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Chapter 20 : Intermission: Making Wishes, Granting Wishes.

Tyler's Journey to the Apex (Multi x Crossover Fanfiction)

--Universe 0--

of identical looking people were gathering in the atmosphere around an earth sized like some kind of insect swarm…

These were naturally some of Tyler's avatars that were sent to retrieve the Grail Pieces. The reason why they were all crowding around this is quite simple; The last of the 7 Grail Pieces was located on it.

The moment Tyler's avatars were alerted of the Grail Pieces and sent to find them, of "Tyler's" extended their senses throughout Universe 0 in search of them. Soon, they formed groups or maybe it would be better to call it swarms… and found piece after piece.

The first piece was already in their , so they didn't have to look for it. The piece was found on a with nothing but sand and … the was probably destroyed by the intelligent life forms that used to inhabit it, in some kind of nuclear war…

The third piece was found in a small star. The heat was, of course, unable to affect the Grail Shard nor Tyler in any way. The fourth piece was the trickiest. It was inside a massive hole… The chaotic laws of holes were very dangerous, even to God Realm cultivators. Of course, Tyler and his avatars were True Gods, but they were still somewhat affected. Two of Tyler's avatars got destroyed before the Shard was retrieved…

The fifth somehow became the core of a small moon and Tyler had to destroy it in order to get the Shard.

The sixth was found floating through space like the first, and the seventh was located on the Tyler's avatars were currently surrounding…

Now, one may ask why they haven't descended yet. The reason is simple, the earth like was inhabited by intelligent creatures that were remarkably to humans. It was the first time he had seen any humans in Universe 0, well if you didn't count the Otsutsuki as humans anyways… They were also surprisingly technologically advanced. There were cars, buildings made of concrete and bricks, roads, electricity, , even a and white TV and computers running something to MS-DOS(Fun fact: MS-DOS actually came from something called Q-DOS which was a clone of another operating system(I think it was Digital Research's "CP/M"). Q-DOS actually stood for "Quick and Dirty Operating System" so MS-DOS basically means "Microsoft Dirty Operating System" xD the more you know)… basically it was like the 90's in his first life…

The Tyler's were currently debating whether to peacefully take the last Grail Shard, stealthily snatch the 7th shard, or descend in swarms of avatars causing mass panic just for shits and giggles…

Eventually, they chose the shits and giggles The looks on the faces of the humans were priceless when suddenly of identical looking aliens appeared from the sky! Some immediately began to kneel and worship Tyler as a deity, which surprisingly allowed him to gather faith energy and further refine his understanding of Faith Law, even more panicked and anarchy ensued, others didn't really care and just went on with their lives, or maybe tried to delude themselves that none of this was real, trying to avoid the raid from anarchists and cult followers… Then there were the governments… All of them desperately tried to maintain order, some by war on the "alien invaders", others who wanted peace and thought this was just a misunderstanding tried to contact Tyler for talks and exchanges between their races… All this happened within 10 hours of Tyler's swarm's first appearance… and they hadn't even done anything other than floating in the sky…

It was baffling and at the same time. So much panic and change being caused just by his appearance… He stayed floating like this a little while longer, until he got bored and decided to state his reason for coming to their It was easy for him to telepathically speak straight to the minds of all the inhabitants on the

Tyler: "Hear me, inhabitants of this ! I have come to retrieve a certain object that has found its way onto your Bring it to us, and we shall leave. As a show of good faith, we will even put up a barrier around your to protect you from harmful outside influence until you are ready."

While talking, Tyler projected an image of the Grail Shard into the minds of every single intelligent creature on the Some of the cults that began to worship him naturally started their search right away. The governments that wanted peace did the same. Even those that wanted war started a search although it is whether they would actually hand the Shard over if they ever found it. Eventually, every single human was searching for the shard, even if some did so in a passive way, they would still notice the Shard if they ever saw it. A few hours later, Tyler was contacted by one of the governments, with the news that they had the Shard. One of the avatars separated from the swarm to retrieve the it. Everything went smoothly until some from a war mongering country launched some missiles at the of the … Naturally Tyler easily blocked them and contained the …

With a thought all the avatars present turned towards the offending country… and a torrent of beams were shot from their eyes, completely erasing that country and all its citizens, it with a giant crater from which lava was rising… Tyler hoped they would be smarter next time and wished them better luck in their next lives.

