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Chapter 6 : Curing Maria

Marvel Cultivator

[Main quest 1 - Cure Maria]

[Cure Maria's disease that is considered as incurable. ]

[Time limit : 5 Years.]


<<Basic Electric Engineering Mastery>> <<Close combat mastery>>

10000 SP]

Seeing the Tony realised that he have a timelimit of 5 years before his mother's death. Since he have the system it easier for him to help his mother. He thought that if he have materials he can exchange it to system for system points. So he began to his future He realised that if he have the suppoort from family his works can easier.

So he brought grandparents to Maria's room. Then he began to tell them about his He told them that he have some special powers. He have superstrength, speed and other physical enhancements. But they are just at first phase. He need to train it to get stronger. He also said that he can combine some special materials together to form new ones. Using this property it will be easier for him to cure his mother. When his grandparents heard about powers they were happy. Especially when they heard that he can cure Maria's disease they started crying due to joy. They already know that Maria doesn't have much time.

Suddenly a new came in front of Tony's eyes.

[Ding,Hidden Quest completed]

[ : Revel Host's powers to family and attain support from them.]

[Rewards: Space-Time affinity, <<Complete Encyclopedia>>,

Lottery tickets ×2, 6000SP]

[Do you want to tranfer the now? Y/N]

When he saw this Tony became happy. He choose no for now. Now he only need 4000SP more.

But he saw there was a sad look on his grandparents face. Seeing this Tony asked, "Why does you have a sad face grandpa?"

Grandpa: "Tony, you said that we need special materials right?". To this Tony nodded. Then his grandpa said "But Tony, for these special materials cost lot of money. Even if we sell this house we can't afford to much materials."

Hearing this Tony also became sad. He needed money. He can't think of anyway to get money. All he have is some from the skills he obtained from the system and memories fro. his life. Then it suddenly clicked. From what he know there aren't many literature works in this world simar to his life. So he can publish some world famous novels and he may get He can publish in his grandfather's name. When he thought about all of this he became exited. He told his idea to his grandparents and without waiting for their he began to run to the study room to type the novels. But his grandparents were stunned. They didn't think their grandson would create a novel that can make so much money to buy different materials.

For next few days Tony typed the famous novel "Harry Potter" with high speed. After ten days Tony brought his novel to his grandfather. His grandpa was stunned when he read the novel. Because it was a good story. At that day itself his grandpa brought the novel to a small publishing company. The people in the company were also thrilled. They began to print the novel after few editing. It was published in a month. The new novel "Harry Potter" became a hit among the people very fast.

In two months itself Tony was able to a But he didn't stopped at this. After that he published the and third book. In just one year Tony became a

But still they couldn't collect special materials since they need the government's to buy these materials legally. So Tony decided to create a automobile manufacturing company. It's name was Industries. At first they needed to face some problems. But the first design by Tony was a huge hit among the people. Tony's first design brought new technologies that the people dreamed. It brought the automobile industry's development few years forward.

In one year Tony's family one of the most richest family in the world. With that they have began to live in a different with a large basement. It was very useful for Tony's purposes. They were also able to get large amount special materials like which also include nuclear materials like uranium, plutonium and even a small amount of vibranium. He exchanged most of his materials to the system with of few so that he can work on it. On that day Tony was able to attain nearly hundred thousand system points. Then he brought a medium grade healing pill from the system. He brought it to his mother. By this time Maria entered in comma. Her vitality was decreasing every day. He put the pill into Maria's mouth and with the help of little spirit energy he have cultivated he dissolved the pill due to the from the system. It entered Maria's every cell and clensed her body. goo like substance were coming out of her body. Her fingers were shaking. After some time Maria slowly opened her eyes. At the time the from the system came in Tony's eyes.

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