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Chapter 14 : Battling a Serpent at the Edge Of The World

Tyler's Journey to the Apex (Multi x Crossover Fanfiction)

After Rabbit finished her about this world, they all left towards the entrance of the little garden. Of course, being a delinquent and problem child, Izayoi discretely sneaked away in order to take a look at the edge of the world he saw from the sky earlier.

Tyler was intrigued as well, so he and Kaguya tagged along. When they arrived at the edge of the world, it was truly a sight to behold. Even more so in the cases of Kaguya and Tyler, since they could feel the dense laws in this and see the energy swirling with their eyes. After they both the powers of the god fruits, Tyler broke through to the Law Domain stage of the True God realm, while Kaguya skipped past the Immortal realm and directly arrived at the Law stage of the God realm.

It was truly amazing.

Not only that, but eating the fruit helped Tyler to further comprehend miracle laws and even allowed Kaguya to briefly touch upon their true nature, making it easier for her to comprehend them in the future.

Their upgraded bloodline was nothing to at either, since it fused with their fruits respective aspect and their own skills and abilities or, in Tyler's case even some of his spells, giving them both a massive strength boost.

Having completely mastered multiple laws and created his own Law Domain, it was, of course no problem for Tyler to simply go back to their home world nor was it a problem for him to connect with any avatars he may have back in their home

Now that they were more or less alone, with the of Izayoi who was standing a little ways to the side, still mesmerized with the world's edge, he even created a small channel between the two universes to help Kaguya connect with her own avatar. He had telepathically discussed with her whether or not one of his avatars should meet up with Kaguya's avatar and visit their and their family members. Kaguya instantly agreed with that idea, since she missed her parents.

After Izayoi snapped back to reality, the three decided to go back and meet up with the others.

Of course, nothing can ever be easy and just as they were about to leave a giant white serpent shot out of the nearby lake and blocked their path, to be a deity and that since they entered its territory they would have to participate in its Gift Game.

Tyler thought the serpent was funny.

With only the strength of a Core-Longevity stage God realm cultivator, it dared to challenge them. Truly it couldn't see Mt. Tai.

He was about to go teach it a lesson, but Izayoi beat him to it and its Gift Game. Tyler thought it best not to say anything, since he was quite about Izayoi's strength, not to , he seemed very excited about fighting that overgrown lizard...

Shortly after, a flustered and out of breath Rabbit appeared, though her hair had somehow turned pink instead of the blue, and sighed in relief, likely because she couldn't see the serpent that had hidden in the lake to prepare its attack…

Rabbit: "Thank god I managed to catch up with you before you challenged anyone to a Gift Game. That would have been really bad! What were you thinking running off like that without a word!? Do you know how dangerous it is to wander around here alone?! Especially for like you!? Races like Dragon-kind, Demon-kind, Mythical Beasts and Spirits all have large-scale settlements outside the walls of Little Garden! People with Gifts can gain strength in these cities outside, then use those newly gained powers to once again participate in Gift Games inside of Little Garden, but the risk of death is extremely high! You just got here, not to , I was the one to summon you! I would feel bad if you died before you could even enter the Little Garden!" Rabbit's was stuck between a relieved smile and angry until it when Kaguya said;

Kaguya: "We met a god, and it challenged us to a gift game… Izayoi was the first to …"

Rabbit: "W-Wha-What?! Please tell me you're joking! You must be joking right? I don't see any gods around…" just as Rabbit finished her sentence, the water of the lake began to ripple, and the gigantic white serpent burst out of the water, lunging in their with its mouth wide open, sharp teeth for all to see. Rabbit jumped up with a shriek, wide open eyes and drops of sweat trickling down her forehead…

Izayoi: "I'm afraid not Rabbit, I've indeed this challenge. There's nothing to worry about. I'll be done with this overgrown lizard before you know it!" said Izayoi while easily deflecting the serpent's attack.

Serpent?: "WHAT!? You DARE!!" the serpent flew into a rage and water everywhere.

Tyler quickly teleported Kaguya, Rabbit and himself a little further away, avoiding the and threw up a shield to block the shockwaves and chaotic energies from the battle. Rabbit completely missed this, since her brain crashed hearing Izayoi's reply… The liz- ehem, serpent, summoned a bunch of waterspouts(water tornadoes) and launched them at Izayoi who gave like, ZERO fucks and just used a kick to dispel them all, after which he seemed bored and ended the fight by kicking the serpent in the face, knocking it out…

Tyler: "Well, that was rather… anticlimactic…"

Izayoi: "You can say that again. I thought it would at least be some fun, but that lizard just threw some water at me and went down in just one kick… Some "deity" that is…" while they were talking about how weak that serpent was, Rabbit was in a daze thinking;

Rabbit: 'No way! How can he be this strong?! Is he really just a human?' she was snapped out of her thoughts when Izayoi called out to her;

Izayoi: "Hey, Rabbit! See, I won, like I said I would. I may be many things, but I'm not a liar. Now, how do I my prize?"


Not enough space in author's note.... so I'll write some of it here again..... -_-'

I'm looking for fics/novels etc.. to mine where there is an evil/back stabbing/last boss System... The whole reason why I wrote this is because I wanted to read something like that(although we deviated from that pretty quickly xD) but couldn't find anything... PLZ me some.

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