Now, he was done here, but before leaving he left a few words of advice;

Tyler: "You are insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Remember that. It would do you good to discard your arrogance until you can back it up. Your is but a pebble at the bottom of a big pond. Only by working together will you ever achieve anything significant. We have seen intelligent beings just like you erased, time and time again, by their own foolish infighting. If your is just a pebble, then what are your laughable countries? Flecks of dust? Or maybe grains of sand?"

With that, the Tyler swarm truly left, but not before putting up a barrier to keep powerful hostile beings out.

Finally, they had gathered all of the Grail Shards. They found a quiet moon devoid of life and all of the golden shards together. The Tyler that found the first shard was at their forefront, acting as the leader. Seeing as nothing was happening, Tyler got impatient…

Tyler: "Why isn't it working? Could it be that there is really some kind of I have to chant in order to get my wish granted like with the dragon balls?"

As he was murmuring to himself (literally) one of the other Tylers spoke up;

Tyler(2?): "Didn't your blood get absorbed by the one star shard? Why not try to smear some more blood onto them? It's worth a shot don't you think?"

All the Tylers present suddenly had a look of

Tyler: "That's brilliant! I'm brilliant to have thought of that!" Tyler complimented himself, because well, they were basically all the same and would probably thought of this eventually…

Tyler stepped forward and cut his wrist, pouring blood onto the 7 Grail Shards. Nothing happened for a moment, before all the shards suddenly started to glow in a golden color, sucking up the blood that was on them, and floating, piecing themselves together, back into the form of the Holy Grail, but with (1+2+3+4+5+6+7) 28 orange glowing stars moving randomly all over its surface. Suddenly a powerful voice was heard;

Grail?: "Thank you, for finding all of my pieces and putting them back together with your blood as a catalyst, I shall henceforth be bound to you, and serve you, as my Master."

Tyler could not make out a gender from the voice, not that he expected one, after all a Grail is an object without a gender…

Grail?: "As thanks for repairing me, I shall grant you 3 wishes that are within my power right now. Speak; what are thy wishes?"

Tyler(avatar) thought for a moment, before making the wishes he thought would be most beneficial to the original, as well as him and his fellow avatars;

Tyler: "For my first wish, I wish for the ability to perfectly control everything about my being, including my ! My wish shall be the ability to actualize my mindscape like a Reality Marble, bringing it to the real world, as well as it gaining the ability of the Gate of Babylon! As for my third wish… I wish for the ability to grant wishes!"

Grail?: "The first and wishes are easy! As for the third… It is doable, but I would need to fuse with your soul, and you will only be able to grant 1 wish every year unless you spend amounts of lifespan and energy. There are also other advantages to my fusing with your soul, such as gaining the ability to summon servants from the throne of heroes. But beware, I can only summon servants from I have been to, as I need to first establish a with the throne."

Although Tyler had some misgivings about having another sentient being in his mind after his experience with the System, this was different, as the two would truly fuse into one being unlike the System that was just attached to his soul.

Tyler: "That is fine. Come! Fuse with me, and we shall show myriad of worlds the true meaning of Miracles!"

After Tyler's bold , the Star Grail's glow intensified and took on an ethereal quality, it was there, yet not, it existed, yet it didn't. Suddenly the original Tyler's full was pulled into Tyler(leader avatar) started chanting in sync with what he now decided to call the "Star Grail";

Tyler & Star Grail: "Blood and Miracle shall fuse. Law and Chaos, witness this contract. The Heavens and Earths shall tremble. Barriers shattered. The gates of myriad Thrones, burst open, the Great Way is meaningless under the combined might. Wish, Wish, Wish, Wish, Wish, Wish, Wish. Repeat 28 times.

