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The next day, Shirou was informed of his new school, Yatsushirodai Elementary. This elementary school was located just outside of Fuyuki and was where all the rich people would send their children.

Shirou couldn't say that he was excited. With 25 points in his Academics stat, there was no way that 3rd grade elementary was going to provide him with any extra knowledge. If it weren't for the fact that going to school was considered the normal thing to do and would increase his Academics, he would have just stayed at home and exercised.

In the morning, just after he woke up, he had selected the 'morning exercise at home'. His body moved by itself, moving into a pattern of exercises. While doing so, Shirou lost all sense of time as he devoted himself to the training.

In the end, he had done around two hours of calisthenics, and increased his Physical ability from 5 to 9. The effect was not very , but Shirou could feel that he was a little bit stronger in every aspect.

That was one of the good thing about the DS system. By simply having a stat called Physical ability, every single part of the body would be strengthened, from reflexes to the bones themselves.

Since Shirou's DS system would not taper off increases in stats, Shirou was sure that he would gain two points in Physical ability for every hour that he exercised.

If this was the case, then perhaps staying at home and exercising for 8 hours a day would be the best

However, not to the number of calories required to even do that, any child who would do such a thing would be considered abnormal.

That was the one thing that Shirou wanted to avoid at all costs. His change in personality went unnoticed, thankfully, since no-one who knew him before the fire was still alive. From now on, the of his half would take over the immaturity of the little boy half.

After his exercise, Shirou went ahead and prepared breakfast. Cooking was a branch-off ability of the Art stat, so Shirou's cooking was to any other independent adult.

In Emiya-san Chi no Kyou no Gohan, the original Shirou would work hard when cooking to try and garner praise from Kiritsugu. That was why he put so much effort into his cooking.

The current Shirou was simply doing it because he needed proper nutrients for his body to grow. After all, by simply growing up, his Physical ability would also increase.

"Something smells ;

"Hey, time to eat, old man!"

The two sat down at the dining table in a seiza The food that Shirou had made was a western style breakfast, with and eggs, as well as some octopus sausages and a piece of toast.

"Did you make this?"

"Yes, I did."

"Hee~, good job! Alright, shall we partake, then?"

"Un! Itadakimasu!"

The two dug into their meal with fervour. The eggs were soft and fluffy, the was browned yet not , and the sausages would burst with juices as soon as they were bitten.

Kiritsugu looked up from his , before nodding twice and saying,

"This is good. You're something else, Shirou. I can't believe you can cook this well."

"No, I've got a long way to go."

"Well, take it easy, Shirou! You're still in elementary school after all."


After that, the two ate in silence. Although it seemed like they were cold and , there was something a warm and fluffy atmosphere surrounding the entire living room.

The two finished their breakfast, and Shirou went back to his room to get ready for school. Kiritsugu would be him on the way there every day.

Since the elementary school was actually just outside of Fuyuki City, Kiritsugu would have to drive Shirou to school. The scenery that they passed was less than magnificent. Since the city had recently been drowned in fire, the repair work had only just started. Every crumbled building that they drove past reminded Shirou of his luck in receiving a new life.

Shirou was determined to make the most of this chance that the heavens had given him, even if it meant going against the entire world.

, he was only 8 years old, so any talk about dominating the entire world was nothing but a fantasy. For now, at least.

Thanks to Kiritsugu, Shirou had been into the best in the 3rd grade, 3-A. The was reserved only for the top of the first two grades, but to Shirou, it was all child's

Kiritsugu's car stopped as it reached its The elementary school was just like any other. It had a large main building where all the were, and just behind that was a and a large, green oval.

Since it was morning, and everyone was still making their way towards the school, Kiritsugu had some difficulty trying to manoeuvre his way around the students.

Luckily, he found a parking space just within the gate of the school, and Shirou was finally able to get off.

Ignoring the looks of wonder and that the other students were giving him, Shirou made his way towards the staff office. Today was his first day, yet it was already in the middle of the year. All the friendship groups or cliques have already been formed, so most of the students realized that Shirou was new.

As a new student, Shirou had to go through multiple procedures. First, he needed to hand in the for his transfer. Next, he had to pick up the books that he would need for , then finally, introduce himself to the

None of these were too hard, since Kiritsugu had already done the first two for him. And so, came time for his

"Eeh, we have a new student joining our today. He is a victim of the Fuyuki City fire, so please be gentle with him. Emiya-kun, come in."

The students in 3-A had their eyes glued to Shirou. His red hair and his amber eyes caught the of many of the females in the , while the males were blinded by his 'innocent' aura.

Thus, Shirou became the hottest topic in the entire without even saying a single word. Later, the students in the would gossip about it and the entire school would come to know about his existence.

"My name is Emiya Shirou. It's nice to meet you all."

(A/N: Emiya Shirou desu. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.)

The first two subjects… were boring as hell. Not to his 25 points in Academics, even the Shirou before the Fuyuki City incident would have found it boring. As such, instead of paying to , Shirou was actually browsing through his DS system.

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