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Chapter 6 : 6. Two More Years

God of Ice and Snow[BL]

"You two can come with me." Bai Gui led Bai Cong and Bai Chang back into the small room. He took a seat and Bai Cong followed after him with Bai Chang not far behind.

"Let me ask, do you know what sets us Imperial Crystal Dragons apart from other dragons?" Bai Gui asked.

Bai Cong shook his head while Bai Chang said, "No."

"Us Imperial Crystal Dragons are of a royal race of dragons. We have the purest blood in our veins." Bai Gui answered.

Bai Cong nodded his head in understanding while Bai Chang asked, "Father, are Imperial Crystal Dragons the strongest among dragons?"

Bai Gui chuckled, "Yes and no. While we Imperial Crystal Dragons are one of the strongest when we mature to adulthood, we are the weakest in our adolescents."

"How father?' Bai Chang asked in , " Big brother already reached Qi-Strengthening Middle.

"Yes while being in the Qi-Strengthening Middle realm at his age is considered an incredible feat, that is only amongst humans. Compared to most dragons, that's extremely weak." Bai Gui

"Why is that?" Bai Cong kept quiet no more.

"When Imperial Crystal Dragons are born, they are in their human physique. When most other dragons are born, they are born in their dragon form and are endowed with much power at birth."

"Does this only happen to the Imperial Crystal Dragons?" Bai Cong asked.

"No, all the dragon races who had pure royal blood are born like this." Bai Gui said.

"Had?" Bai Cong repeated in

"Yes, had. Us Imperial Crystal dragons are the last race of dragons left who still possess pure royal blood." Bai Gui sighed with tinge of sadness in his eyes.

"What happened to them all?" Bai Chang asked after a moment of silence.

"You're still too young to know." Bai Gui smiled as he patted Bai Chang's head.

Bai Chang pouted when he heard that. "Your son is already 8 this year father."

"Yes 8, still a kid." Bai Gui said with and indulging tone as he looked at his son.

"Father, your son wants to know if there is any dragon that can contend with us." Bai Cong said, getting to the brunt the matter.

"This is the most talkative I've seen you be since you were born." Bai Gui said with a glint in his eyes.

Bai Cong knew he spoke too much so he pressed his lips together and looked down at the table in silence.

"It's fine," Bai Gui said as he went to pat Bai Cong on the head, "There was only one race of dragons that could contend with us and they were the Golden Dragons but they were wiped out years ago, never to be seen again." He said with a grave face.

A heavy silence fell on the room until Bai Gui shook his head and got back up.

"I will take you two out now. I will come back here and watch over Chen'er until he has fully ; Bai Gui said. He then led them out of the room and into the hallway. A moment later, they reached the end of the passage and opened up the door to the familiar main hallway.

Both Bai Chang and Bai Cong bid their father bye and Bai Gui went back into the room.

There was an awkward silence between the to boys. Bai Cong wasn't much of a talker in the first while Bai Chang didn't know what to say, only scratching the back of his head at a loss.

Bai Cong ignored him and turned to walk towards the of the library. Bai Chang just stood there rooted on the spot. He walked as Bai Cong left, opening and closing his mouth as if he was about to say something. He finally gave up and ran after him.

"Hey, where are you going?" Bai Chang asked when he caught up.

Bai Cong at him, "Library." He said simply.

"Library? You're in there all the time. Isn't it boring?" Bai Chang asked.

Bai Cong just ignored him and went inside the huge room with shelves piled with books. He went over to his self designated table and sat down. There was already a book on the table that he left a while back so Bai Cong just opened it up and read.

Bai Chang, seeing Bai Cong ignore him, went to get a book too. He sat in seat opposite of Bai Cong and cracked the book open. But his span was short so after a couple of minutes, he set the book down in boredom.

He got back up and went to sit on the window ledge. Bai Chang looked at the glistening snow on the ground and the darkening sky overhead. Feeling a little sleepy, he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Bai Cong slowly set his book down when he saw Bai Chang nodding off to sleep. He got up and walked over to him. Although he hasn't started cultivating yet, Bai Cong still strived to improve his body strength and the results seemed to have showed off.

His small body picked Bai Chang up and half carried half dragged BaI Chang out of the library. He denied any help that the guards offered and finally reached Bai Chang's room. Bai Cong opened the door and walked in.

Besides a big bed and a dresser, there were a bunch of swords littering the ground to the point that if one made one wrong step, they could possibly impale their feet with the swords.

Bai Cong carefully navigate his way around the swords and reached his brother bed. He threw Bai Chang on the bed and made his way out of the room.

Bai Cong entered his own room which was situated near Bai Chang's room and gently laid on the bed.

'Just 2 more years and I can start cultivating' He thought to himself 'Then I will begin my for revenge'


"How many more years?" A deep and gruff voice asked.

A man dressed in green robes kneeled down in front of the man.

"Less than 2 years Your Majesty." The green robed man answered in

"Hmm, It has been 10 years since we have found that coffin and you still haven't opened it." The man said slowly as he bore hole with his eyes through the green robed man's back.

"Your Majesty, although it's been years since that seal was on the coffin, it's still quite strong so it will inevitably take time to crack." The green robed man bowed deeply as he the with sweat running down his back.

The man looked down at the green robed man with indifference. "Fine, I will take your word for it this time but if it has not been opened at your set time, Hmph. I don't need such a useless person here."

The green robed man banged his head on the hard ground, "It will be done by then your majesty."

"Leave, you're dismissed." The man said, waving him off.

"Yes your majesty." The green robed man looked as if he had been granted amnesty and hurriedly walked out of the room.

He walked through the halls until he reached a door. The soldiers guarding it opened the door and let him pass. From there he walked down a flight of steps and reached yet another door. He bit his finger and pressed it inside a crevice. The door flew open and let out a heated air.

The green robed man walked in and the door closed behind him. Inside was a small room with nothing in it but a coffin. The coffin was fully transparent and looked as if it was carved out of ice.

When the green robed man walked closer to it, he saw a little boy who had his eyes closed tight.

The boy looked to be about the age of 8 and had an appearance as if he were carved from the most beautiful of jade. He had smooth, white skin, chubby cheeks that emphasized his youthfulness, thin lips and a small nose. Short, golden hair fell his sides which gave his features more of a regal look to them.

On the opening of the coffin was a single rune that looked as if it would rib at a single touch. But it was this rune that caused the green robed man so much headache.

"Just 2 more years." The green robed man murmured to himself.

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