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'It hurts, it hurts, it hurts!'

This single washed over him like a tidal wave.

More pain.

The continued until he could no longer bare it, as his faded into darkness…

When he opened his eyes again, what greeted him was a sea of fire.

Crumbled buildings, fiery ashes. There was only one word to describe his surroundings; Hell.

The young boy stood up from his to-be grave and started stumbling around aimlessly. His young and underdeveloped body faltered, and he fell back down.

This time, there was no will left in him to get back up. He simply lay there, waiting for the last wisp of his breath to leave his body.

Yet before it could happen, a voice called out to him.

"He's alive… thank god! He's alive! Thank you… thank you!"

The voice sobbed as if it had found a purpose to its existence. As if his entire being was destined only to save this little boy.

The little boy looked up with his lifeless eyes and saw an unkempt middle-aged man, wearing a tie and while sobbing his eyes out.

"I'm so I found you… I'm so I found someone… I have been saved…"

He had tears in his eyes from finding someone still alive. He was happy from the bottom of his heart. He looked so happy that it seemed like him, not the little boy, who had been saved.

Even though the boy was on the brink of death, the man was so grateful that it would make anyone jealous.

The man firmly believed that by saving even one person, he had saved himself.

The last thing the boy could remember before he passed out again was the feeling of warmth his ice-cold body as he was bathed in a golden light.


'Where… where am I?'

The boy opened his eyes as his returned to him.

Bright, white lights flooded his and the faint smell of antiseptic seeped into his nose.

The hospital he was currently residing at had countless other children like himself.

He, just like the others who had survived the fiery hell a few days ago, was regarded as a mere statistic.

Just another orphan that had resulted from the Fuyuki City incident.

However, deep inside, the boy knew that the fire had changed something within him. He had memories. Memories that didn't belong to him.

Whose memories were they? Will his personality be changed because of them? Is he still himself?

These him to no end. They did not stop until he felt something tugging at his

Knowing that giving in would give him the answers he sought, he did not even hesitate for a

The next thing he knew, he was in a barren with a few swords sticking out from the ground.

Opposite him was a middle-aged man wearing a suit. He was the epitome of normalcy. A normal face, a normal figure, a normal life.

Yet his eyes contained something… different. An excitement that shouldn't exist.

"W-Who are you?"

"I am you."

"T-Then who am I?"

"You are me."

The boy did not understand. How can this man be him, and how can he be the man?

"There is no you or me anymore, there is only US. The two of us combined form the being known as Shirou."

'Shirou… is that my name?'

"It is OUR name. Now, come. Let us whole again."

There was no resistance. No, perhaps 'resistance was impossible' would be more fitting.

Like a hole, the man sucked the boy's into himself before their turned dark again.


Shirou awoke with a jolt. The events that had just happened almost seemed like… a dream. Yet he knew it was anything but.

His surroundings seemed familiar, but at the same time… different. As if he wasn't here just a moment ago.

That was when his 'memories' came rushing out of the void.

His 'other half' was a 36-year-old living in the Japan of a parallel world. In that world, there existed things called anime and manga.

What surprised Shirou was the fact that there was a story that involved himself. With this knowledge… he would be able to 'see' the future!

Yet that future was another 10 years away. These 10 years needed to be put to good use. To train his Magic Circuits to the point of absolute power.

And then finally, when the Holy Grail war was won, he would be able to the True Magic that every Magus dreams of.

At the same time, his 'memories' were not the only thing that appeared. There was also something that was commonly known as a 'system' that had suddenly activated in his head.

to the , this system was from a novel called 'NEET receives a Dating Sim System', and resembled generic dating sim interfaces.

The statistics were exactly the same; Academics, Physical ability, Art, Music, and Charisma. The saving and loading feature, as well as the favourability and also existed.

Except, Shirou's system was much more powerful. The 'activities' that could be executed provided increases to his stats that did not taper off. In the original novel, after reaching around 50 for his Physical ability, there was practically no way to increase it.

However, in Shirou's case, just by repeating the same over and over again, it would increase his statistics by the same amount.

Yet how did he receive such a system? to his memories, it had been given to him when he reincarnated. But who would be able to create something like this?

Was it Gaia or Or was it some other deity altogether? Instead of answering his , the new memories only served to create more.

Now was not the time to ponder about such things. There would be 10 years to ponder over it before he would get involved in the Holy Grail War after all.

What was important now was getting stronger. Although Shirou's knowledge about the Heaven's Feel route was pitiable, there was no mistaking the suffering that Sakura went through during pretty much all of her life.

Shirou wanted to save her, much like how Kiritsugu had saved him. How much of this was the little boy's or the ;s, only Shirou could know.

However, it was certain that he would work towards the goal of saving Sakura. The only way to do that would be to get stronger than the leader of the Matou family, Matou Zouken.

Shirou grit his teeth at the thought of him. As if his own grandson to be inadequate as a sorcerer was not enough, he even had to soil the daughter of the Tohsaka family with his worms.

And the way that those 'worms' feed… is so disgusting that it's better to be left unsaid.

Luckily, Zouken had only just started Sakura's torture, and Shirou vowed that he would save her before she could Angra Mainyu's vessel.

The only thing left to decide was how…

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