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Chapter 16 : Revelation of Gifts. Black Rabbit's mental break down

Tyler's Journey to the Apex (Multi x Crossover Fanfiction)

Shiroyasha then took all of them to one of her "game boards" which were basically a form of personal in order for Izayoi, Yo and Asuka to complete their trial. Yo stepped forward to take this one. She had to ride on a Gryphon around a mountain without falling off. As expected, she completed the task although she fell off just after having earned the mythical beasts respect. She was saved by her gift that allowed her to copy the flight ability from the Gryphon.

Shiroyasha handed all five of them a "gift card" that contains a fragment of in order to store and identify their gifts. Asuka, Yo and Izayoi's gifts were the same as Tyler remembered them in cannon, being; Authority, Genome Tree and Code Unknown respectively.

Izayoi naturally made some smug comment about how his gift was so awesome even the gift card couldn't read it. As for Kaguya's and his own gifts, well Tyler's gifts were: Existence, Game Master, Dragon Aspect, Upper Divinity, Ancient Bloodline, True Magic, Living Death, Master of The Body and Master of The Mind.

As for Kaguya, she had: Game Master, Rabbit Aspect, Ancient Bloodline, Divinity, Perfect Servant and Fanatical Tyler didn't really know where Kaguya's Fanatical gift came from and frankly, he didn't want to know. It somehow made shivers go down his spine when he read it… and he didn't really know about his Existence gift either… As for the other gifts, they were easy enough to ; Dragon and Rabbit Aspect came from the god fruits they consumed, Divinity came from their or the god fruits, Ancient Bloodline is there because they are Otsutsuki's, Kaguya's Perfect Servant is there because she is truly a perfect servant to Tyler, Tyler's True Magic is because of his past life as a wizard, Living Death is because of the death note and possibly because of the stone, Master of The Body is because of his ability to use Ki and Master of The Mind is because of his mindscape or possibly because of his mana.

Now that only left the Game Master gift that they both had… he really had no idea about that one… at least for the Existence gift it could be said that since he's not supposed to exist in these worlds he's an , but that also made little sense since Kaguya wasn't really supposed to exist here either yet she didn't have that gift… he finally decided to look closer at their gift cards and read the gift generated by them.

Existence: U??n????k??n????o??????w??????n???? E????r????r??o??r?????? ??????D??e????s??????c??r????i??p????t??i????o????n?? ??U??n??a??????v??????a????i??l????a????b????l????e??

Well, he didn't really think he would get a good answer, but he didn't think it would be this glitched either… moving on.

Game Master: Allows the user to judge gift games, forcefully stop gift games, forcefully start gift games, cheat without being detected and alter ongoing gift games. Ad????ap??t????i????v??e?? ??A????b??il????i????ty?? ????T??y??pe????:?? C????a????n?? ??bb????bbe u??s??e????d????d????d??d?? ????t????tt??t????t????o ??Ci????R????c????U????MV??e????N??t???? w????O??r??Ld???? ????L??a??W????

Tyler: 'Alright now this is just pure bullshit. Like WTF this is too op in this world! The gift game rules don't even apply to anyone with that ability! Not to how the hell did both Kaguya and I even get this?! Well, this basically broke this worlds … IN MY FAVOUR HAHA! PlZ NeVeR NeRf! But wtf is with those glitches? I can barely read it…'

As Tyler was thinking about their gifts, Shiroyasha approached them and happened to see the Game Master gift and its that was being on both their cards.

Shiroyasha: "Oya? What's this? WHAT?! How can this be?!"

Everyone was alerted by her shout and approached.

Izayoi: "What's the matter? It couldn't be that they have a gift that can't be identified like mine right?"

Shiroyasha: "Th-They have a never before seen gift that completely breaks the of little garden!!"

Rabbit: "What?! How could it break the ! Quickly show me what this is about! As Judge of the little garden I can't allow anything that breaks the rules!"

Tyler: "Meh whatever. Look all you want. Not like you can do anything about it anyways."

With that everyone got to see the Game Master ability and its and their minds were blown.

Asuka: "That's so not fair!"

Yo: "*Nod*"

Izayoi: "Wow that's pretty amazing."

Rabbit: "Th-This can't be! H-How could there be a gift that completely makes my ability to judge games useless!? And on top of that it allows you to judge games as well?! HOW?! You need rabbit ears to connect to the little garden network! And it's even to a demon lord's host master ability!!! But better!?"

Kaguya: "W-Well… We have horns… M-Maybe they act as a for the rabbit ears? Mine are even shaped like rabbit ears…"

Rabbit had a mental break down that day… Realizing that her prized rabbit ears are trash compared to their horns…

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