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Mortal Realms:

Energy Gathering

Body Refining

Body Tempering


Soul Gathering

Soul Refining

Soul Tempering



Immortal Realms:

Branch 1: (Makes cultivators live longer, but can still be killed)

Longevity Gathering

Longevity Refining


Longevity (at this stage cultivators receive an unlimited lifespan, but can still be killed by others)

Branch 2: (Makes cultivators un-, but can only live up to 150 years.)

Core Gathering (life-span 110 years can still be killed by low Immortal cultivators)

Core Tempering (life-span 120 years can still be killed by mid Immortal cultivators)

Core Cleansing (life-span 130 years can still be killed by peak Immortal cultivators)

Core (life-span 140 years can still be killed by God Realm cultivators)

Core (life-span 150 years cannot be killed by anything other than old age)

God Realm: (To ascend to Godhood one must cultivate both branches of Immortality and fuse them which is extremely difficult)



Law Sensing

Law Gathering


Law Refining



True God Realm: (To be as a True God by the world, one must master at least 3 World Laws)

Law Mastery

Law Domain


Law God

Universe Rank Entity: (To ascend from True God to a whole new existence there is no set method. Currently known method; refining an entire Universe will usher a rebirth the likes of which is rarely seen in the lower realms. Those who use this method gain a lot of negative Karma. If you have not mastered the Fate, Destiny or Karma laws this method is heavily )





Multiverse Rank Entity: (To ascend once more one will have to ????????? or refine a whole multiverse)





Omni Rank Entity: (Nothing concrete is known about this stage. It is said that it was never achieved since the dawn of the Omniverse. Legend has it that one who achieves this stage will be omnipotent, omnipresent and eternal ruling over all of existence)

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