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Chapter 7 : 7. The Invitation

God of Ice and Snow[BL]

Another year and a half has passed and Bai Cong was now 5 years old. Although he couldn't start cultivating until he turned 5, he hasn't been keeping idle.

Upon his mother's request, Bai Gui found him a tutor to teach him basic knowledge of the world.

Through that he learned that the he originally lived in before his was located in the Dixia , which was the lowest out of all the

Because it was so looked down upon, their wasn't much detailed so Bai Cong couldn't figure out what had happened after his death which was also about five years ago, meaning that there wasn't any extra time between the time his original body died and his current body was born.

Along with his studies, Bai Cong had also started learning how to re-wield the bow and arrow. He gradually built up his strength, making it even easier to handle the bow.

The only thing Bai Cong could about was his brother. Bai Chang, now ten years of age, seemed to like to come and bother Bai Cong because he always followed him around if he wasn't learning the sword from Bai Gui or eldest brother.

He always tried to distract him when he was studying in the library and tries continuously to tempt him into sparing with him with his excuse of never being able to win against eldest brother so he had to gain more confidence. Hence, he wanted to beat him.

Bai Cong wondered how he never seemed to grow up. He was just a little ball of energy. But Bai Cong had to admit that although he was close to both of his elder brothers, he was closer to Bai Chang in

Bai Cong ignored all his antics and continued on his daily life.

But this gentle calm was disrupted by a little, red bird. Bai Gui was instructing both Bai Cong and Bai Chang on the proper ways of wielding the sword when the red bird flew into the arena.

He looked up with a frown on his face and held out his arm for the bird to land on. The bird circled around them before landing on Bai Gui's arm. Bai Gui untied a little slip of paper tied to the birds foot and unrolled it. He scanned the contents of the paper, while his frown grew even bigger.

"You two can continue to practice by yourselves, I have to talk to grandfather." Bai Gui told the two boys.

"What did it say, father?" Bai Chang asked

Bai Gui sighed and rubbed his temples, "Just something troublesome." Was all he said before he quickly walked away.

"I wonder what troublesome thing could make father so agitated." Bai Chang said out loud.

Bai Cong watched as Bai Gui disappeared into the house before he answered, "He will probably tell us later."

"Yeah, he has to tell us, and if he doesn't we can just ask eldest brother. He's always in the know about stuff." Bai Chang added.

Bai Cong nodded his head in agreement and picked up the wooden sword on the ground.

"Come, let's practice." Bai Cong said as he got in his stance.

Bai Chang grinned as he also picked up his sword and got down in ready

"It's on you, little brother." He laughed.

Bai Cong twitched the corner of his lips before he lunged at Bai Chang.


"Father, I've just received an from the royal family." Bai Gui said as he barged into his father's study.

Grandfather Bai, Bai Sze looked up from his desk that had piles of papers strewn all over it.

"An Let me see." he ordered.

Bai Gui handed to slip of paper over to him.

Bai Sze looked it over and mimicked the frown that Bai Gui had on his face when he first read the invite.

"A for the younger all over this to compare notes in battle? What is that old codger up to now." Bai Sze said in annoyance.

"Father, why would the imperial highness announce a now, especially when such an event has not happened in a while?" Bai Gui asked.

Bai Sze leaned back into his chair and closed his eyes. He thought for a moment before he opened them up again.

"Well, with my experience when I dealt with that old codger I've learned that he always does something with an motive. And those motives are never good."

"And since we've received an invite, that means all the other major families have also received an invite. Imagine everyone in one It wouldn't be surprising if someone starts something." Bai Sze said as he stroked his beard.

"So should we attend father?" Bai Gui asked.

"Why not, I want to see what ploy that old codger is cooking up." Bai Sze said with a sneer on his face.

"Get Bai Cong and Bai Chang ready, they will participate to represent our family. Bai Chen can also join in if he wishes to do so." Bai Sze said.

"Yes father." Bai Gui bowed before he left the room.

Back at the arena, Bai Chang was panting lightly with his face dripping in sweat. Bai Cong was standing steady and his face was still as it was before. You would think he hadn't engaged in a all out spar if it wasn't for his heavy breathing and somewhat messed up clothes.

"I'm going back inside." Bai Cong said as he made his way out of the arena.

"Wait for me." Bai Chang yelled as he followed behind him.

They both headed into the estate and walked down the pathway.

"Want to take a bath in the hot spring?" Bai Chang asked.

"Okay." Bai Cong agreed and followed Bai Chang to the hot spring located in the middle of the house. I was divided into two parts. One part was or the women and the other part was for the men.

Bai Cong and Bai Chang took off their clothes and walked into the room with the hot spring. They sunk into the spring and enjoyed the hot water on their skin.

"It looks like you guys had fun." A gentle voice sounded from the other end of the pool.

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