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Chapter 7 : Daily Life (1)

Marvel Cultivator

But before he could look at the Maria have pulled Tony into a hug. She was crying very hard. She feared death. She feared that her Tony will be alone. But a miracle happened. She was alive now. There isn't any problem in her body. She didn't know how her disease was cured. The doctors said that it was a new type of disease that doesn't have cure. Her vitality was slowly decreasing. But she know that all of it at past. She can fell the changes in her body.

Seeing his mother healthy Tony was happy. Both of them were happy. Both of them have tears on their face. He was about to speak something, but he suddenly felt something sticky coming from his mother's body. It had piercing stinky smell. He saw his mother's skin wriggling and substance coming from her body. At that time his mother began to cry loudly in pain. Seeing this Tony asked the system. 'System, what is happening to my mother ?'

[Ding, Host have used a mid grade healing pill to cure host's mother. But it's a pill with high herbal efficacy. It is changing host's mother's body. It is removing all the impurities from her body.]

'Ok. Is this good for her ?' asked Tony

[Ding, Host, this process is very useful for host's mother. Mid grade healing pill is a pill that is reaching divine grade. This pill help host's mother immensely. She now have a body that will help in ]

Hearing system, Tony was surprised and happy. Now his mother can cultivate. This will allow her to have a long life. Suddenly he have a doubt, 'If mid grade pill is this effective, then what about high grade pill ?'

[Ding, High grade healing pills allow the one to recreate one's body. It will allow the person to high talent. This pill allow one to have rebirth ability of phoenix one time. So this pill is also known as rebirth pill. But in world this pill is considered as a legend.]

'Wow.....But you have this legendary pill right system ?'

[Ding, system indeed have some rebirth pills.]


After the , Tony looked at is tired mother. She was very much tired. There are impurities mixed with blood all over her body. She was breathing very hardly. She looked at her son and asked him, " Tony, what happened to me."

"Nothing mom. Its the side effect of the pill that cured you. It won't happen again." replied Tony

When she heard that it won't happen again, she sighed in relief. She didn't want to go through that again. She felt like she was in hell for a few minutes. She then looked at herself. She saw some substance all over her body. She looked at Tony and said " Go out son. I will come to you after cleaning myself."

"Ok mom. I'll be downstairs, so if you need anything, call me." saying this he gone out of the room and closed the door. He then went downstairs. At that time Maria gone to clean herself.

After sometime Maria came down. When he saw his mother, Tony was supurised. He saw the most beautiful woman in his life. She looked like she became young again.

But just like Tony, his mother was also suprised. She looked around, she saw that everything is new. She felt like she was back at stark So she looked at Tony to ask where ae they, only to see her son looking at her with open mouth. She then asked, "What happened Tony, why are you looking at me like that ?"

When he heard his mother's he woke up from stupor. He smiled happily at his mother and said, "You have became young, mom"

Hearing her son's praise Maria was very happy. She then asked her son, "What happened to our home ?"

Hearing Maria's , Tony began to describe about all the thing that have happened while she was in coma. He told about some of his powers life high strenght, speed etc. Then he told her about his novel and how they became rich. How he got the pill. He didn't told her about the system. He only told her that he have combine some metals to form some new materials.

Hearing about everything that she heard from her son, she felt like she was in a fairy tale.

At that time Tony's grandparents who have gone out came back. When the entered they saw Maria sitting near tony at the couch. When they saw the beautiful Maria they were very suprised. Then both of them looked at Tony same time. When Tony saw them looking at him intensily he nodded in When they saw this tears began to flow from their eyes. They then ran to their daughter and began to her tightly. At that time Tony to gone to them and began to hug his family tightly. After sometime Maria and her parents sat on the couch and began to speak about everything that have happened. At that time Tony gone to his room.

After reaching his room he looked at the for completing the

[Main quest 1 - Cure Maria - Completed]

[Cure Maria's disease that is considered as incurable. ]

[Time limit : 5 Years.]

[Time taken to complete quest : 1 year]

[Rewards: <<Basic Electric Engineering Mastery>>, <<Close combat mastery>>,10000 SP]

[Special Reward : Golden lottery × 2, 10000SP]

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