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Chapter 3 : System Functions and Family

Marvel Cultivator

[Analysis complete.]

[ status..]

Name: None (Anthony)

: Unborn

STR: _

INT: _

DEX: _

VIT: _

Skills: _

Tony saw the status and surprised. He then remembered about the beginner's gift pack that is often in many novel. "System, where is my beginner's gift pack?"

[Ding, Host will be given the gift pack when he is born in the world.]

'Ok, that is clever.' thought Tony. "System, what are the in the system?"

[Ding, System consists of status, analysis, quests, shop, inventory and lotteries]

[Analysis help host in analyzing different materials, herbs etc.]

[Quest give to host. By completing these host will be rewarded]

[From shop host can buy different skills, techniques, weapons, pills etc.]

[Inventory allows host to save different nonliving items]

[Lotteries allows host to draw lottes. It can be skills, techniques, weapons, pills etc.]

'So the of system is same as that of the system that I have memory of.' Tony thought.

"System do you know when I will be born?"

[Ding, six more months until birth of host.]

"Ok. Then system until birth make me sleep."

[Ding, Affirmative. Host will now enter sleep mode.]

And darkness began to envelop him.

~After 6 months

Tony opened his eyes. Slowly light began to enter his eyes. What he saw in first sight was a beautiful woman. Though she looked tired, there was a beautiful smile on her face. She looked like a holy woman to Tony. When she realised that Tony have opened his eyes she whispered to Tony, "My little sweety have opened his eyes. Your so beautiful. My baby boy...." There was a tear drop coming from eyes. But those who saw that scene will realize that she was crying due to joy.

After looking at the woman, Tony looked around. Then he saw a middle aged man who looked very strict. But there was gentleness in his eyes know. He looked at his wife and newborn child. He was very happy. But he know that his wife is very tired now. So he began to take the boy from the mother's hand. She was unwilling. But she know that her husband is very stubborn and once he decided, it is not easy to change that But when the father began to take the child from mother's hand, the baby began to cry.

Seeing the baby starting to cry suddenly took them in surprise, then the father saw that child holding his mother. So he smiled and put the baby next to the mother upon which the child had stopped crying. After that the father left the room while mother started to breastfeed the baby. Afterward the mother started to sleep next to the baby.

All this while there was an intelligent look in the child's eyes.

After it became quiet, Tony asked the system in his mind, "System open the gift pack. "

[Ding, opening the beginner's gift pack...]

[Host obtained <<Great Empyrean Lightning Technique>>]

[Host obtained <<Thousand Thoughts Technique>>]

[Host obtained <<Basic Mechanical Engineering Mastery >>]

[Host obtained Body strengthening pill ×5]

[Host obtained Low grade healing pill ×2]

Seeing all this he was surprised. "What are all these?"

[<<Great Empyrean Lightning Technique>> : Divine grade spirit technique that allow user to cultivate and attain immortality. Possess lightning attribute. Currently sealed]

[<<Thousand Thoughts Technique>> : Divine grade soul technique. At the highest level this technique allows host to divide host's thought into thousand allowing host to due more in less time. ]

[<<Basic Mechanical Engineering Mastery >> : Basic skill that allow host to have mastery in Mechanical engineering works]

[Body Strengthening Pill : Used for body strengthening level ]

[Low grade healing pill: Low scale injuries and diseases are healed]

"System, why is Great Empyrean Lightning Technique sealed?"

[Ding, Host can only use when he five years old. Otherwise host's growth will be affected. ]

"What about other one.?"

[Ding, since <<Thousand Thoughts Technique>> is a soul , it will not affect host physically]

"Ok..System then use both thousand thoughts technique and basic mechanical engineering mastery.

[Ding, using <<Thousand Thoughts Technique>> and <<Basic Mechanical Engineering Mastery >>]

[ will be transferred to host's mind. Process is painful for host. Forcefully entering sleep mode.]

Then Tony began to feel a lot of pain. But before he could even cry a little he fell asleep.

~After sometime

Anthony opened his eyes. He looked around. There was no one there anywhere him. He was now in a crib. There were some toys above him. After seeing that no one around he began to concentrate on system. "What was that pain system?" He was a little angry.

[Ding, Techniques and skills will be directly imparted into mind. So there will be pain. But the current body of host cannot contain the pain. So host was forcefully entered into sleep mode.]

"Mh... Show me status."

[Ding, status..]

Name: Anthony Edwards Stark

: Newborn

STR: 0.5

INT: 65

DEX: 0.5

VIT: 0.8


<<Thousand Thoughts Technique>> (Soul )


<<Basic Mechanical Engineering Mastery >>


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