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Chapter 15 : Meeting Shiroyasha, the Demon Lord of the White Night

Tyler's Journey to the Apex (Multi x Crossover Fanfiction)

After a quick from Rabbit about how she, as one of little garden's judges could decide the fairness of a game as well as its winner, she summoned the prize that the serpent put up in case it lost. It was a small tree sapling that radiated the elemental law of water. Rabbit was especially happy since it would help increase their community's small water supply.

Izayoi: "Alright. Rabbit, spit it out already! Why did you summon us here?"

Rabbit: "Wha-Whatever do you mean?"

Izayoi: "Come on. It's by your that you're hiding something… If I had to guess, your community isn't doing well so you summoned external help; Us. Not to you said we had to join a community, yet you never said we had to join yours… You better say it already, or I might just join another, better community."

Rabbit: "Alright! Alright already! Please just stop bullying poor Rabbit… Our community is indeed facing problems… We recently lost very badly in a gift game… They took almost everything… Even our community's name. All that remain now are the children left behind by the fallen members of our community… and very few of them are able to participate in gift games…"

Izayoi: "See? Now that wasn't so hard was it… Well, I'm here for excitement and what better way to get it than to fight a losing battle? Alright! I've decided. I'll join your community and help you restore its former glory and even take it beyond!"

With that Izayoi earned the respect and trust of Rabbit. Even Tyler felt some respect for Izayoi.

With that they made their way towards the entrance of the little garden once more. After entering, they quickly met up with Asuka and Yo as well as the current community leader called Jin Russell. Jin looked to be about 10 to 11 years old… After meeting up, they learned about how Asuka and Yo had challenged someone to a Gift Game. Of course Rabbit was non to happy about it, but she relented after hearing of their reason. A bit more walking and they arrived at the No Name's community territory… the was truly tragic it seemed like hundreds of years had passed by without anyone living in this , but the truth was that this was done by a Demon Lord over one night… Rabbit really wasn't kidding. It seems only children remained here as there were no adults in sight… The oldest seemed to be Rabbit with Jin coming in Everyone followed Rabbit and watched as she the water tree sapling that Izayoi won in the center of some temple looking building that had water ways connected to it. Soon after water began to flow through those pathways originating from the sapling. Everyone was cheering in excitement and they threw a small party for their new members. Tyler and Kaguya weren't certain if they wanted to join the No Name community yet, but they made a sort of contract with Jin that would ensure they were allies for the next 1000 years and would help each other out. As a show of good faith, Tyler even used his powers to restore the barren to a beautiful full of nature and grew a forest for firewood and fruits, as well as fixing up some half broken down buildings. Everyone was in awe of his power and partied even harder. It was way past midnight when everyone finally went to bed. The next morning Rabbit took all five of them out in order to get their gifts appraised. She said it was essential to know their strengths and weaknesses. Normally this would cost money, but Rabbit had a "friend" that was willing to help her out for "free". Of course Tyler knew that even though Rabbit wasn't paying any money, she most definitely payed with something… In this case it was her body. That's right. The person they were going to meet was Shiroyasha, manager of the thousand eyes community, a Demon Lord and floor master as well as a celestial star spirit. She is also known as The Demon Lord of the White Night because of her control over the sun. And lastly, she's a huge pervert and "problem child". Their meeting was as Tyler expected. She sneak attacked Rabbit, burying her face right into her boobs, rubbing against them while making strange sounds… naturally Rabbit shoved her away, but she used a little too much strength and Shiroyasha flew right at Kaguya while sprouting a lecherous grin that ticked Tyler off… He jumped between her and Kaguya and caught Shiroyasho with his knee in her stomach.

Shiroyasha: "Ugh. How rude! Don't you know how to treat a lady?!"

Tyler: "Look at whose talking! You were about to assault Kaguya not to what you did to Rabbit was highly inappropriate."

Shiroyasha: "Hey! I can't be held responsible for being kicked in the air and assaulting someone! Also, don't I'm a delicate lady! Kicking me like you did is highly inappropriate!"

Tyler: "Delicate lady my ass."

Shiroyasha: "Anyway, I assume you came here to get your gifts appraised?"

Rabbit: "Y-Yes. That's correct. Please appraise these five's gifts."

Shiroyasha: "Hmm very well. I Shiroyasha, the demon lord of the white night and floor master of this floor shall see what kind of gifts you possess."

Izayoi: "Demon Lord? Hoooh interesting. How about we have a little game?"

Asuka and Yo seemed just as eager and excited as Izayoi as they expectantly looked at Shiroyasha.

Shiroyasha: "Oh? Interesting. But I have to ask, is it a gift game you fools seek, or merely a friendly and test of your abilities?" while saying this, Shiroyasha released her aura and Divinity on all those present. Tyler and Kaguya remained unaffected while Yo, Asuka and Izayoi were a little pressured and finally gave in.

Izayoi: "Fine. You win. Just test us this time."

Shiroyasha: "Very well."

Before Shiroyasha could continue Tyler interjected;

Tyler: "Actually, Kaguya and I would like to challenge you to an actual gift game."

Rabbit: "W-Wh-WHAT?! You can't be ! Quickly apologize! Shiroyasha, I'm sure he didn't mean it!"

Shiroyasha lifted her hand, shutting up Rabbit and focusing on Kaguya and Tyler.

Shiroyasha: "Are you certain? I won't go easy on you."

Kaguya: "Yes. I agree with young master's ;

Shiroyasha: "Alright. But I must ask, what do you wish to gain out of this should you win?"

Tyler answered while smirking;

Tyler: "We want you to help us in creating our own community."

Shiroyasha: "Hoh? I thought you were part of Rabbit's community?"

Tyler: "While we did indeed arrive in this world due to Rabbit, it was by And even though we won't be joining the No Name community, we established an alliance with them."

Shiroyasha: "Hmm, interesting. Then it shall be done. Our game will be held after the appraisal of all your gifts if that's ;

Tyler: "That's fine. I'm also to see what this world considers as "gifts"."

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