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The rest of the day passed by in the blink of an eye. Apart from the slightly noteworthy Japanese Literature , the rest were just as boring as the others.

By the end of the school day, his Academics had miraculously increased by 1. Even if he didn't actually learn anything, his DS system would still increase his stats.

Kiritsugu was waiting outside the school. He seemed like he was having fun chatting with the other parents, so Shirou decided to wait a little bit.

"Shirou-kun, aren't you going home?"

"I'm waiting for my old man."

"Want me to wait with you?"

"No need, he's just over there chatting with some other parents."

"Ah, that's my Kaa-san! Come on, I'll introduce you."

Hiro grabbed Shirou's hand despite his reluctance and dragged him over to Kiritsugu.

"Kaa-san, Kaa-san, this is Shirou-kun, my new friend!"

"Ara, ara. Hiro-chan, where are your manners?"

"Ah, sorry, sorry. Hello, Uncle."

With a gentle smile, Kiritsugu nodded at Hiro and turned towards Shirou.

"Shirou, this is Takahashi-san."


A. Hello, old hag.

B. Hello, Auntie.

C. Hello, Takahashi-neesan.]

"Nice to meet you, Takahashi-neesan."

"Ara, ara, what a glib tongue at such a young age. I'm sure he takes after you, Emiya-san."

[*Ding* Favourability with Takahashi Miyuki increased to 25 points.]

Shirou wanted to dig a hole and hide in it. Not only did he get of being a womanizer, she was even flirting with Kiritsugu. She fit the of a 'manizer' to a tee. It's a shame that such a word did not exist.

He could kind of see why Hiro was so good at socializing.

Kiritsugu was evidently feeling the same way and could only let out an awkward chuckle.

Despite his personality, Kiritsugu was actually a widower. Although he did betray Irisviel in the Fourth Holy Grail War, he did so because he wanted to achieve his ideals, not because he didn't love her. Even now, Kiritsugu was dying to meet Illya, yet the Einzberns had forbidden it as punishment for his failure.

Against such a man, there was little that anyone could do to sway him in terms of romance.

"Ah, well we better get home. It was nice meeting you, Takahashi-san."

"Hmm, likewise, Emiya-san. See you later."

With that, Kiritsugu and Shirou got onto their car and sped off.

"Shirou, there's someone I want you to meet when we get home."

'So this is where Taiga makes an entrance?'

"Her name's Fujimura Taiga. She's a student of mine, and her grandfather is an acquaintance."


"You don't seem too pleased to hear about her."

"Let me meet her first."

"Alright then."

Shirou knew what type of person Fujimura Taiga was. She and Shirou would get off to a bad start, presumably because she had a crush on Kiritsugu. To the teenage her, Shirou would be a contender for Kiritsugu's

Of course, Shirou also knew why Kiritsugu doted on Taiga. She reminded him of his first love, Shirley, who became a vampire when he was young; before he became a magus.

As for how Shirou and Taiga would make up and change their to that of the one in the anime, the current Shirou had no idea. However, he had the DS system, and he was sure that he would be able to change her of him given time.


The roaring of the engine died down as Kiritsugu and Shirou reached their , the Emiya residence.

Stepping out of the car, Shirou could immediately feel an intense gaze land upon his body, as if it was scanning him inside and out.

Shirou had a pretty good idea about who it was.

And as if to prove his guess correct, a young girl with red hair tied into a ponytail and wearing the Homurahara Academy uniform appeared from the entrance of the

"Kiritsugu-san! back."

"Un, I'm back, Taiga."

Kiritsugu reached his hand out to ruffle her hair. Her eyes squinted slightly as she basked in the comfort of the warm hand.

Suddenly, as if something within her had snapped, she stopped all of her 'cute' and went into a hostile stance.

"Kiritsugu-san, who is this?"

As if he was prepared for such a , Kiritsugu quickly stepped in between Shirou and Taiga, attempting to pacify her.

"Calm down, Taiga. This is my son, Shirou."

"Your son?! But I thought you…"

"Ah, he's adopted."

'Hey, is that really something you should be saying in front of me?'

Kiritsugu noticed his lack of tact and could only smile apologetically at Shirou when he turned around to look at him.

To his surprise, Shirou did not show any response at all, as if his words had not been said at all.

Kiritsugu thought, 'This kid is pretty mature.'

Meanwhile, Taiga was trying to engage Shirou in a staring contest. This '; and immature side of her would remain even 10 years later.

"Just so you know, I won't acknowledge you unless you compete with me in kendo!"


A. Bring it on! I, your grandfather, will show you who's boss!

B. No thanks, I don't really need your acknowledgement.

C. Sure, let's go then!]

If this was a normal dating sim, then the correct answer would have been C. After that, the protagonist would get beaten up badly, and would get trained by Taiga. However, Shirou was feeling a little cheeky.

"No thanks, I don't really need your acknowledgement."

Both Kiritsugu and Taiga were taken aback. Kiritsugu because of the change in personality, and Taiga because she thought he was too

However, unknown to Taiga, a rang within Shirou's mind, telling him that her favourability had risen.

"Hmph! I won't let you inside until you fight me!"

Both Shirou and Taiga looked towards Kiritsugu, as if to say, 'What are you going to do? Whose side are you going to take?'

"Uh… why don't we all go inside for now? We can discuss the challenge… a bit later."

Although dissatisfied, Taiga could only follow Kiritsugu's 'command'. As for Shirou, the turned out in his favour, so there was no comment from him.

Taiga took a quick back at Shirou and at him, before she turned around and went into the

Kiritsugu sighed a breath of relief, before he wiped the visible sweatdrops from his forehead. Although he was a Mage and could kill either of them with ease, they were his 'family', and there was no way he would hurt them.

His brutal past of and killing was now behind him, and he wanted to live the rest of his life in peace and comfort. Even if it meant quarrels between his 'family' members.

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