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Chapter 3 : Birth of Tyler Otsutsuki!

Tyler's Journey to the Apex (Multi x Crossover Fanfiction)

Tyler was peacefully sleeping when he was suddenly rudely awakened by something squeezing him, shaking off his sleepiness he realized that it was finally time for his birth! After painful, tiring and rather embarrassing process of being born, he finally saw the world for the first time and gave a battle cry in excitement and , though to anyone present it only sounded like a baby's cry.

???: "Awww he's so cute! Can I hold him mom???"

???: "Sure sweetie, here you go. Just be careful not to drop him."

Tyler: 'seems like I can understand the language here hmm that's certainly going to help a lot, so I'm not going to it.'

???: "so, what should we call him?" a male voice said.

Tyler: 'must be my father or possibly my grandfather or uncle…. Yea, I'm just going to go with father until I'm proven otherwise.'

Mom?: "Tyler. He shall be named Tyler Otsutsuki!"

Dad?: "That's a good name. Alrigh! Tyler Otsutsuki it is!"

Tyler: 'Wait, did they just say Otsutsuki?! Can it be?? The Otsutsuki from the Naruto anime??'

Now that he was paying more , he realized he could actually see himself and everything 360° around him! That could only mean he had the byakugan! Not only that, but he could see two closed eyelids on each palm of his tiny baby hands!! It was very likely that he would awaken the rinnegan in them!

Tyler: 'Hahahahaha I'm going to be the most OP thing since the rinnesharingan and hashirama cells!!! Being able to see yourself is quite strange though.'

Looking closely he saw his appearance in this world for the first time. Although he was a newborn, he could still make out his pale skin unique to the Otsutsuki's a few strands of silvery white hair with some very dark, almost blue strands in between and his white byakugan eyes. Suddenly his eyes began to sting and burn leaking some blood. Naturally he cried out in pain, and his new family and what were probably servants were worried and running around like headless chickens, calling for doctors to come quickly. The doctors came, but by then the pain was already gone, and he stopped crying. When he opened his eyes again he saw all those present looking at him as if he was a monster. Examining himself he noticed that his eyes were different… they had evolved into the tenseigan!

Tyler: 'HAHAHAHA YES!!! This is really quite ironic, after reincarnating multiple times, I finally get something that literally means " eye" oh man, op simply won't be a challenge like this! Who needs some crappy backstabbing system? OP Eye powers it's where it's at!!! Watch out world! I'll reach the top in no time with countless beauties following my trail! Oh man, I can't wait to get Kaguya in my bed! Just thinking about grabbing onto those admittedly badass and sexy horns while she gives me a blowjob is turning me on! Well, as much as a newborn can be turned on anyway… What? Don't look at me like that! So what if I have a few fetishes?! Don't judge me! Haaa it seems I have a few screws loose after all… Thinking about my in some kind of monologue that could only be found in some crappy and talking as if people are actually reading my thoughts… Yea, there is no way that's possible right? Anyway, I'm exhausted… Time to rest'

Awakening the tenseigan drained quite a bit of his stamina and he soon drifted back to sleep.

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