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Chapter 2 : Final Rebirth

Marvel Cultivator

After his death all that Anthony saw was darkness. He was floating in space. He pinched himself to try if it was a dream. But the reality proved him wrong. When he looked around he didn't saw anything at all. He began to wait. Now all he wanted to have was to end that waiting. After it may look like years he saw a small dot of light. He began to move towards that dot. When he wanted to move to the dot he saw that the dot began to After that it began to remove all the darkness. So Anthony began to look around. When he looked around he saw a table with seven chairs around it. There were five people sitting at five of these chairs. He saw that they were looking at him and smiling at him. All the five of the people was different.

There was a strongly built old man who was wearing an armour set. There was a large amount of blood red mist flowing at his back. What Anthony felt when he was looking at the armoured man was that he was looking at a noble leader.

The next man was bearded old man who looked like a mechanic. He had a lot oil on his dress. There were a lot of tools in each pockets of his dress.

Next was a kind old man with lengthy white beard. He was slowly moving his hand along the white beard. He had a kind smile on his face.

Next was a middle aged man red scales all over his body. There was two large wings that looked like dragon wings on his back. He was also looking at him with half closed eyes.

The last man was a middle aged man with a holy aura around him. He had small lightning bolts moving along his body. This man was also looking at Anthony

While Anthony was looking at these people, they were checking out Anthony to. After some time the lightning man said, "Kid what are you waiting for, come and sit down.". When he heard this Anthony slowly walked to the table. Now it felt like he was standing in a white room. Anthony walked to the table and sat at a chair, which happened to be next to the man with red mist around him. After that Anthony asked them, "Are you all gods?". When they heard this, all of them began to laugh loudly. When he saw this Anthony began to look around surprised and thought, 'What there to laugh about?'. When he thought that, they began to laugh more there was tears coming out of some of their eyes.

After this the mechanic said, "No kid we are not GODs... We are you.". This surprised Anthony more. 'What are they talking about?'

Then the lightning man described about the It turns out that all the people are the different lives in which the lightning man had rebirthed. Anthony is his sixth life. There is only one more life left. So about the next life he need Anthony's It turn out that the next life was and for rebirth was decided by the sudden predecessor before the next life. And as expected of a Tony Stark fan, he wanted to live as Tony Stark in Marvel Universe. So before the final rebirth, the lightning man described about the final rebirth's importance. It turn out that in final life they will have all the memories from the lives. Also the lightning king told about the inner world in the soul that is only in the final life. This made Anthony think about what would happened in the Marvel Universe if Tony is born with all the memories of the people who where the pinnacle in their world in their own world. This made him realise that then the life in final rebirth will be very easy. But what they didn't wanted was an easy life. So Anthony suggested to have the final life as he's seen in some novel : A system to guide Tony in final life. Also he won't have any memories other than that of Anthony's about the Marvel Universe, the light novels, comics and animes that he have obtained from his otaku life. All the materials, pills, weapons etc will be sealed and be given as rewards of the system when complete the quests. Tony can live as he see fit with the memories he will obtain from Anthony.

The from Anthony was approved by all others. They decided to give a good cultivating method to Tony. So when he reach Lightning King's level in at his world, he will receive all the memories in his lives and all the souls will fuse with Tony's soul. Until that they will sit back and watch the fun.

So they initiated the rebirth procedure. Then a small part of Anthony's soul, the part with Marvel Universe's memories, began to flow out from him and moves to Marvel Universe. That soul entered felt like falling through water. Then he began to move his hands and legs, but he realized that he can't move it. Suddenly,

[Ding, The system is initiated.]

Tony: "Who's there?". Since the soul that have memories of the otaku is being rebirthed, he doesn't know about the system.

[Ding, Host, the system was the one who spoke. Now system will start to analyse host's body]

[Analysing host 1%...4%....39%.....78%..100%.]

[Analysis complete.]

[ status..]

Name: None (Anthony)

: Unborn

STR: _

INT: _

DEX: _

VIT: _

Skills: _

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