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Chapter 7 : Intermission: Kaguya's Feelings

Tyler's Journey to the Apex (Multi x Crossover Fanfiction)

Ever since she could remember, everyone always told her how lucky she was to be young master Tyler's personal servant, how her future would be boundless by his side.

It was her fate.

Kaguya felt it all too clearly, the bond they shared shaped her into who she was today. Sometimes, she would feel his , when he was sad, when he was happy, when he was bored, when he was excited. She felt them very strongly.

She hated the sadness, she rejoiced at the happiness, she anticipated the excitement and his contentment was her reason for existing. She would do all in her power to make him happy because it made her happy as well.

She was always observing him, wanting to better understand him, so she could make him smile. He was very cold and distant to everyone, as if he had built an impregnable wall around himself that no one could get behind.

She came to know something very sinister was hiding behind it, masked by the dulled he showed her through their bond, the smile he wore while with others was but an act to hide it from them.

The moment she realized this, she made it her to get behind this un-breachable barrier, to see the true Tyler. She kept pestering him to spend more time with her, to together, train together, eat together and even sleep together and gradually she managed to break down the wall that was keeping them apart.

One day, she suddenly felt a lot of negative leak through the bond they shared, sadness, self-loathing, disappointment, , hatred and ruthlessness. They were soon masked by apathy, but she knew that she had finally managed to glimpse beyond the barrier that kept Tyler's innermost thoughts hidden. Still, she couldn't understand. Why was he sad? Why was he depressed? Who did he hate to such an extent? He was the prodigy of the , what could possibly make him feel like a failure?

There was just too much she still didn't know about him. She resolved herself to always stay by his side and crack the mystery that seemed to be hiding beneath the person known as "Young Master Tyler Otsutsuki, the greatest prodigy the has ever seen".

She didn't know it yet, but this would lead her down a path that she would have never expected.

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