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Chapter 2 : 2. Genius

God of Ice and Snow[BL]

The next morning Bai Cong woke up early. He stared up at the ceiling with a dazed for a moment before he shook his head a bit to snap back to focus.

He pushed down his chubby arms under himself in an attempt to get up but ultimately failed.

"Huh," Bai Cong sighed as he remembered that he was still very much a baby, so he couldn't do very much right now.

Putting his arms back at his side, Bai Cong decided to just take in his surroundings and familiarize himself with his new habitat.

He swiveled his head to right and saw a big, but intricately designed bookcase. It was filled to the brim with books. Bai Cong lamented on the fact that he couldn't go over and read them to gather more

On his left was a white rocking chair that was next to a small drawer. The room itself was white with complex designs all over the walls of dragons, all of which Bai Cong has never seen before.

Just as he was observing the room, the door opened, revealing a little boy who looked no older than ten, by another boy who looked to be about the age of 5. They made a beeline for the crib and looked down on Bai Cong.

"He's really ugly," The youngest of the two said as he looked at Bai Cong

"Well, he was just born," the older boy said with a tinge of amusement as he picked Bai Cong up from my bed. He went over to the rocking chair and sat down with Bai Cong cradled in his arms.

"Hello Xiao Cong, I am your eldest brother Bai Chen, and this..." he said as he pointed to the other boy, "Is your brother Bai Chang." He told to me even though he believed that Bai Cong couldn't understand him.

Bai Cong took this time to scrutinize his eldest brother.

Bai Chen had long silver hair that glistened under the sun's rays that came in through the window. He had sword-like eyebrows and pale pink, lips that was hooked on the sides because of his smile. He was donned in a white robe that was kept in with a blue belt. Even in his young age, you could still predict that he would be a handsome man in the future.

Bai Chang also had silver hair, but his was cut short which highlighted his smooth, white skin that would drive a person to pinch it. With sword-like eyebrows and pouty, pink lips, you could tell that he would be quite the looker when he gets older.

Bai Cong was filled with when he looked at their appearances because it meant that his appearance shouldn't be that bad.

As Bai Cong was familiarizing himself with his brothers, the door opened and in walked in the boys mother. She walked over them and picked Bai Cong up from Bai Chen's arms.

"Cong'er, did you meet your brothers?" She asked as she lovingly looked at Bai Cong.

Bai Cong gave her a lazy look and yawned. Though he was one of the greatest swordsman on his life, right now he is just a baby so he got tired fairly quickly.

Feeling the warmth that radiated from his mother's body, Bai Cong gradually drifted off to sleep.


Bai Cong spent the next few months slowly cultivating while also purifying his Qi. This process was extremely slow but it would lay a good for his future His bones grew tougher and his flexibility improved tremendously, allowing him to move his chubby limbs more smoothly.

Feeling the power flowing in his body, Bai Cong pushed his arms from under him and willed himself to stand up. He used the wall behind him as support and slowly stood up.

'Finally,' he thought, 'I can stand up now.'

Filled with happiness from his achievement, Bai Cong didn't notice the door opening. Bai Chang stepped in and saw Bai Cong standing on the bed. Bai Chang looked on in shock as Bai Cong continued laughing. Bai Chang then closed the door slowly and ran to get his mother.

Not noticing any of this, Bai Cong stopped laughing and calmed down. 'Now I can start doing some simple exercises.' He thought to himself. 'But right now I'm still too weak. I need to wait some more.'

"Mother I'm telling the truth. I really saw him standing up."

Bai Cong turned his head to the door just in time to see it open. Bai Chang walked in excitedly while pulling his mother along.

"Mother see, he is standing." Bai Chang said as he pointed at Bai Cong who was staring steadily at the two.

"Oh!" Mother Bai cried in surprise. She walked up to Bai Cong and picked him up from the bed with a happy smile.

"My baby is a genius." She cried out

"Mother, I'm also a genius." Bai Chang said by the side as he pulled on her robes to get her

"Yes I know you're a genius Chang'er." Mother Bai smiled and hugged Bai Chang too.

Bai Chang smiled widely and looked smugly at Bai Cong. Bai Cong ignored the little brat and cuddled up in his mother's embrace. He felt a sense of warmth that he never felt before in her arms.

Eventually, Bai Cong drifted off to sleep while still in Mother Bai's arms. Mother Bai gently gazed at her youngest child before she carefully set him down inside his bed. She then brought Bai Chang out of the room before closing the door.

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