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Chapter 15 : Matou Decimation (2)

Transmigrator Receives a Dating Sim System

Blood sprayed everywhere and covered the insides of the Matou residence. Some of the bodies were missing limbs, and some were missing other parts.

The culprit of all of this was currently walking down the hallway, looking like a complete demon.

His beautiful golden swords were now bathed in the red glow of blood, as if they had turned from Holy Swords to Demon Swords.

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Shirou did not stop walking. Even when the Matou Magi threw themselves at him, he did not stop. His hands were constantly whirling, chopping down person after person.

All of this was done by a 9-year-old kid. This kind of absurdity could only be seen in a world like this, where the talented were on top, and the were

Shirou was getting tired. Not physically tired, but tired of the endless waves. It would be more appropriate to call the current combat a reaping of wheat, since his enemies did not pose a threat at all.

Even the most diligent farmer would get tired of harvesting their wheat. For Shirou, he was tired of harvesting lives. More like, he was bored. He wanted a challenge.

A battle where he would need to go all out. Right now, it was no longer about saving Sakura. It was about his thirst for battle.

It had unknowingly awoken within him at a point in time. Around the time when he surpassed Kiritsugu in hand to hand combat, he found that there was nothing else to do. There was no challenge in anything anymore.

His enjoyment in getting stronger had somehow been with the boredom and monotony of grinding stats.

Even if he thought about it as necessary to save Sakura, there was always the nagging thought that nothing posed a challenge to him anymore.

He had started killing as a result. The rest is already history.

Shirou finally made it to the top of the The path behind him had been painted with blood and remains; truly hell on Earth.

Yet, the main target was not located here. He was in the basement, along with his worms.

Along with Sakura. And a challenge for Shirou.

Shirou made his way back down the Trudging along, with the squeaking and squelching of blood under his shoes, by the time he made it to the ground level, Kiritsugu was there already.

"Shi-Shirou? What happened to you?"

"Nothing happened, this isn't my blood."

"Isn't your blood? Wait… are you the one who attacked the Matous?"

"As you can see…"

Shirou acted with a fake pompousness, bowing in from of Kiritsugu and indicating with his hand towards the blood and body parts.

His Excaliburs had been dispersed, since they were of no use anymore. It would also probably scare Kiritsugu if he saw two of them at once being held by his son.

"Th-This is… you did this?"

"Is it so hard to believe? You know full well what I'm capable of."

"True… but all by yourself… at your age…"

"Don't worry about it. Anyway, come with me. We need to save someone."

"Save someone? Who would you want to save from a like this?"

"Just follow me."

Shirou and Kiritsugu made their way in silence towards the entrance of the basement.

Located in a secret passage in Byakuya's office, the path had already been opened.

Zouken most probably wanted to ensure that Sakura wouldn't be saved. After all, she was the of his entire life's work.

"How did you know this was here?"

"Which Magus wouldn't have a secret basement?"

"You really don't act like a child, do you?"

Being ignored, Kiritsugu could only follow, once again in silence.

Descending the stone steps, the sight of a worm pit filled the of Kiritsugu and Shirou.

In the middle of the pit was a small girl with purple hair, the target of Shirou's rescue.

Standing on the other end of the was a hunched figure.


Said Shirou, seething with anger. Although they had absolutely no , Shirou could still feel the inherent evil within him.

Even his Prana had a darker tone to it compared to normal Prana.

"Emiya Shirou, Emiya Kiritsugu. , to your graveyard."

"Z-Zouken? Who is that girl?"

"That girl? Hmm, she's a lot of things. My hope for the future, my adopted granddaughter, the younger sister of the of the Tohsaka family, the future Grail, and the future Lesser Grail?"

"L-Lesser Grail? But that's the Einzberns' job!"

"I know. So what? If I have my own Lesser Grail, then I can make the Makiri's Holy Grail! With that, I can reach the Root!"

"How stupid! The Grail has already been corrupted! There is no way to reach the Root anymore!"

"Now, now don't be so sure."

"Would you like to take a peek? At what I've already achieved so far?"

Saying so, Zouken's body separated into numerous worms, before itself in another

Kiritsugu, despite his extensive experience, still had to grit his teeth at such a sight. It was simply too disgusting.

"Well? How do you like it?"

Shirou chose this moment to butt in.

"Enough chit-chat! Let's get down to business. The business of killing you!"

"Oh my, what a bold statement. Do you really think you can do it after seeing my ;

"Oh, I'm sure I can."

"Then go ahead! I'm looking forward to seeing what you can achieve. Hehehehe… MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Shirou whispered under his breath, "You asked for it…"

"I am the bone of my sword.

Victory is my body and is my blood.

I have created over a thousand

Unknown to weakness,

Nor known to struggle.

Withstood countless battles undefeated.

I have no regrets. The world shall bow before me.

So as I pray, Unlimited Works!"

The for Unlimited Works had been altered to match his mentality. Seeking more and more battle, conquest and challenges.

As soon as the finished, the entire basement turned from the worm pit to a serene field with swords sticking out.

"Th-This is… a Reality Marble? How can someone so young do such a thing?!"

"Would I be prepared to face you with anything less? Now, come! Face my wrath!"

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