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Chapter 2 : Emiya Residence

Transmigrator Receives a Dating Sim System

Shirou was still in his when he heard the voice of the man who had saved him days ago.

"Yes, I see. Thank you."

Walking over to Shirou's bed, the man stared straight into Shirou's eyes.

"Hello. You must be Shirou. Well, I suppose I'll come right out and ask you which you would prefer: being sent off to an orphanage or being taken in by a man that you just met."

Surprise was evident on Shirou's face. Not because of Kiritsugu's offer, but because of the dating sim system in his head.


A. The orphanage sounds better than living with someone like you.

B. Give me some more time to think about it.

C. Point at Kiritsugu.]

The system in Shirou's had finally reacted. Disregarding the ridiculousness of the '; answers, Shirou was overjoyed.

Naturally, since this was the first Shirou had after getting the system, his worries were unwarranted.

Despite that, the fact that the had appeared meant that the other parts of the DS system would also appear one after another.

And appear they did. The first to come up was his stats.

[Academics: 25

Physical ability: 5

Art: 10

Music: 5

: 15

Charisma: 15]

The average level of a normal adult was around 10. Shirou's memories of his past life had greatly increased his academic ability. As for the music… Shirou had never really been interested in stuff like that.

Next came the that he could take using the system. There were a multitude of them, ranging from exercising to studying. There was also singing, which could increase his Music stat; Shirou thought that it was useless though.

Soon, Shirou realized that he had been thinking for too long. No matter how hesitant a little kid could be, there was no way one would be able to and process all the possibilities of their choice.

Therefore, Shirou hurriedly chose the third , and raised his hand to point at Kiritsugu.

Immediately after, Kiritsugu's mouth broke into a bright smile.

"I'm Then let's get you dressed right away. You need to get to your new home as soon as possible."

He set his briefcase down and proceeded to take out some clothes.

"Oh, I to something you should know. I have to tell you an extremely important fact. Ready? You see, Shirou… I am a Mage."

Kiritsugu turned around… and Shirou felt like his lifeless eyes pierced right into his soul. Although Shirou did not have much experience in life, he could tell that those eyes had suffered. That Kiritsugu had sacrificed a lot to reach where he was now.

Watching the anime did not have the same impact as seeing it in real life. Shirou was starting to understand why the original Shirou would end up following Kiritsugu's ideals; because they were backed by the suffering that both had experienced in this tumultuous time in their lives.

However, this Shirou was not someone who would follow that path. Having knowledge of the future, he already knew that he would end up as ;s Counter-Guardian and then eventually an Archer Heroic Spirit.

No, Shirou would do what he wanted, and protect those that he wanted to protect. After all, there was no such thing as saving everyone in any world. Even if you manage to save one, then another one will die in some other

There is only one way that humans can do to change that fact. Yet… that thing capable of achieving such a feat had been corrupted by Angra Mainyu and needed to be destroyed.

There was no point in saying anything more. After confirming that Shirou had received his message, Kiritsugu left the ward to sign the discharge papers. Shirou himself started getting changed.

The clothes that Kiritsugu provided were , much like his Shirou's red hair provided enough contrast to it that he actually looked cool.

Shirou did not have any personal effects. Putting aside the fact that he was a child, there was no way any of his belongings could have survived the that hit the city.

As such, the discharge procedure was completed rapidly. Shirou followed Kiritsugu out of the hospital, and into a nearby taxi.

The taxi sped through traffic as it approached the northern end of Miyama town. The northern side of Miyama town was famous for its Japanese homes.

Even within the old style of Miyama, the Emiya residence is of a rare style, and it can be considered a rare example of architectural history. Though it was large and unused, its history made meant that it was never torn down even in its and having taken up a large amount of space in an area of civic

The residence has a very old storehouse built on the edge of the yard, which utilizes a key cast in an ancient style far different from the modern cylindrical kind utilized in the rest of the estate. There was also a specialized kendo dojo, as well as a living room and several guest and main bedrooms.

Arriving at their , the Kiritsugu and Shirou alighted from the taxi and retrieved their minimal luggage.

"Shirou, this is your new home. How is it?"


A. It's too old.

B. I don't really care.

C. It's really big.]

"It's very big… much bigger than my old home!"

Hesitance could be seen on Kiritsugu's face. While he was that Shirou didn't seem to dislike the Emiya residence, he thought that Shirou was still traumatized from losing his own home.

As such, it took a while for Kiritsugu to form a coherent response.

"I-I see… I'm you like it."

Shirou, however, was more focused on his DS system rather than Kiritsugu's response.

Upon stepping inside the Emiya residence's Barrier, his system had prompted him, asking if he wanted to set the Emiya residence as his home. Setting it as his home would allow him to do all the 'at home' , and Shirou was looking forward to seeing what he could do.

Instantly, a top-down view of the entire residence appeared as a 'gallery picture' within his system.

The living room was located right next to the entrance, and the kitchen was connected to it as well. To the left of the residence were the guest rooms, including the one that Rin would use in 10 years' time. To the north-east of the property was the kendo dojo, and the storehouse was in the north-western corner. Shirou's room was the western most room in the residence.

After Kiritsugu helped Shirou to settle down in his new room, the two had a short chat in the living room.

"Shirou, would you like to go to school again?"

Right now, Shirou was 10 years younger than when the Fate/Stay Night story would begin. That meant that he was actually 8 years old, and in the 3rd grade of elementary school.


A. I don't want to go to school.

B. Can't you just home-school me?

C. I'd like to go to school.]

Ideally, Shirou would have preferred not going to school since his Academics stats already far exceeds a normal adult's, but in order to not arouse , he had to reply like any other child would.

Home-schooling was also an , but Shirou realized that the 'go to school' would increase his Academics stat. Right now, any increase in statistics was something that Shirou had to over his own personal preferences.

"Un! Thanks, old man!"

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