――― I announce. Heaven is beneath me, my fate(doom) is miraculous. In with the oath of the Star/Holy Grail, we abide by this , this reason, we shall answer. We shall judge all good and evil in the cosmos. We are the seven heavens, in 28 stars of power, we shall decide the fate of all worlds! Our eyes see through the chaos. Escaping the cage of madness. I am he who is unbound from all chains. ―――!"

The ethereal grail started fading more and more during the chant, being slowly absorbed into Tyler, until it was no longer visible. Suddenly, Tyler(in the body of the leader avatar) opened his eyes. The rinnesharingan on his forehead had changed. All the green tomoe had with golden orange stars. The rinnegan in the palms of his hands had also changed. The middle pupil had taken on the shape of a star, and it's original purple color had turned golden. He could also feel an increase in his strength as well as the growth of some like roots near his energy center that connected to his soul. If he had to guess, he likely got magic circuits after fusing with the Star Grail. Before he could marvel at his changes any further, the world started rumbling and shaking, thunder clouds appeared out of nowhere and a gigantic pressure was exerted on the moon they were on.

Tyler: "Hoh? The Heavens are ! The Earths/Nature are trembling and even the Great Way seems offended! HAHAHAHA this is ! I bet no one before me had angered this many powerful entities! Ah! What's this? They are even working together in order to get rid of me?! They were able to put their hatred aside in order to deal with a threat?! This, this is ridiculous!"

As Tyler saw his current wasn't good, he started sweating a little, but quickly. He activated his tainted tenseigan eyes and saw the death lines of his enemies. He decided to trap them in his new mindscape reality marble in order to prevent them from running away. A chant seemed to magically pop into his mind;

Tyler: "I am the seven heavens, miracle is my body and conquest is my blood.

I shall grant over a thousand wishes.

Unbeaten by Death, Eternal to Life.

Withstanding the Pain of Betrayal.

Escaping the Chains of Madness.

I pray for endless Miracles, Unlimited Miracle Works."

As soon as he finished his chant, the world changed. Golden light engulfed everything. As it subsided, Tyler's inner world became visible, but it was different. The of random things theme was still the same, but circling around the sun and moon were multiple golden stars and spinning wildly in the sky were giant rinnesharingan patterns that looked like the one on his forehead… He stood once again on a grassy field, to his right he could see the forest full of giant trees, a little further away the giant volcano with lava running down was still in , opposite to the volcano, the giant mountain of frozen ice and snow could be seen standing tall, the huge desert though, had turned into a gigantic ocean still with intimidating rain clouds hanging over it that would crackle with lightning. And last but not least there were still random things floating around as if there was no gravity.

The pressure from the three entities that came to attack him had also significantly lessened. This was his world after all. He was the one making the rules here.

Deciding it was time to act while they were still disoriented, Tyler flew towards Heaven with the speed of the seventh cosmic velocity, and directly cut one of its death lines. The Heavens screamed in rage and pain, launching a counter attack with its thunder.

Unfortunately for it, it had no effect on Tyler, in fact, he used his rinnegan to absorb the thunder's energy and grew stronger, launching yet another attack with a beam.

Hearing Heaven's scream made the Great Way and Earth/Nature focus on the battle once more. They launched a coordinated attack, Earth/Nature launched beams filled with deadly Life Laws that could cause one to age at an pace, and the Great Way attacked with very dense pure Heavenly/Natural Energy.

Tyler barely dodged their attacks when Heaven launched its thunder once more. Deciding that this couldn't go on, Tyler created a few thousand new avatars, as his ones were unfortunately either destroyed by the pressure, or left behind on the moon when he actualized his Reality Marble. Now that he had the advantage in numbers, the battle fell in his favor.

