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Chapter 8 : 8. Breakthrough

God of Ice and Snow[BL]

Bai Cong turned his head and saw a body hidden amongst the smoke coming from the spring.

Bai Chen was leaning against the wall of the spring with a serene aura surrounding him. His hair was a bit longer than Bai Changs. The was about chin length so the wet hair stuck to the back of his neck. His face was red from prolonged exposure from the heat. He was staring at them with a lazy look as water cascaded down his toned body.

"First brother." Bai Cong greeted him curtly.

"Big brother, when did you get here?" Bai Chang asked in surprise. He hadn't detected anyone in the spring when he got in.

"I was already here," Bai Chen chuckled, "You're just not strong enough to detect me."

Bai Chang at him when he said that while Bai Cong frowned. Even though he was significantly weaker than he was in his life, with all the training he did, he should at least be able to detect when someone is that close to him. He spirit was also stronger than ever before so although his physical strength was still quite weak, his spiritual strength was nothing to joke about.

"First brother, how strong are you?" Bai Chen asked after he could think of a reason why.

"I'm in Martial Realm Initial." Bai Chen answered truthfully. He had nothing to hide in front of his closest family.

"Your strength increased again?" Bai Chang

"Yes, I finally broke through a few hours ago." Bai Chen said happily.

Bai Cong looked him over again and felt that the oppressiveness of his strength did seem more powerful than before and it was much more concentrated.

"; Bai Cong said after confirming his current power.

"Yeah big brother," Bai Chang nodded his head, "I thought you were going to stay at the Qi- Peak realm forever." He made a snarky remark while a grin was on his lips.

But he didn't keep that look on his face for long before jumped up from the pool with a yelp.

"Big bro!" He yelled as he jumped around in the pool, "I was kidding, I knew you were going to break through sooner or later."

"Oh, did you now?" Bai Chen asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes big brother, have mercy." Bai Chen cried out while thrashing around in the water.


Bai Cong didn't see what Bai Chen did but a moment later, Bai Chang finally stopped moving around and settled down into the water, panting heavily.

"First brother, did father inform you of anything?" Bai Cong asked after remembering how Bai Gui left with a troubled look after he received that note.

"No, I haven't spoken to father since I came out of closed-door ," Bai Chen said, "Why? Did something happen?" He asked

"Yeah." Bai Chang cut in and everything that happened in the training arena to Bai Chen.

Bai Chen had a thoughtful look on his face after he finished listening to Bai Chang's story. He then rose up from the spring and stepped out.

"Where are you going brother?" Bai Chang asked when he saw Bai Chen leaving the hot spring.

"I'm going to talk to father." He said as he wrapped himself up in a towel.

"I'm going with you." Bai Chang said excitedly as he too jumped out of the water.

Bai Cong also got up from the pool and quietly followed behind them. He dressed up quickly in a simple white robe tied together with a blue sash and tied his long hair with a blue ribbon.

Bai Cong followed his brothers out of the room when an attendant came up to them and bowed.

"Young masters, the lord wants your presence in his study." He said.

"You may rise." Bai Chen commanded.

The attendant rose up from the floor and thanked him before leaving.

"Come, let's go." Bai Chen said to his brothers before he left in the of the family heads study.

A guard opened the door when he saw them approaching and the first thing they saw was a man sitting behind a desk with a pile of papers in front of him.

"Come in." Bai Gui beckoned them inside. He was standing next to the man sitting behind the desk.

Bai Cong tried to think of where he saw the man before and remembered that the last time he saw the man was the day he was born. He was his grandfather Bai Sze. His mother, Bai Ying Yu, had told him before that he had been in closed door since that day.

"Grandfather." Bai Chen performed the proper rights when he saw that Bai Sze was in the room.

Bai Cong and Bai Chang both copied him.

"You can stand." Bai Sze waved his hand at them. The three brothers complied and waited for him to speak.

Bai Gui looked at all three of them until his eyes rested on Bai Cong.

"Cong'er, I haven't seen you since the day you were born," Bai Sze sighed, "You have grown quite big."

"Yes grandfather." Bai Cong said indifferently.

Bai Sze raised an eyebrow and looked Bai Cong up and down in

Bai Gui thought Bai Sze might be offended with Bai Cong's attitude so he cut in. " him father. That's just how he usually acts."

"It's fine, I like this type of straightforward attitude," Bai Sze chuckled, "Cong'er, come here." He beckoned.

With no other choice, Bai Cong walked up to Bai Sze. When he reached his side, Bai Sze reached down and picked him up. Bai Cong dangled in the air until Bai Sze set him down on his knees.

"You're light." Bai Sze suddenly said as he at Bai Gui.

Bai Gui felt sweat on his back and acted like he didn't see his father looking at him. "Father...the ; he reminded Bai Sze of the matter at hand.

"I know," Bai Sze sighed as he put Bai Cong in a more comfortable on his lap, "Bai Chen, I can see that you broke through ; he said his on Bai Chen.

"Yes grandfather, I was just fortunate." He said humbly.

"Hm, good." Bai Sze said as he nodded his head.

"Chang'er, your father keeps praising your sword techniques, how close are you to being one with the sword?" Bai Sze asked.

"Grandfather, It's still far away from me but I feel that I have hit a critical point." Bai Chang said happily.

"Good, good." Bai Sze repeated with a smile on his face. But it turned a moment later.

"You three listen carefully." Bai Sze started.

"The Ruler of the Guan kingdom is hosting a I'm sure that all the other major families will also be attending," Bai Gui , "I want Chang'er and Cong'er to participate in this spar. Chen'er you can also go if you want."

"Father, I also want to go," Bai Chen said without a thought, "I wish to test my strength against the other young masters and misses of the other families."

"Good, then three of you can get ready," Bai Sze chuckled, "The starts next month. You all will represent my Bai family."

"Yes grandfather." All three boys said simultaneously.

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