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Chapter 18 : Kiritsugu's Feelings

Transmigrator Receives a Dating Sim System

Kiritsugu was in the middle of a medium-intensity workout when he suddenly

Taiga, who just happened to be visiting, rushed him to the hospital.

Since Shirou hadn't been at home to heal him, the from the mud had all at once.

Since he had gone for so long without feeling it, his to it once it came back was rather extreme.

The doctors at the hospital didn't know what was wrong with him, so they just put him on an IV drip and let him be.

Kiritsugu, who was able to connect the dots, realized that it was Shirou who was helping him all along.

'Just how much does that kid know? Not only did he kill Zouken, he could even stop the spreading though me…'

Kiritsugu had simply been complying with Shirou thinking it was nothing too major, just some shenanigans that children were involved in.

When he him in the Matou residence, he was taken aback by the ruthlessness of Shirou, and decided to follow him to find the truth, of just who Shirou was.

But more than anything, Kiritsugu trusted Shirou. His with him ever since the fire had done nothing but ingrain that fact.

It had been Shirou's experience that sealed the deal. Acting in ways that ensured a good , honed from numerous meetings with important customers, he had all but brainwashed Kiritsugu.

Despite that, it wasn't as if that was all there was to their

But right now, Shirou was within Sakura's soul, and Kiritsugu was confined to his bed. Until Shirou woke up and got news of Kiritsugu, there would be no help coming for him.

As he lay in his bed, he started reminiscing again, about his late wife. They had first met when she was still in a tank when Old Man Acht made her. After that, a lot of things happened, leading to Kiritsugu saving her.

Educating her using movies, pictures and music, the two slowly started falling in love.

Despite knowing that she would need to be sacrificed for the Fourth Holy Grail War, he still went ahead with their

Tears rolled down his cheeks as he remembered the moment he held Illyasviel in his hands.

Shirou… somehow reminded him of her. Although they were completely different, they were also the same in a way.

Both of them had suffered, and will suffer a lot more in the future.

They had both lost at least one of their parents, and they were connected through Kiritsugu.

Kiritsugu managed to cry himself to sleep after a while. His anguish over the rapidly declining with Shirou, who had even healed him for a while, had caused him to shed even more tears.


Shirou was currently working his *ss off. As a 10-year-old, and even as a , he had never experienced such blue- work. Despite his physical ability, the sheer size of the , combined with his of Prana, meant that he had to rest every now and then.

He did not know whether time would continue to flow while he was inside here, so he had to hurry up and complete it as soon as possible.

Except… the work seemed never-ending. Even working OT at his office would have been better than this.

Even worse, there was no help at all. In fact, sometimes, the would crumble a bit by itself, making him work even harder.

to the time in the DS system, at least a month had passed since he had entered.

He had restored just about 15 , so there was only another 20 left. If he continued working at such a rate, then he would finish in a bit more than a month.

Thankfully, he could use the Mana that Sakura naturally absorbed and replenish his own Prana. If not, he had no idea how long it would take for him to obtain enough Prana from his Od.

He wasn't even able to train his body at all, since he wasn't in his own physical body. Also, since he was in Sakura's soul, he couldn't practice his Magecraft either.

After completing another , Shirou sat down for a rest. He Projected a sword and started practicing his swordsmanship.

He had actually traced a lot of swords within that one year before the attack on the Matous.

Using his structural analysis, he had scanned through all the swords within his Unlimited Works, and tried to match them with the Swordsmanship styles he had learnt.

By using his ability to remove and his mastery of different styles, he was able to create many swords that would fit a certain aspect. Some were meant to be swung very fast, while others were slow but heavy.

Excalibur had been the only weapon that he had fully projected from nothing. Thanks to Avalon's with his , he had come to be able to project Excalibur and Caliburn.

He had also traced Avalon itself, which helped tremendously in his making of other Quasi-Holy Swords.

Right now, the sword he was using was Byakuya. It was a dark sword, which embodied Byakuya's hate towards his brother Kariya and his 'father' Zouken.

Byakuya was actually extremely weak. He hadn't been taught anything at all by Zouken, and he also didn't have very many Magic Circuits. In fact, he didn't even have enough to sustain a Servant.

Therefore, the darkness emanating from it was not strong enough to dominate Shirou's mind.

The sword itself was coloured in , and the was crooked, probably representing Byakuya's personality.

The sharpness was , and overall, as a sword, its was very limited.

However, the use of the sword came in the aura that it released. By it, the aura could cause hate and despair in all those exposed to it.

This would provoke them to break down or rash. After that, it would be a simple task to overwhelm them with Shirou's mastery of his styles.

Although no-one could match him anyway, it would be a good strategy when facing large amounts of enemies while conserving his strength.

As for Zouken's sword… it was so warped that Shirou didn't have enough courage to touch it, despite his lust for a challenge.

Just looking at it made him feel nauseous. It was unlike any other sword he had seen. The handle was… wormlike, and actually looked slimy.

The was even worse. It was more of a whip than a , and kind of looked like Fueguchi 1.

After a while, Shirou sensed that his Prana had enough, so he dispersed Byakuya and continued with his tiresome job.

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