Naturally he knew that he would never be able to win against the real Heaven, Great Way or Earth/Nature, but he also knew, that they were unlikely to come in person, hence, what he was fighting were just their avatars, and in his inner world, they were cut off from their true selves and significantly weakened.

After what felt like days spent fighting, he had finally cornered the three entities and was about to deal the finishing blow when for the first time, he heard them speak;

Heaven: "Boy! You will regret this! I will never stand for this! I will hunt you down for as long as I draw breath!"

Great Way: "Hmph, you truly have guts to call me meaningless, when you have such great attainments in my path! Fine. I shall allow you this victory! But next time we meet, I will be !"

Tyler could tell that both the Great Way and Heaven were male by their voices.

Tyler: "Hmph! You dare boast, when you lay on the ground beaten! You truly have no shame! Not to , in here, you are cut off from your true selves! They will never know what transpired here!"

Heaven: "! Even if we are beaten, don't think we won't take you with us!"

As Heaven said this, he started to leak enormous amounts of energy. It seems he was detonating his heavenly core, hoping to take Tyler with him! Seeing this, the Great Way decided to join him, and decided to detonate his Only Earth/Nature, who hadn't spoken yet didn't do the same. Tyler was intrigued and looked at Earth/Nature saying;

Tyler: "You aren't going to do the same?"

For the first time since Earth/Nature's appearance, it spoke;

Earth/Nature: "No. There is no need. We have clearly lost. They are just being sore losers at this point. Not to , I didn't want to fight you since the beginning, but those two pressured me to join them."

Earth/Nature's voice was the beautiful voice of a woman. So it seems Earth/Nature was female this entire time…

Tyler: "Oh? You know I will destroy you along with them right? Don't you want to have a last stand at least?"

Earth/Nature: "It doesn't matter. I'm just an avatar anyways. If I cease to exist, the true self won't be affected."

Tyler: "Heh… That's a big no no… I can't have this battle be meaningless… Aha! I've got a good, no great idea!" Tyler said while having an evil look on his face…

He looked in Earth/Nature's and used his control over his mind to force her into her true appearance. A beautiful young woman with green hair and brown eyes appeared. Next he turned towards the rapidly expanding Heaven and Great Way, doing the same to them, revealing a blond haired man with blue eyes and a build, as well as a man with hair and silver eyes with lean muscles like a swimmer. He quickly pressured them to stop their energy flow and thus avoid their self- After that he turned back to Earth/Nature with a cruel smirk. Making her tremble…

Tyler: "You're perfect test subjects for the limits of my abilities… Let's see…"

Tyler's rinnesharingan started spinning rapidly, trapping Earth/Nature in a Tsukuyomi. There he spent of years in but a few , beating her into until her only thought was how she could please him best.

As soon as they left the Tsukuyomi she grovelled at his feet, begging to serve him. Heaven and the Great Way were naturally unsettled by this… fearing what would happen to them…

Looking each other in the eyes, they had an unspoken agreement and used a forbidden technique to fuse with each other's essence, destabilizing their existence and causing an the likes of which was rarely seen.

If it was in the real world, it would have been capable of causing the of an entire universe. However, it wasn't in a real world, but inside Tyler's powerful soul.

Although Tyler's soul was powerful, even it couldn't come out of such an attack unscathed. He found a quarter of his soul was Unknown to Tyler however, that piece wasn't destroyed, but rather sent hurling through the void once again, guided by golden light towards a it wished to return to.

Miracle Laws were already working on restoring his injured soul, but he was still angry. He had protected himself as well as Nature, his new , but his beautiful mindscape was ruined! Until his soul was restored once again, he wouldn't be able to use it! With unquenchable fury, Tyler caught the remnant souls of Heaven and Great Way and tortured them for a while, before absorbing them, immediately restoring a small part of the damage and gaining some fragmented memories…

After that, he put a seal on Nature, so she couldn't connect to her true self once they left his inner world and returned to the moon they were on, after which Tyler returned to his true body, that was left in his room back with Kaguya, summoning Nature to him shortly after.

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