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Chapter 1 : I'm Gilgamesh!

The Promised Gamer-King of Uruk

I died. You know, when you die, you should be having a fright, but...I don't feel anything, it is like having a ton of morphine pumped in your brain and a sense of calmness that if wasn't for this, I would be having a breakdown, the irony of something like that... is scary.

As soon as I take my surroundings, I blink with all my might, what I, the epitome of calmness have to see to be as surprised as I am now, what should that be, you ask? A woman, looking at me with the look that all women that had birth would look, the loving crimson eyes, the tired, sweaty, kind and gentle look that a Mother would have when seeing for the first time her Child.

What did I do to be receiving the look that my spouse had when she had her first child? This is Madness! Why? Wh- This line of thought of mine was interrupted as a window, much like what I saw in a manhwa all those years ago when in boredom in my youth I reed, found its way in front of my face.

<You have been born. Hp and Mp and child status were created. All debuffs upon birth were cured.>

What? Isn't this th- another line of thought was interrupted by a sweet voice that should be prohibited to have!

"Hello, there! I am The Goddess of Dreams! I am @#&€£% and I granted The Gamer Ability to you! You should be grateful, because even if you were the person that powered my Domain almost by himself *giggles* thank you, by the way, this Ability is pretty powerful to be blessed upon a mortal, not that you are right now, of course *giggles* *ahem* (a false cough was heard in the background) tehee! *ahem ahem* I heed thee desires, and hereby grant to thou the blessing of The Nameless* Goddess of Dreams and Desires and The Gamer and the Powers of The Golden King Shall be the tools to the Dangers of your Path!"

I was speechless at the mannerism of this Goddess and the speech that gave me a few answers of the that I would have, following those lines of thoughts...feeling the calmness of a skill that I now knew that I had, I thought:


<Name: Gilgamesh

Age: 3 minutes

Health: 1/1

Godly Mana: 1/1

Titles: The Gamer, The King of Uruk

Level: 1 (0/100)

Race: Demigod

STR: 0.1

VIT: 0.1

DEX: 0.1

INT: 0.1 (+10)

CHA: 0.1 (+25)

LUK: 0.1

Points: 0

Money: 0G (I will just put gold as currency as don't like these details and all that jazz)

: Gilgamesh is the Demigod Son of the Goddess of Wild Cows, Ninsun, and Lugalbanda, the Priest-King of Uruk who was forced to step down when the Goddess Ninsun Gilgamesh as the new King of Uruk.

'Well, damn'.

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