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Chapter 1 : Prologue

Marvel Cultivator

In the world of the cultivators, there exist a floating It is considered as a forbidden by all the people and the sects in the world. Even the strongest person in the ground is afraid to enter this It is because of the single person who is staying in that The person staying in that is the strongest one in the world. He is known as the lightning king. He have already lived for thousands of years. His stories are now a legend among the people of the world. The current haven't seen him, but everyone is scared of him due to his way of killing. During his peak, he have massacred a lot of people and beasts. In a world where strong devour the weak people can be considered as a normal thing. But the amount of the lightning king will scare anyone. Those who stood against him was cutted down by him. Most of the people living in the world consider him their idol.

Currently the strongest person is sitting among a large number of books. If someone have looked at him, what they see will be a beggar sitting among a large number of books. Suddenly he began to laugh like a maniac. "HAHAHA...I have completed it. Now I can reborn and have another life. HAHAHA..."

That's right the dream of the lightning king is to reborn and have another life. Some may call him a fool, because why would a strong person need to reborn and start from the beginning. but none of them know the feeling of being at the peak of strength. He doesn't have anyone he loves in the world now. Nobody is there to challenge him in any way. Everyone is afraid of him. It is very lonely at the top. That's why he's trying to reborn and have to live in any other way.

After laughing like a maniac for some time he stopped laughing and sighed at himself. "Sigh....Even though this method can only allow me to have six chances to relive, all the memory will be sealed until my last life.... But it is better than having nothing. I need to do many things before going."

After that he gone to his treasury and most of the materials and herbs and some divine weapons into a small that he have produced in his soul and sealed it. Now it can only be opened at his next life and when he strong. After that he made a in the to produce a spirit that will give someone who is worthy to have his inheritance. After that he looked his and in a way. After that he have gone to the basement to the that will help in his rebirths.

After reaching the basement he have started his A white light with high intensity have been produced from the and that light was what he rembered last.

This incident have gone unnoticed by the people in the world. Only when the for his inheritance start later will they realise that the strongest person in the world have passed away.


First life as a blood python (Demon beast) in beast world. After thousand years attained the level of true dragon, the strongest beast in the beast world. But died at the true lightning that have happened while trying to level up to dragon god.


life as the divine alchemist in the world. He was respected by everyone in the world. He was an man. In this life he obtained the name "Alchemist God". Beside alchemy he was very fluent in the work of medical field. With a few needles he was able to cure any type of diseases that have happened to physical body. He passed away when he reached at the limit of life.


Third life as the divine mechanic in mech world for his method of developing different mechs easily. He was assasinated by the enemies of his country for his mech designs. His theories and the weapons and the mech designs he have developed was consider top in the mech world.


Fourth life as a general who is top in his world. His strategies always helped in turning the tides at the most critical times of the countless number of wars. To him all he had was the life in battlefields. When it was time for his retirement he have gone to battle in the frontline and he was killed in the


Fifth life as a otaku named Anthony in earth. He was an orphan. When he was fifteen, he left the orphanage and gone to live himself. At that time he got addicted to anime and mangas. His favourite was the Marvel comics with ironman as the favorite superhero. The reason being that tony stark became a superhero through his own hardwork nd other reason was because he have same name as the iornman. Died in an while saving a little girl when he was returning to home after watching the movie Avengers: Infinite War. Due to reading a large amount of xiania novels his only wish was to be reincarnate as Tony Stark in Marvel Cinema Universe.

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