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Chapter 13 : Introduction to an exciting new world!

Tyler's Journey to the Apex (Multi x Crossover Fanfiction)

Noticing everyone's faces, Rabbit continued her ;

Rabbit: "Indeed! You probably noticed, but none of you are ordinary humans. Some of you might not be humans at all, but that's besides the point… The extraordinary abilities you possess are blessings you could have received from deities, demons, spirits, and stars or in some cases, they come from rare and powerful bloodlines passed down from your ancestors. Gift Games are events for those with Gifts to compete with each other. And lastly, Little Garden is a world, that was created solely for the purpose of those powerful Gift bearers to enjoy and reside in." Rabbit tried to empathize the appeal of Little Garden by more or less implying that this world had been created exclusively for people like them. Tyler thought that her attempt at enticing them to stay here was rather poor, but he had to admit that he was quite about this worlds deities, demons, spirits and other creatures… and in the case of Izayoi, Asuka and Yo, well, he doubted they really fit in wherever they came from. For outcasts like them, having a whole world full of people, where they wouldn't be the weird ones was very enticing. Asuka put her hand up to indicate she had ;

Asuka: "I will start with basic if that is First of all, who are that 'we' you ;

Rabbit: "Gift bearers summoned from another world must join one of the many Communities of Little Garden to thrive."

Izayoi: "No way."

Tyler: "So what about us? We technically weren't summoned by you, so we don't have to join a community right?"

The moment Tyler said those dreaded words Rabbit started sweating and looked uncertain.

Rabbit: "Well, there are no rules for such cases, since it seemingly never happened before, but it would make Rabbit very happy if you still decided to join our community! Like I said, all of you are ! As for the others, you must join! The winner of a Gift Game gets the prize provided by the Host. It's a really simple system."

Yo: "Who is the Host?"

Rabbit: "They could be all manner of individuals. There are Games held by deities with too much free time, with the purpose of testing mortals, and there are ones that are self-organized by Communities so they can demonstrate their As a distinguishing feature the former usually does not restrict who can participate. But as to be expected from deities, those games can be brutal and extremely difficult, with no guarantee of survival. However, the rewards are It depends on the Host, but there is a chance you will be able to obtain a new Gift. As for the latter, you need to provide something to use as a Chip in exchange for the right to participate. The rule is, if all the participants are defeated, all the Chips will belong to the Host Community."

Asuka: "The latter is quite crude. What can be used as a Chip?"

Rabbit: "That also can be a great variety of things. Money and goods, land, rights, honor, people... And it is possible to bet the Gifts themselves. If you obtain a new talent from someone, it feasible to take part in even higher level Gift Games. However naturally, if you lose a Gift Game with your Gift on the line you will also lose your ability." Rabbit gave a dark provocative smile that was likely meant to rile them up, so Asuka asked the next in a tone;

Asuka: "I see. Then is it alright if I ask one last ;

Rabbit: "By all means, by all means."

Asuka: "How can someone start the Game itself?"

Rabbit: "If we exclude the Games between Communities, then all you have to do is sign up before the deadline of each Gift Game. Shopping districts and shops organize small scale Gift Games, which you can participate in if you please." Asuka raised an eyebrow after hearing Rabbit's words.

Asuka: "Then is it correct to think of Gift Games as the law itself in this world?"

Rabbit: 'Oh?' Thought the surprised Rabbit.

Rabbit: "Fufufu. You are quite quick on the uptake. But I'm afraid that is only 80 % correct, and 20 % mistaken. Theft and robbery are prohibited in our world too and exchange of goods via currency is present also. Crimes committed by the use of Gifts are preposterous! Those criminals will be punished thoroughly! However, the essence of Gift Games are just the opposite! There, the winning party will attain everything. It is possible to take the merchandise without payment if you are able to win a gift game hosted by a shop for instance."

Kaguya: "So it's not that different than where we came from."

Everyone turned a gaze at Tyler and Kaguya, waiting for them to further;

Tyler: "Well, in the world we came from, the strong ruled. If you were weak, you would constantly live in fear of being trampled on, while if you were strong, you could take anything you wanted without any but if you offended someone stronger than yourself, you might get … In some cases, even your entire family wouldn't be spared… in fact, the reason we are here now, is because we were taking some fruits from a special tree a dragon had as its own and were caught in an attack that ripped space and time apart… the lives of others are like dirt beneath your feet that would be randomly trampled on."

Izayoi: "Wow that's quite savage! But it also sounds extremely exciting. Maybe my life wouldn't have been so boring if I was born in a like that. Here's to hoping this world will at least be some fun." Everyone else was thinking for a while about what they'd just learned from the duo about their origin, before Rabbit snapped back to reality and continued her

Rabbit: "Anyway, the Host bears all the responsibilities regarding their own Gift Games. In other words those cowards who don't want their taken should not even partake in such events." It seemed like Rabbit finished the basics, and she pulled out a sealed envelope.

Rabbit: "Now then, since it was me who requested your summoning to this world, I have a duty to answer all you might have regarding the world of Little Garden. However, it would take too much time right now to everything, and as ally candidates, we cannot avoid exposing you to the outside world for long. So if it's alright with you, we could continue this at our Community."

Izayoi: "Wait minute! I haven't asked any yet." Izayoi who was only listening until now, stood up, raising his powerful voice. When Rabbit noticed that his smile that seemed like it was carved on his face was gone, she asked back while staying on guard.

Rabbit: "..What would it be? About the rules? About the game itself?"

Izayoi: "That doesn't matter. I couldn't care less about that. Even if we make you recite all the rules, nothing would change. It's a ;s job to change the rules of the world, not a ;s. The only thing I want to ask you... is about that letter we got." Izayoi took his eyes off of Rabbit, ran his eyes over the others, and finally rested his gaze on the city covered by an enormous shroud. He only asked one thing with a that looked down on everything;

Izayoi: "Is this world... exciting?"

Rabbit: "…" Everyone silently waited for the answer. Tyler remembered that in the letter the summoned received, it was written as such: "Cast aside your family, your friends your , your whole world, and come to our Little Garden." The most important for them right now was probably whether or not there is a fitting for their sacrifices.

Rabbit: "... YES! Gift Games are a devil's game for those who transcended the limits of humanity. The world of Little Garden is much more exciting than other worlds, I personally guarantee it!"

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