirit, I shoul- no, will be untouchable (u can't touch this), and this guy would be the very basis of all other legends and pretty much the greatest king that ever lived.

Seeing that my Luck is a shitty 1 so far though, the bells in my head start to ring that I am really in Nasuverse, well, I guess I will think about the Holy Grail War and all that jazz when I cross that bridge, I am a pretty laid back guy unless we are talking about my freaking life.

'What this stuff means though? what do I get from this stats?'

<As the User is a baby and can't verbal use the commands, should the user need about the stats, User just need to think about the what the stat means and the will appear>


<Health: This bar represents how much damage you can take, if your health reach 0, is Game Over.>

'I'm dead, I just have 1 HP!'

<Health Regen: 0.04 per minute.>

'Holy crap, I'm going to fu*king die!'

<Godly Mana: As a demigod, you have to a Mana Core that has been tainted by the magic of the gods. Gaia has no affect on your magic. 100% effects via magic -30% MP cost. This bar represent how much Mana you have.>

'This will be awesome once I have more than 1 MP'

<The Gamer: Live your life as a Game. With you as the Gamer.>

'Damn, I don't even gain any bonus from this title?'

<The King of Uruk: You have been King of Uruk by the Gods themselves. Grants +25 permanent Charisma, 5 Charisma per level, 200% money from loot and instant EXALTED with all who reside in Uruk.>

<Reincarnated: This able you to recall the memories of your past life. Gives you +5 Intelligence.>

'I'm gonna be rich as hell.'

<Level: The level is the of your experience. Gains 50 HP and 50 MP for every level.>

Demigod: You are a god and a human. As such, you gain 10 to all stats for every year you live. 20% against physical and magical attacks.>

'Holy Grail(crap!) gotta grow the hell up!'

<Stats: Stats are the of all your aspects. The Stats of a average man is 1.>

'So I have a tenth of stats of a average person, but I gain 10 times every year, huh. That's useful as hell.'

<Strength: This is how much force you can exert. It is also what your weapon damages multiplied with.>

<Vitality: A measure of how sturdy a character is. 1 VIT = 10HP. 2 VIT=1% HP Regen per minute.>.

'So I will have to focus on VIT if I want to live longer, huh?'

<Dexterity: A measure of how fast, agile, you are>

<Intelligence: Your ability of recall and store Also symbolizes the of you to your Mana. 1 INT = 10 MP.>

<Wisdom: A measure of your common sense and problem solving skills. 2 WIS = 1% MP Regen per minute.>

<Charisma: A measure of your social skills and physical appearance.>

'So I'm gonna be hot as hell, huh? F*ck yeah!'

<Luck: Can influence the rate and rarity of drops as well as random ;

'So if I level this up, I'm gonna be a trouble as it can be very much a Measly Dragon that didn't like the color of my eyes because it is the color of its hide I will find in the road when I'm running my morning run around Uruk.'

<Points: These are points that you gain as you level up or complete quests to help you improve your stats>

'Best not use these until I am in a pinch.'

<Money: The currency of Mesopotamia is anything you can trade, for the nobility, though, it is Gold.>

'Right, my history was useful, if I'm not misunderstood, people trade cattle and the like, but as I am the king I will be having heavy money to deal with, not as I am concerned, Gate of Babylon has Gold that don't end, really.'

''Skills', I intoned, hoping that at least I had Gilgamesh's Gate of Babylon, being the only skill I know of, with the being the Gamer skills.


Gamer's Mind (Passive) (LV:MAX): Allows user to think calmly and logically think things through. Allows peaceful state of mind. Immunity to psychological status effects.

Gamer's Body (Passive) (LV:MAX): Grants a body that allows for the user to live the real world like a game.

'Well, damn I do not have the Gate, but this was a hell of a tutorial! I am gonna be so OP, if I don't fall of my mommy's hands and lose the only HP Point and die, that is...nah, for a Goddess I think she has firm hands, oh well'

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