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Two child sized humanoid silhouettes could be seen floating around randomly in space. Naturally they were our protagonist, Tyler and his Kaguya. Tyler was currently thinking about where they should go.

He had sent some of his avatars to ahead before leaving the and they had some interesting and even some small sub- where powerful beings seemed to reside.

One of his bodies had even made contact with one such powerful being. Thankfully it was friendly and even gave Tyler some valuable

Tyler's avatar was floating through space, when suddenly he felt a higher than normal of Natural Energy.

Intrigued, he decided to go in its to understand why that was the case. When he arrived in its vicinity, he realized that there was actually a small tear in space from which Natural Energy was leaking… got the better of him and he slipped through the tear into a sub- The Natural Energy in this was the densest and purest he had ever felt.

The only contained a big as well as a moon orbiting it and a sun providing some light. He decided to approach the , but as he was about to enter the atmosphere, he was confronted by a weird purple skinned and pointy eared person. The person had two round earrings on each ear, but seemed like a male since Tyler couldn't see any breasts or other clearly feminine features…

???: "Halt! Who goes there?! Why and how did you enter the sacred world of the Kai?!"

Tyler: "Woah no need to be so aggressive! I don't mean any harm. I just saw this tear in space and got so I passed through… my name is Tyler, what's yours?"

???: "I have discarded my name long ago, as for who I am, I am the last remaining Supreme Kai of this universe. I watch over the living and dead. Our original purpose was , however that has long since changed. My power is too little to create anything meaningful now, and my comrades have long since left."

Tyler: 'Supreme kai?! Doesn't that mean this is the Dragon ball universe?! I thought I was in Naruto?! His strength is comparable to the True God Realm! How strong would a god of be?! Or even the angels?! I need to stronger fast!'

Tyler: "Well nice to meet you Sir Supreme Kai, but I was wondering, what do you mean your power is too little now? And why did your comrades leave?"

Supreme Kai?: "This is a long story, but I guess I can tell it to you, since I have nothing to do and it's been getting quite lonely lately… follow me to my abode, it will be more comfortable to talk there than up here in space."

Tyler followed the supreme kai and they landed in front of an average sized house. The inside was full of paintings and ancient looking furniture. The both of them sat down at a table, facing each other, and the supreme kai created some tea and snacks from thin air.

Supreme Kai?: "Where to begin… ah let's just start there, yes. Ehem, first, you should know that this is not the only universe, there are many more out there, though currently there are only 12 universes that are officially by lord Zeno the creator. He decides the fate of everything in (pfff yea right) and every so often, he feels that managing too many universes is a bother and too tiring, so he just discards them, or even completely erases them. The universe we currently reside in is one such discarded universe. It is known as universe 0 since it was the first of lord Zeno, he couldn't bring himself to erase his first grand and thus it still exists today, though it is merely a shell of its former self, all of the universes that came after it have something reminding those in the know, about universe 0. You could say that it is a sort of sandbox in which lord Zeno used to experiment in order to perfect his That is also the reason why our universe has so many different energy types. I'm not sure if you have felt them all and some of them have fused together by themselves over time creating entirely new types of energy, but if one looks deep enough they will be able to notice them. For example, this universe used to contain both mana as well as ki and some of the newer universes still contain those energies, however universe 0 is unique in that mana (mental energy) and ki (physical energy) have fused together by themselves and created what some people now call chakra. If one is trained enough and has excellent energy control, they can manually separate chakra back into its base components, though that is extremely hard. Anyway, I'm talking about unnecessary things aren't I? You probably don't understand half of what I just said… sigh, I'll simplify it, how about this; lord Zeno created everything we know about, he got bored of his first , our universe, and left it alone in a box somewhere under his bed and eventually about it and decided to make some new toys… the current overseers of this universe are me and the god of whose life is bound to me. Everything else is basically as is without anything overseeing it. To be honest, I've also been off lately and the god of I talked about just sleeps all the time… otherwise one of us definitely would have noticed the existence of such a promising youngster. It is truly unfortunate that the universe you were born in is a discarded one, otherwise you would have surely been able to enter lord Zeno's eyes and maybe even one of his personal guards in the future… All in all, everything is quite chaotic and lawless these days, so watch out for yourself."

Tyler: "Wow that's a lot to take in… but basically what you're saying is that only those with strength are safe right? You seem very strong… maybe you could take me as your disciple?"

Tyler: 'Heh this is the perfect opportunity to get stronger and learn more about this cluster(?) of universes. If there is one thing I've learned in all my lives it's that might makes right. If you have enough power by yourself to destroy a whole , there is no way the puny laws of whoever lives there could apply to you. Even if you don't, as long as you have enough money, very few things can't be bought, and if that's still not enough, as long as you can rally a lot of people to your cause you would also be nigh unstoppable.'

Supreme Kai?: "Hmmm very well. I am getting old anyways I will need a eventually, although you are not a Core Person(the race of the kai. Definitely didn't look it up nope), I can sense that you were also naturally born divine like my people and are thus eligible for the of Supreme Kai."

And thus began Tyler's(Avatar) tortu-- training at the hands of the supreme kai.

*end *

Of course the other avatars weren't off either and some even found with gigantic trees that were likely to be God Trees(A God Tree ( Shinju, English TV: Divine Tree) is a type of gigantic tree which grows by absorbing blood soaked into the ground from countless battles over a millennia. Due to its massive size and the under which it is grown, the God Tree is revered by some cultures; humans used to worship its God Tree as a sacred that extended into the heavens and remained ambivalent to all conflict. In the anime, a God Tree seed landed on Earth from a meteorite several millennia ago. It was believed that the God Tree nourished the land and helped it thrive, while in truth, the God Tree was slowly killing the land and its people, by draining natural energy from them. It was believed that anyone who approached the tree was consumed by a demon spirit and died like a withered branch.), or in Dragon Ball terms, a Tree Of Might(The Tree of Might (Shinseijū, lit. "God Essence Tree"), nicknamed the "Tree of Death" by King Kai, is a tree that grows the fruit of the Tree of Might. This tree is used to spawn the fruit of the Tree of Might after enough energy and life force is absorbed through the tree's roots, but like a , it needs a suitable atmosphere to survive (such as Earth's). As such, large amounts of energy are required to supply the fruit's growth; the tree essentially sucks the that the seed was on dry. King Kai said that only Kai (Kami to be more exact, which is the plural for "gods" in Japanese; he actually says "Gods" in the English ) and Eternal Dragons are meant to eat the fruits. Because of all this, the Tree of Might is not considered evil but simply requires such a massive amount of energy to grow, few if any can sustain it without dying). If you compared the side by side, they were basically the same. Tyler thought that maybe the God Tree was a sort of prototype to the Tree of Might. Throwing that idea to the back of his mind for now, he decided that they would go to such a tree in order for Kaguya to power up and although he was already quite strong himself, he wasn't against eating one of the fruits if they were either…

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