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'Hehe… this is exactly what the saving and loading is for.'

After making a save file, Shirou lunged at Shinji without a moment's

"Hey wha – uwah, hey, stop! Stop!"

Shirou ignored Shinji's protests, continuously landing punch after punch on Shinji's body. With his strength of 14 grown men, every punch would break a bone. However, he made sure not to kill him, since he himself didn't know how he would react to something like that.

However, Shirou was still not satisfied. Shinji had long been knocked , so most of the pain of bones breaking was unregistered.

Therefore, Shirou applied his Healing Magecraft on Shinji. Since Shinji was as a Magus, there was no chance of him finding out that Shirou was using Magecraft. Not that Shirou on letting him leave like that.

The cycle continued for a minute at most, before the surroundings started reacting. Hiro had already backed away from Shirou, wondering in at his friend's sudden outbreak.

"Shi-Shirou? Wha-What are you doing?"

Shirou did not bother to answer. After all, this 'reality' was going to stop very soon.

After about the 20th time Shinji had all of his bones broken, the police came in.

And as soon as they did, Shirou loaded his save file.


Savefile 1



At once, Hiro was again next to Shirou, and Shinji was opposite them.

Breathing out a huge sigh to release his , Shirou regained his smile.

"Who are you?"

Yet his voice was as cold as ever. Thanks to Shirou's and Charisma stat, his voice sounded like hell on Earth for Shinji.

"Hiiii! N-Nothing at all!"

At that moment, a -suited man stepped into the arcade. In Shirou's , he could see that the man was a Magus, or at least, he had been in contact with one.

Well, it was to be expected, since the Matous were once strong Magi.

However, the problem lay in who was the bodyguard.

A small girl with purple hair that reached her shoulders, she gave off a faint Prana aura to that of Rin.


Indeed, it seemed like Sakura had come along with her brother to the arcade.

"Nii-san, what's wrong?"

"N-Nothing! Absolutely nothing is wrong! This mere commoner can't threaten me!"

"Young Master, what did you do this time?"

"What! I didn't do anything at all!"

"Young lad over there, I'm terribly sorry for all the trouble that he's caused."

"Like I said, I haven't done anything!"

Shirou was starting to feel sorry for Shinji right now. However, no matter how sorry he felt, there was no changing the fact that Shinji had to be dealt with.

It just meant that there were other ways that Shirou was willing to try out. For example, instead of killing him, he could take him in as an underling, or change his

With the DS system, there was every possibility of that happening. If Shirou ever made a bad mistake, he could just redo it.

However, he still wanted to limit himself from doing so. Constantly breaking the rules of the world was not a good thing to do.

Yet, as he was ruminating about these things, another person came along into the arcade.

She had hair that was tied up into twintails, and she was wearing a red jumper.

'Rin! Is this gathering a coincidence, or something else?'

Shirou did not have time to ponder, since Rin was calling out to him.

"Shirou! Fancy seeing you here."

Meanwhile, Shinji's mouth was practically on the floor. As both Rin and Shinji came from Magi families, it was that they had contact with each other.

Ever since the first time Shinji saw Rin, he had fallen in love. At every opportunity, he had tried to make sure to leave a good on her. , he was without a DS system and the maturity of an adult.

His of 'good ; was to some games with her.

Therefore, it wasn't surprising that Rin preferred Shirou over him. Even in the original, without the DS system, Rin had fallen to Shirou.

Naturally, Shinji did not this. He looked at Shirou with hate in his eyes, as if he was looking at his natural enemy.

When Shirou saw this, he knew that all the in his head had just flown away.

There was absolutely no way Shinji would listen to him anymore after this.

'Damn Rin! Can't you show up a bit later?'

Yet, what's done was done. Shinji now hated Shirou despite not even talking to him, Rin was utterly confused, and Hiro was quietly nudging Shirou's ribs in a teasing way.

"Wow, did you quit school to be with that girl? That's so bold!"

"Hey, stop that! I wouldn't quit school for someone like her."

"Ah, what if she heard you!"

"Who cares."

Shirou was thankful for Hiro's existence. If he was by himself, then the would have been so tense that a single movement might cause an

Naturally, only in Shirou's view. Rin and Sakura had no idea what was going on, and Shinji simply hated Shirou. Without knowledge of their future selves, they had no idea that a gathering like this in another 10 years would lead to an all-out fight.

Right now, none of the people present could pose much threat to Shirou. However, the existences backing them, like the Tohsaka family and the Matou family, could crush him like an ant. Not even Kiritsugu would be able to fight back – at least, not in his weakened state.

None of them moved. They all stayed staring at each other until one of the arcade staff told them to vacate the area. After all, they were taking up the space of all the most games.

Now outside of the arcade, the three groups quickly parted ways. There was nothing else for Shirou and Hiro to do, and Shinji's mood had been dampened.

Rin apparently was just taking a stroll, so she was in the same case as Shirou.

"Thanks for today, Hiro. I had a ton of fun."

"Hahaha, don't sweat it! I had fun as well. Let's go again some other time?"

"Yeah, sure! I need to head home now. My old man is really strict about it."

"Jeez, you sure are unlucky. Anyway, see you around!"

The two parted ways, and Shirou headed back to the Emiya residence.

However, unknown to the both of them, a hunched shadow could be seen in a certain alleyway, watching their every movement…

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